Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekly Annoyances......

It's time for another installment of your favorite blog post, the weekly annoyances. Its been a few weeks since things have annoyed me enough to blog about them so this will be packed full!!!!!


This first one is one I'm sure we are all guilty of doing but it pisses us off when it happens to us and that's the infamous voicemail that simply says "hey, it's me, call me back". Really?? Why don't you leave me a message and the reason you called and I'll decide whether it's worth my time to call you back. When you don't leave a message, my first response is that if it's that important, one of two things will happen. You'll either call back, or you'll leave a message!!! So the next time you call someone and are planning on leaving a message, make sure if you want a call back to let then know why you called, jackass!!!!! So the next time you call someone and just leave the message, "call me back", they might call you back and just leave the message, "Knock that shit off"!!!!!!

Stop texting Stickers

We've all seen these stickers now on the back of cars and although I agree with the message I have an issue with the stickers. Taking the time to read the stickers can also be distracting to some drivers as well, maybe not as much as texting, but distracting nonetheless. The biggest problem I have is that I recently have seen 2 different cars with these stickers on them, while the driver is on the cell phone with children in the car!!!! Hypocritical, don't you think?? Don't claim to be against texting while driving when what you're doing is distracting as well and you have children in your car!!!! So the next time I see that damn sticker on your car and you happen to be talking on the cell phone, I'm going to flash my lights and beep constantly and also tell you to, Knock that shit off!!!!!!!


With the holidays approaching and the pending snow, it makes me reminisce of my years of working in the grocery/retail business. With the end of Halloween fastly approaching, in the grocery/retail business that only means that all of the Christmas decorations and candy gets put out. Unlike others, this doesn't bother me because I know the business and in the words of a famous philosophizer, "if you ain't first you're last"!! This means that the sooner you get this holiday merchandise out, the better chance you have of selling it before your opposition. Now here is the part that annoys me, the customers. Why is it neccessary to feel like you are the only customer and everything you want should always be there???? You have to understand that the workers at these stores have families they want to spend time with as well just like you, so they don't need all of your attitude driven bullshit!!! All I ask is that this holiday shopping season, take that into consideration and also remember that it is not the worker's intention to sell out of products so don't take it out on them!! So during this holiday season if you see anyone taking their frustration out on the store employees, I'll ask you to join me in pulling them aside and asking them kindly, Knock that shit off!!!! If that doesn't work, do what you have to do!!!!

This is Kyle Montgomery, and this has been my two cents!!!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Be My Guest Again.....

We've done it again.  This time Kyle gave his 2 cents to Nikki on Thoughts From the Underground.   Please help support us and Nikki and check out the post here.  Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter @ Obs_Views_Blog

Thursday, October 27, 2011

50 for 50

In honor of our 50th post we’ve decided to have a little fun with the number 50.  50 fun filled facts that involve the number 50.  Have fun and let me know if there’s anything I may have missed.

Famous 50 Year-olds
1.        Scott Baio – Yes Chachi Arcola is 50
2.       Meg Ryan – not quite 50 yet but will be on November 19th
3.       Dennis Rodman
4.       Barack Obama – Commander in Chief of all 50 year olds
5.       Michael J. Fox – Alex P. Keaton probably would be in jail for a Ponzi Scheme
6.       Melissa Etheridge
7.       Forest Whitaker
8.       Reggie White – The Minister of Defense would’ve been 50…RIP
9.       Eddie Murphy 

People Born in 1950
10.   Tom Petty
11.   Jay Leno
12.   Stevie Wonder
13.   Billy Ocean – Get outta of my dreams, get in to my car
14.   Randy Quaid
15.   Mark Spitz

People Born in the 50

16.   Cai Lun – Chinese inventor of paper

Fun Facts about 50

17.   50 years = a half a century
18.   L in Roman Numerals
19.   50% = ½
20.   50/50
21.   50 = ½ of 100
22.   50% of 50 = 25
23.   Ulysses S. Grant is on the $50 bill
24.   5-0 is slang for the cops
25.   50 yard line tickets are the best place to watch a football game
26.   There are 50 U.S. States
27.   The 50th State was Hawaii (The show Hawaii 5-0 is where the slang term for cop came from…bonus!)
28.   50 is the Atomic Number of Tin
29.   50 years = a Golden Anniversary
30.   Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (rapper/actor)

Famous Sports 50s

31.   David Robinson – NBA
32.   Mike Singletary – NFL
33.   Rebecca Lobo – WNBA
34.   Ralph Sampson – NBA
35.   Jaime Moyer – MLB
36.   No NHL team has retired the #50

In 1950…

37.   The Yankees won the World Series (beating my beloved Phillies)
38.   The Lakers still played in Minneapolis – The land of 10.000 Lakes
39.   The Lakers won the NBA Championship
40.   The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanly Cup
41.   CCNY won the NCAA Basketball Championship
42.   The Korean War started
43.   Gas was 18 cents a gallon
44.   A 17 inch black and white TV cost $179.95
45.   The Dodgers played in Brooklyn

In 1850…

46.   Congress Passed the Compromise of 1850 – dealing with the issue of slavery
47.   Los Angeles and San Francisco became incorporated as cities
48.   California became a state

In 1750…

49.   The United States was still a colony of Britain

In 50…

50.   The Roman Empire controlled most of Europe

Well there you have it.  Hope you had some fun with the number 50.  Thanks for all of you that have read all 50 posts.  We’re looking forward to the next 50 and beyond.   I’d love to hear your feedback on the number 50.  Did I forget anything? Check us out on Facebook and @Obs_Views_Blog on Twitter.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying I will be the 50th president.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cold Beer Here

After feedback from many of our loyal readers, we’ve decided to remodel a bit.  Would love to hear your feedback on the new look.  The way we see it the new look is easier on the eyes.  Please, let us know your thoughts.  Also if you haven’t done so already, check out our guest blog post on Thoughts from the Underground.  This is probably turning into a weekly gig.

Today I want to talk about Major League Baseball and their consideration of banning beer in the clubhouses of their teams.  This all stems from a few Boston Red Sox pitchers saying that during some games they’d be in the clubhouse drinking beer, eating fried chicken and playing video games.  Currently Major League Baseball leaves it up to the individual teams to make the determination if beer is allowed in the clubhouse or not.

There a couple of points here that bother me:

·         First of all drinking, eating, and playing video games during the game?  Whatever happened to supporting your teammates?  As a little league coach I required my team to support one another and told them to constantly “keep your head in the game”.  Granted they were 11 and 12 year olds but come on.  Yes I know that the American League has a designated hitter so chances are you wouldn’t have been asked to come into the game but you’re not on the bench supporting your team?  This one falls on the manager.  Terry Francona, you don’t require your team to sit on the bench?  That’s deplorable and a prime example of why some professional athletes act like spoiled babies.

·  Secondly, why is having a few beers during the game even an option?  Look, I get that baseball players travel the country for 6 months during the year, the hours on the road are long, blah blah blah.  I’m not saying that ball players shouldn’t be able to drink, but while you’re at work?  I’d love to have a couple of beers during my prep period at school to help deal with some of the tougher classes.  If that is me I’d be fired instantly.  You can’t wait until after the game to have a few beers and eat some fried chicken?  Come on.

·         If you have ever watched a celebration in    a Major League clubhouse after a team wins, the champagne and beer are flowing freely.  You don’t think that Budweiser “sponsors” them?  All you see is cans of Bud and Bud Light all around.  Three stadiums (Busch Stadium, Miller Park and Coors Field) are named after beers.  All you see around a baseball stadium is advertising for beer companies.  Hey Major League Baseball, just a bit hypocritical? 

·         As far as it sending the wrong message to kids; seriously?  As a kid growing up I didn’t say “I saw Lenny Dykstra drinking a beer after a game so I can’t wait to have a beer”.  I also didn’t say “Lenny chews tobacco so I need to chew tobacco”.  This argument is weak at best.  If Major League Baseball really wants to make a statement about alcohol, how about starting with punishing its players convicted of DUIs?  Basically by banning beer in the clubhouse Major League Baseball is saying, it’s ok if you drive drunk as long as you don’t do it on our watch.

Look, I get that players shouldn’t be able to drink during the games.  I’m not even sure they should be able to drink afterwards in the clubhouse (although at some jobs I’ve had, I’ve drank on my job's property after work).  I get that Major League Baseball has to say or do something after this story from Boston came out.  My issue is that like most things, Major League Baseball is taking an ass backwards approach.  You want to make a statement?  Crack down on DUIs.  Don’t half ass it and take away something that apparently only 3 knuckleheads abused.  (You’d think if this was something that was a major issue, someone would’ve come out and said we do it too?).  Do the right thing MLB.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for all your loyal support and look for Kyle and I to be regular guest bloggers on Thoughts From the Underground.  Remember to follow us on Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog and like us on Facebook.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on Beer and Fried Chicken Gate.  Leave your feedback on the new look as well.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying this Bud’s for you.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Be My Guest

Back in June when Kyle and I launched Obstructed Views we had no idea what we were doing.  (whether or not we do now or not is still debatable but I digress)  All we knew was we both loved to write and obviously have strong opinions and a lot to say.  Ideally we’d love to turn it into something we could make a few bucks off of and possible parlay into other ventures.  However, like anything else you want in life, it takes a lot of patience and hard work.  

Having a love for writing but not much knowledge of the blogosphere we have done a lot of research and Obstructed Views is still a work in progress.  Through blogging groups on LinkedIn, we’ve met a lot of talented and amazing people in very similar situations.  We all work together and support one another.  One of those people is Nikki Hoskin who runs a few different blogs.  Nikki has reached out to us to be a guest blogger on her Thoughts from the Underground blog.  We were ecstatic.  

She asked me to write about Occupy Wall Street, so I happily obliged.  You can check out that post here: Occupy This.  Please take the time to not only read our post but check out Nikki’s other posts and follow her blog like you do with ours.  She is very talented and is in the same boat as us.  My hope is that this is the start of great partnership that will help all of us immensely. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Under protest.....

With all these wall street and corporate greed protests I figured it was time for me to voice an opinion on that as well as a couple other items that have bothered me.


I know the economy is in pretty bad shape and in some cases it is difficult to find a job, however the answer to that is not to gather in one area and protest the people who have jobs. That's ridiculous. So because you don't have a job, or maybe had one but got laid off, it's automatically someone else's fault? B.S.!!! I've been there where I had a nice paying job and got laid off but instead of crying about it or blaming them for laying me off, I got out there and found another job. Working 70 hours a week, 6 days a week until 9pm is not ideal but it's what I need to do to pay the bills. I wish I made more money, but I can't take time off of work to protest those who make more than me. I understand being upset because you may be middle aged and finding a new job after 20 years to support your family is
tough. All I'm saying is, there are jobs out there, if you now have to work 2 instead of just 1 to support your family then so be it. Life is not perfect and we all struggle at some points. Complaining about what other's have and you don't have seems pointless to me. Some of those wall street execs don't deserve what they have I'm sure, but what about those who have busted their ass to get where they are and to get what they have? Is it their fault you're not in their position? What if the roles were reversed and they protested you?? I can hear it now,"that's their right, I wouldn't care", that's horseshit!!! I'm all about freedom of expression and if you think it's a good reason to protest then by all means go to town, just don't give me the line of shit saying its unfair they make all that money and I don't.... Tough shit!!!!


This next one bothered me Sunday afternoon but for different reasons than most. After a very tough and well played game between the 49ers and Lions Sunday, the coaches met for the customary post game handshake. A jubilant Jim Harbaugh (49ers head coach) went to shake Jim Schwartz's (Lions head coach) hand and was joyfully cheering in the process and shook it harder than normal and gave him a pat on the back as well. Jim Schwartz took exception to the handshake and voiced his displeasure to Harbaugh as the two trotted off the field. Many different opinions have been voiced concerning this incident and I'd like to offer mine. Jim Schwartz...... WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! It's the NFL and its refreshing to see a coach fired up and showing emotion regarding his team's
performance. Here in Philadelphia, we don't see much of that!! My biggest issue with this whole "shake-gate" incident is, what is the purpose for this handshake and why is it neccessary? I know if I just lost in the last minute of the game or got my ass kicked by 40, the last thing I'd want to do is shake the coach's hand of the team that issued that ass kicking. Call it unsportsmanlike or childish even but it's a tough pill to swallow losing like that. In my opinion, Schwartz acted like a sore loser and a baby because just the week before when his Lions beat the Bears, he was jubilant in that post game press conference cracking jokes. Double standard? Hypocritical? All I'm saying is don't get pissed at a guy for doing the exact same things you do as well coach Schwartz!!

NBA Lockout

WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?!
Worse than the NFL lockout, I'm done with it.

This is Kyle Montgomery, and this was my two cents.

Thanks for reading and continue to
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Blame it on the Rain?

Before the weekend I wanted to address the situation that happened earlier this week at the NovaCare complex.  For those that don’t know two Eagles fans displayed a sign at the NovaCare Complex (the Eagles practice facility) that read; "Andy The Times. .. To Go.”  The sign was obviously mocking Andy’s famous press conference quote of “Time’s Yours”.  It also is showcasing the frustration of those and other Eagles fans across the area.  The team is 1-4 and struggling mightily.  The fans (including myself) are putting the blame mostly on Andy.  You can read more about my feelings here.  Now Andy is not 100% to blame but he is responsible for majority of it.  Thursday after practice two Eagles offensive linemen, Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis told the fans to take it down.  Allegedly they also threatened the two fans.  Seriously?

Kelce then took it one step further.  In a tweet he said (paraphrasing) that those two were not “real fans” and were varmint.  This tweet made me angry but it also made me laugh.  First of all Mr. Kelce, who are you Carl Spackler?  Varmint?  I love it.  Secondly though, how long have you been in town?  You are a rookie, and a 6th rounder at that.  How dare you question those two or any other fan about their “fandom”.  You are lucky to be starting.  I guarantee you would not be a starter on 90% of the teams in the NFL.  That’s why I get why you’re sticking up so much for Andy Reid.  No other coach would probably play you.  To call these gentlemen “not true fans” irks me.  Guess what Jason?  They speak for a large number of fans that feel the same way.  Like it or not it is time for Andy to go.  I’m sorry that I’m not going to drink the Andy Reid Green Kool-Aid. I did that the entire length of Donovan McNabb’s tenure here and where did it get me?  It’s been 13 years and I still don’t have a Super Bowl win and have endured the excruciating pain of having my heart ripped out after 4 NFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl.  Don’t you dare question those two or any other Eagles fans “fandom”.  You have the audacity to tell me and all other Eagles fans we don’t know how “good” we have it?  Take a walk in our shoes my friend.  Then tell me just how “good” we have it.  Feel our pain for the past 13 years then talk to me.

Also, for the Eagles to send security out to try to get these fans to take their sign down is blatant censorship.  I get that nobody likes to be criticized.  Apparently the Eagles feel that we live in China and they can censor everyone.   That’s what Kelce and Mathis were attempting to do.  They’ll claim they were just sticking up for and protecting their coach.  Here’s a thought if you want to protect your coach, don’t play like crap. You want to save coach’s job?  Make a block.  Don’t do a turnstile impression.  That’s a good place to start. 

 You claim it hurts you to be 1-4?  Guess what, it hurts us too.  We invest a lot into this team.  I’m not just talking about money.  I’m talking time, emotion, and energy.  You’ve been here a few months.  I’ve been a fan my entire life.  I’m in the stands every Sunday cheering.  I’ve seen guys like you come and go.  Do me a favor Mr. Kelce, stick around longer than 5 games and then maybe I’ll give your words more credence.  You have no frame of reference on what it’s like to be a Philly fan so to question someone’s motive is out of line.

Things are not right in Eagle land right now.  To have the players arguing with fans is just plain juvenile.  If you guys are as broken up as you claim to be, focus on fixing it not two fans with a sign.  When the day is over you’ll have your big contracts and signing bonuses.  Meanwhile the “real fans”, who have cheered for this team long before you and will long after you, will still be here.  We'll still be cheering and probably still heart broken.  Focus on your job and not the fans.  Also, get a clue.

That’s all for today.  Enjoy the weekend and remember Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog and Facebook.  Hit me up on LinkedIn @Jim Montgomery.  Until next time this Jimbo saying blame it on the rain because apparently our coach is off limits. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Of all the Charlie Browns, you're the Charlie Brownest..​..,,

Remember in the Charlie Brown cartoons when he goes to kick the football and Lucy pulls the football away and he falls???? That's how it feels right now to be a Philadelphia sports fan!!! I completely understand and get the Andy Reid criticism, however like Mike Vick recently said regarding their 1-4 start, the players also have to be held accountable. I haven't listened to sports radio in the Philadelphia area for almost a week now because I don't want to hear about the disappointment, so if any of this has already been mentioned, I apologize.

The one thing I don't get is how the Phillies lose how they did and not much is said regarding Charlie Manuel. Now, before I dive in to this I wanna preface by saying I love Charlie as most Phillies fans do but I think that is the problem. He is a likable guy unlike Andy Reid. He has personality, unlike Andy Reid. This is the issue I have. The Phillies were not only expected to win the NL, but most "experts" picked them to win it all..... But they didn't!!!!! So why is Charlie not getting the flack Andy is/does??? Ok he won a WS, but the expectations this year were sky high and they failed. Why is more of the blame not put on him??? After all, when the Phils traded for Hunter Pence he made an immediate impact hitting 5th, BEHIND RYAN HOWARD!!! So the playoffs come and you put him 3rd?!?!? Why??? Howard did well down the stretch knowing he had a solid power hitter behind him and Pence did well with no added pressure.

Say what you want about that being BS because they're pro athletes and should perform no matter what, but I blame Charlie. As much as it kills me, I put 90% of the playoff defeat on his shoulders. We can point the finger at anyone here but as much as I hate to say it, Andy Reid sticks up for his players. It's a tired and played out speech, but he'll never allow his players to get thrown under the bus. What has Charlie done to combat all the hatred for Ryan Howard?? How do you have that pitching staff but can't hit?? Similar to having a great Defensive line but no Linebackers?? Everyone is putting the blame on Ryan Howard but nothing gets said about Charlie!! I see a great amount of similarities in the situations regarding Andy Reid and Charlie Manuel.

I heard someone say it best when they said," they have the keys to a Porsche but are driving it like a station wagon"!!!! That sums it up for both teams, all the talent and expectations, but just can't get the job done!! I only hope that Charlie takes some heat too because with an all star lineup and great pitching, the tools were there to build a championship, he decided to build a birdhouse instead!!!!

As Philadelphia sports fans, most of us have been accustomed to this disappointment and unfortunately, most of us around my age almost expect disappointment yearly!! I vowed that after the '09 World Series that I would never get my hopes up that high again because that crushed feeling was unbearable. Not that this was not tough, but again I almost expected it. I am a die hard Phillies, eagles, flyers, and even Sixers fan and that has never been called into question. However, I will say this. Fans like me never waver and will never give up being a Philadelphia sports fan. Disappointed, upset, shocked, you name it, I feel it, but there is one thing that remains..... I'm still going to root for my teams and get into heated discussions with Yankees and Cowboys fans to defend my team's honor, but if there is any advice to any other die hard fans that are taking these events too personally it's this..... If you expect the worst, you can never be disappointed!!! I'm not saying to not cheer as loud or don’t go to games, all I'm saying is to put things into perspective. Only 1 team wins every year, and it's not always the best team!!!!!

This is Kyle Montgomery reminding you that the next time you feel like Charlie Brown attempting that kick, you’re not the only one......oh, and this has been my two cents!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Eulogy of the "Dream Team"

(The following is a Eulogy for the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles with quotes from Julius Caesar spattered throughout….not very coherently but Shakespearian none the less.)

Friends, Philadelphians, Eagles Fans.....
Friends, Philadelphians, Eagles fans, lend me your ears; I come to bury the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles, not to praise them.  As the seconds ticked off the clock in Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday, it became perfectly clear that this team is dead.  Sure, there are 11 games left and this still remains a talented team; but for all intents and purposes, this season is over.  The so called “Dream Team” played more like a nightmare through the first 5 games of this season.  There have been 100 teams that have started 1-4 since 1990 (a fact that fans were reminded of repeatedly during the broadcast).  Of those 100 teams only 5 have made the playoffs.  5 out of 100.  Not even the most degenerate gambler would take those odds.  So here we sit having just buried our “can’t lose” baseball team, mourning the loss of our overhyped football team.  If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.

Hey guys, remember me?
The “Dream Team”.  Sure it was a quote said in jest by a backup quarterback that may or may not have been taken out of context.  We all bought into the hype.  We thought we had a Super Bowl contender. Are we just as much to blame for the pain we feel?  We are here with heavy hearts but why? You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!  O you hard hearts, you cruel fans of Philadelphia, knew you not Rich Kotite?

I'm in over my head
How did this happen?  What went wrong?  We could go back and forth but there’s one thing for sure; it starts with the coaching staff.  Let’s start with defense.  Could Juan Castillo be out of his element?  Is it possible he is just a figure head?  Defensive line coach Jim Washburn likes to run the now infamous “wide 9”.  Is this truly Castillo’s defense? Or is Washburn pulling the strings behind the scenes. In theory the Wide 9 is not a bad defense.  In Philly it hasn’t worked due to the Eagles ineptitude at linebacker.  The front office put their faith in Casey Mathews who is very undersized for a linebacker.  He has proven that it takes more than a famous bloodline to be successful in the NFL.  The other linebackers shall remain nameless basically because they are just that; nameless.  The Eagles defense has been run over by Cadillac Williams, Steven Jackson, Michael Turner, Frank Gore and Fred Jackson like Bo Jackson would run over people in Tecmo Bowl.  The wide 9 has been a big bust, but for my own part, it was Greek to me.  (and apparently to the Eagles defense as well).
The secondary was supposed to be the strength on this defense.  With all the hype behind signing Nnamdi Asomugha and trading for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie along with Pro Bowler Asante Samuel, why not?  Well 3 interceptions, missed tackles too numerous to count, and an NFC leading 11 passing touchdowns given up is hardly “dream team” worthy.  Andy Reid and the defensive coaching staff have outthought themselves.  Yond, Andy Reid used to have a lean and hungry look; such men are dangerous.  Now, he just looks befuddled….and hungry; those men are not. 

Time for a divorce?
Speaking of Andy, he’s still up to his same old shenanigans.  When is he finally going to “do a better job of getting his players ready”?  It’s been 13 years and it’s still the same old song.  After every game it’s the same thing.  It’s time to end this 13 year marriage.  Someone’s head needs to roll and it has to be Andy’s.  Who else has a say in the play calling, personnel decisions, game management, and getting the player’s prepared for game day?  Yep, Andy Reid.  Men at some time are masters of their fates: The fault, dear Andy, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.  You’ve had your chance.  The time to move on is now.  Time’s yours…..

Finally, the offensive “stars” are not without fault here either.  The Eagles defense is not the only part of the team doing their best Tecmo Bowl impersonation.  The offensive line at times has looked like when you call the right play on defense in Tecmo Bowl and the entire defense is in the backfield.  There is no excuse to allow the defense in the backfield before the quarterback can hand the ball off.  Michael Vick is taking a ton of hits.  Not all of them are the fault of the Swiss cheese offensive line. There have been times that Vick has simply held on to the ball too long.  Is it because he can’t read the defense?  Is it that the receivers are not getting open?  Who knows but something is wrong.  Shady McCoy has done well running the ball but is it because he’s running for his life?  This was the noblest Eagle of them all.

Finally our playmakers are not making the plays.  Perhaps they are trying too hard.  There is no excuse for a -10 turnover ratio on a “Dream Team”.  Whether it's fumbles, tipped balls that lead to interceptions, interceptions or dropped balls; the playmakers are not making the plays.  Even the sure handed Jason Avant is turning the ball over despite having a career year.  Et tu, Jason!  So my fellow Eagles fans I stand before you today to say goodbye.  Goodbye to the hopes of winning Super Bowl 46.  

Thanks to all of our loyal readers.  Remember Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog and Facebook.  Also find me on LinkedIn (Jim Montgomery).  Until next time this is Jimbo saying; Bear with me; my heart is in the coffin there with the Eagles season, and I must pause till it come back to me.  2012 is another year……