Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fantasy Recap

The weekly recap is back to kick off this 2012 season with a bang. First things first, we want to wish Durkin well in his future fantasy endeavours as you will be easily replaced, I mean missed!!! With that being said lets get to the week 1 recap!!

We will start with a few family matchups that took place in week 1. Starting with the Great White Hope taking on the Cherry Poppers. GWH seems primed to make another deep playoff run this year as they put boots to asses and whooped up on the Poppers 162-122. Led by Julio Jones with 33 and Peyton "I'm still the Man-ning" with 29, GWH was too much for the Poppers led by Tom Brady with 21 and Demarco "Glory Holes" Murray with 20.

In our next family affair, the Killers from Kinzer took on the Taints in a tightly contested matchup. The Taints emerged victorious over the self proclaimed "this is my year" Killers 150-138. Led by Drew "blowing in the" Brees with 32 and Reggie " thanks Peyton" Wayne with 27, the Killers could not beat the Taints high powered offense led by Andre Johnson with 30 and Stevan Ridley with 27. The Killers will look to bounce back in week 2 if they want to make good on their proclamation for this year!!!!

Our final family affair saw the brothers Montgomery square off in a battle for fantasy supremacy. The Crackers were hypocritically led to victory by Tony Romo with 34 and helped by Shady McCoy with 22. The Funk could not get anything going as Matthew Stafford led the way with 20 points. To add insult in the loss, the Crackers did not replace Denarius Moore who was scratched from the lineup and they still held on 126-106. The Funk need to regroup if they want to make their first playoff appearance in their franchise's history!

The defending champion Chicken Hawks took on Team Hensley in what they hoped would be the start of their successful defense. Team Hensley noticed the target on the hawksbarack and dominated the defending champs 143-107. Led by Demarius " thank god Tebow is gone" Thomas with 32 and Darren " I catch balls" McFadden with 24, Team Hensley seemed too much for the Arian " Nation" Foster led defending champs who got no help from their defense who managed -3 points. Something tells me the waiver wire is already on fire from potential moves the Chicken Hawks want to do following their embarrassing loss and sources say that heads will roll.

In our closest matchup of the week, Spider Monkeys took on the appropriately named Better than Durkin. BTD got their first win by knocking off the Monkeys 129-125. Led by Aaron Rodgers with 31 and Rob " The Big" Gronkowski with 18, BTD was too much for the Monkeys who were led by Herman Moore and Barry Sanders....... I mean Megatron with 22 and Kevin Smith with 24. It's obvious that the Spider Monkeys have put a great amount of their hopes on the Detroit Lions offense and as history has proven, that should bodwe well for the rest of the league!!!!

In our marquee matchup, former roomate's and ex-champs collided in an opening week matchup for the ages. The Bluntz pounded Roc Nation 194-156 to get off to a great start this year. The all star team of Matty Ice, Ray Rice and Brandon Marshall proved to powerful for the Roc. Roc Nation had good efforts by Mike Vick, Frank Gore, and Pierre Garçon but it proved to be not enough for the overmatched Roc Nation. The Bluntz look strong and could be the team to beat this year unless they get but by the injury bug.

There is the Week 1 recap. Remember, 1 week does not make a season, but it will annoy the shit out of you having to hear Randler talk shit!!!!

Until next week, good luck in week 2!!!!