Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peace, I'm Outta Here

I posted a question on Facebook this morning and due to the overwhelming popularity of it I’ve decided to make today’s post about it.  For those of you who did not see or are not my friend on Facebook (well what are you waiting for?) after watch Friday Night Lights the other night Abby asked if I’d move out of state if she was offered her dream job.  For those of you who don’t know (again, WTF?) Abby is the woman, who in what can only be described as a momentary lapse of judgment, agreed to marry me.  At first I said absolutely without giving it much thought.  Then I started thinking harder about it.  Would it be that easy?  Would I be able to do it?  There so much that goes into it.  I came to the conclusion that despite the fact it would be tough, I’d still do it.  Let’s walk through the though process.

On the surface this seems like a pretty simple question.  As you think about it, it’s really not.  First thing that came to mind is where would I work.  Luckily I’m not attached to my dream job at the moment so this would be an easy part of the decision.  I’m not even sure what career I’m going to end up at let alone what job.  So while for some that may be the hard part for me it was a no brainer.  See ya later.

Now comes the tough part.  Entertainment.  If you are a loyal reader then you know I thoroughly like to be entertained and I’m willing to spend my hard earned money to be entertained.  Of course with no job it would be Abby’s hard earned money but I digress.  I’m not talking about nightlife because pretty much every place you go (except possibly Ocean City, NJ) there will be a bar, movie theater, restaurants, etc. within driving distance.  What may not be so close are professional sports.  Leaving my Eagles and Phillies would be the toughest part.  The Phils tickets I’d have to give up since they aren’t in my name.  The Eagles tickets would remain (as long as Abby was willing to pay until I get a job) because they are very near and dear to my heart.  I would definitely want it to be near a professional sports town so I can attend games.  Not a deciding factor but a huge factor none the less.  After going back and forth I decided that as long as moving and getting a dream job was that important, I’d reluctantly move.  Bye bye, sniff.

Probably the hardest part would be leaving family and friends.  90% of my family and friends live within an hour’s drive of me.  That would be hard.  Contrary to what many people may expect and think, this would be harder than leaving the Eagles tickets…..just by a hair.  As many people pointed out on Facebook today, I don’t have kids so it would be a lot easier to do now than in the future.  I also have never had a problem making friends so I’m sure I’d find some unemployed people to hang out with while my sugar mama was bringing home the bacon.  As hard as it would be I’d be willing to leave.  Toodles.

Of course there are minor things that come up.  Despite the fact this summer has been brutally hot and I’ve shoveled enough snow the past 2 winters to last a lifetime, I like the weather here.  Not a huge deciding factor but I’d think twice about moving to Texas or Arizona.  I’d also think twice about someplace cold like Alaska, although if I became a citizen they’d pay me money and that would help take the burden off of Abby to pay for my entertainment.  Of course cost of living, proximity to the ocean, likelihood of a natural disaster, etc. all play a role but probably not as much as the intangibles.  The biggest intangible is the fact that despite all of its shortcomings, I’m in love with the city of Philadelphia.  I’m sure there are many places that have similar appeal, but none are Philly.  I can’t describe it but Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs have something.  (Insert your own joke here)  Maybe it’s because I grew up around here and also went to school here.  Yeah, basically I’ve never left.  I’ve traveled places and like them but it is always nice to come home.  As tough as it would be, I’d leave my city…..but definitely come back and visit often (as long as I get a job).  Peace out.

The funny part is, this conversation actually took place in my head.  It’s something to think about.  It’s very easy to say yes or no but once you think about it it’s not that easy.  On a side note, I did a pros and cons list in my head and not moving had more checks but having a happy Abby trumped all.  Luckily I don’t have to make this decision but if I ever do, I’ve gone through the process.

Tuesday Evening 4 pack

Friday Night Lights
Last Friday marked the end of an era.  For those who have not watched the final episode I won’t spoil it but the series finale of Friday Night Lights did not disappoint.  I was a loyal viewer of the Sopranos and I’m going to go as far as saying that Friday Night Lights is almost up there with the Sopranos.  I know what you’re thinking; I spent too much time thinking about a fictitious move and lost my mind.  If you ever watched it you would know what I’m talking about.  Friday Night Lights was not a teen show.  Sure some of the characters were teens but it was different.  The writers and actors on this show did an amazing job of making you care about them.  I’m sure many will disagree, but I don’t care.  It was one of the most underrated shows on TV and it will be missed.   If you don’t believe check it out On Demand.  P.S., the TV show was much better than the movie.

This is going to be short and sweet.  If anyone out there (I’m looking towards my soccer peeps) can explain to me how the World Cup, the tournament to see who is the best soccer team in the world is, can be decided on penalty kicks I’d love to hear it.  No, I wouldn’t feel any different if the U.S. had won.  What skill is there?  You’re going to decide the best soccer team in the world based on chance?  It all comes down to whether the goalie guesses right.  Someone please explain because to me its bush league.

People on Bus Complaining
Another short one.  I’ve noticed this summer, since I’ve been taking the bus to work; people love to complain loudly and inappropriately.  They complain that the bus is late, the bus is too crowded, and the drivers are all in some big conspiracy to ruin their morning/afternoon commute.  To this I have one thing to say; shut the fuck up.  You have options.  1.  Save your money and buy a car and pay for parking.  2. Take the train.  3.  Walk or ride a bike.  4.  Shut your mouth and enjoy your $2 ride.  For all the shit they get, I must say, riding a SEPTA bus to and from work every day is not that bad.  I know you rarely hear this but kudos SEPTA.  I’d be more than willing have you pull over and kick that loud mouth bitch off the bus.

Poison Ivy
Once again it will be short.  What purpose does poison ivy serve?  I know some of life’s irritating things actually serve some type of purpose.  I don’t see what poison ivy’s purpose is.  To make me miserable?  I’m usually very careful when I do yard work but apparently I forgot to scrub my ankles and the backs of my knees last weekend.  Poison Ivy is almost as worthless as shootouts to decide the World Cup.  Yeah, I said it.

That’s all for today.  Thanks once again to our loyal readers and hell, even some of the unloyal ones too.  Tell your friends and family about us.  Follow on Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog and of course like us on Facebook.  I may not be posting for a few days due to the fact I’ll be in Vegas.  I’m sure there will be plenty to write about when I get back.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying I don’t care if it is a “dry heat”, 110 degrees is still hot as hell.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Make a wish........

I want to take this time and give ESPN a ton of credit for something that they do every year but I feel like it does not get enough recognition. I do not know if you have seen these segments during Sportscenter or not but they highlight the make a wish foundation and tracks the wish of certain children who get struck down with an illness, alot of times that illness being some sort of cancer. These segments follow the child as his/her wish gets granted and they get to meet the sports icon that they look up to. This is an awesome thing to watch and it really puts the bullshit that all of us complain about on a daily basis into perspective. These kids have life threatening illnesses and sometimes they are terminal illnesses, but instead of complaining about it, these kids are being an inspiration to many people, including myself. These kids could only have months left to live but they are more worried about meeting their sports hero. The kids that are in these segments are a true inspiration to everyone and they are the true heroes. This make a wish foundation has done this for years and by ESPN covering it and airing the segments it makes me feel like a real prick when I complain about going to work, or having to take the trash out, or do the dishes because those are meaningless problems compared to what these kids have to deal with. To see the joy they get just by meeting their idols is something that people like us without disabilities or life threatening illnesses, may take for granted. Listen, I am no better than everyone else, but I know that it would be damn hard for me to keep my spirits up like these kids do, despite having a life threatening illness.  These segments really pull at the heart strings and if you haven't seen any of them yeat, I reccomend you watch them. There is a new episode every night during the 6pm sportscenter. After you watch them, I bet you think twice about complaining about walking the dog or doing yardwork.

Since I brought up wishes, let me make my own wish right now. I wish that Jim Thome got more credit for what he is about to achieve in the sport of baseball. Jim Thome is embarking on 600 homeruns and attempting to join a club that only 7 other men have joined, and do it all without the use of performance enhancing drugs (that we know of). Jim Thome is one of the genuine and truly nice guys in MLB, so why is he not getting the publicity that Derek Jeter did for his 3,000th hit?? Is it because he is not liked?? I doubt it. Is it because he plays for the Minnesota Twins in a smaller market?? Perhaps, but i still do not buy it. So what is the reason that he is not getting the credit for what he has achieved and about to add to his legacy??? This guy has been a class act his entire career and deserves all of the accalaids that any other player got that hit 600 homeruns. Alex Rodriguez got a speticle made of his 600th homerun but so far nobody is really talking about Jim Thome. The next thing I want to get out there is that Jim Thome should and will be in the Hall of Fame one day. Think about this. DUring the time from 1993-2008(the steroid era), Jim Thome and Ken Griffey Jr are the only two players that hit more than 500 home runs (they both hit 600), and they did so without the use of steroids like others of their era. I really wish Jim Thome would get the appreciation he deserves and the media would stop spending so much time on who the Yankees are going to pick up at the trade deadline to be a quality strarter. I will leave you with this thought. If after Jim Thome retires, there is no performance enhancing drug use stories, he and Ken Griffey Jr will be the only two players from this steroid era that accomplished what they have without the use of those drugs. To me this means that he is without a doubt a Hall of Famer and one of the true good guys to ever step on the baseball diamond.

I'm Kyle Montgomery, and this has been my two cents.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beam Me up Scotty

Space.  The final frontier.  (cue Star Trek intro)  To boldly go where no man has gone before.  Am I talking about the Starship Enterprise?  No, I’m talking about NASA.  In response to the recent final Space Shuttle mission of Atlantis and the debt crisis our country is in, I thought I’d discuss NASA for a bit.  The first thing that I think of when I think about NASA is why?  Why spend so much money for what is basically a science fiction nuts wet dream?  Isn’t there more pressing needs?  Let’s dissect this a bit.
For fiscal year 2011 NASA’s chunk of the federal budget is approximately $19 billion.  That’s billion with a capital B.  Our country is danger of defaulting on loans and we are going to spend $19 billion on science fiction?  What about the schools?  What about social security?  No, you want to spend it on exploring Mars.  I don’t want to into details and numbers but the space shuttle program cost billions of dollars and accomplished what?  The only thing I think of when I think of shuttles are the 2 that blew up.  My question is; why do we need NASA?

Before anyone even says it I know that TV, Satellite Radio, GPS, etc. are powered by satellites put up by NASA.  I think it’s necessary that we have these items.  But why do we need to explore Mars?  Are we really going to live there?  Why spend the money to explore the atmosphere and surface of a planet that we probably will never be able to get to when some of the $19 billion can do a lot here.  I’ll be the first to admit that some of the NASA space exploration stuff is pretty interesting.  I always read articles about what the satellites are bringing back but wake up people.  As entertaining as it is to me and I’m sure millions of others, it’s not necessary.  So let’s slash NASA’s budget.  No frills.  Just get the satellites we need into space.  Shouldn’t cost that much especially since most are put up by private companies who foot the bill anyway.  Better yet send all of our idiot politicians who are arguing over whether or not we should default on our loans up into space, and then cut the budget.  Not very logical captain.

Thursday Evening 4-Pack (It doesn’t matter what day it is as long as you get your 4-pack)

Debt Ceiling
While we are on the subject of our government and money;  What the hell is going on with this whole debt ceiling nonsense?  We need to get more business people into our government.  That would solve this whole mess.  I know people have debt.  Some even are in a ridiculous amount of debt.  But its common sense.  Don’t live beyond your means.  I’m not going out and buying a new car right now.  Why?  1.  The one I have gets the job done and 2. I really can’t afford one.  Why doesn’t our government work this way?  You don’t have the money?  Don’t tell your “allies”  that you’ll help them out.  Let’s be honest, will some of those small, poor countries help us out?  When did it become our responsibility to help you out?  I’m not going to let a friend of mine borrow $100 if I have to pay my electric bill that’s $125.  Its common sense.  Common sense is apparently something our government doesn’t have.  Our government is living way beyond its means.  What would people say about me if I just kept racking up debt, only to pass it on to my kids?  So why does the government get away with it?  I’m not saying raise taxes.  God only knows we pay too much as it is.  The problem is the way our government manages its money.  They have plenty of money.  Just spend it the right way.  I don’t have their books in front me but slash NASA’s budget.  Fix the ridiculous welfare system.  Too many people abuse the system.  Make people take drug tests in order to be on welfare.  Stop spending money on frivolous lawsuits against people like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.  Stop having “special sessions” of Congress for MLB steroid use.  Legalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it.  There.  I just made the government billions of dollars.  I need to stop though because I’m sure NASA’s satellites have picked up my signal and have sent the FBI to my house.  Probably yours too for reading……..

Cell Phone Attachment
I saw on Channel 10 the other day that there is a study being done that people are “emotionally attached” to their cell phones.  Huh?  Sure, smartphones have made everyone’s life easier.  I use my phone for everything.  I’d be lost if I didn’t have it.  Would I be depressed?  Would I need Prozac because I lost my phone?  No.  Those people need help because something is wrong if you are that attached to your cellphone.  Make a friend people.

Fielder Kids
At the all-star game parade the Arizona fans apparently were upset with Prince Fielder for not picking Justin Upton for the homerun derby.  So upset that they booed and threw water at Fielder’s car that contained his wife and kids.  Where’s the national outrage?  Why isn’t this a national news story?  Why aren’t the Arizona fans being called out for this?  Oh yeah, much like those douchbags in Vancouver, they’re not from Philly.  Only Philly fans can be ripped in the media.  My bad.

Ashley Madison
If anyone has listened to Howard Stern or maybe even other stations you’d probably heard of Ashley Madison.  For those that haven’t, ashleymadison.com is a website where married people can hook up to have discreet affairs.  Noel Biderman, the founder of Ashley Madison, has made million off of this site.  He and the site have also caught a lot of controversy for obvious reasons.  Let me be the first to say, bravo Mr. Biderman.  Look, I don’t condone extramarital affairs.  I’m a firm believer that if you marry someone it’s a sacred thing and you are in that for life.  I’m also not na├»ve enough to believe that people are not going to cheat.  Why should Biderman be crucified for his site?  I say why not make a buck off of something people are going to do anyway?  Just something to think about.

Well that’s it for today.  I want to say thank you to our loyal readers.   Remember like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog Until next time this is Jimbo saying I just can't do it Captain, I don’t have the power.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Airing of Grievances.....,

I'd like to take this time to talk about the MLB all star game. This is by far the best All Star game in professional sports but it has definitely lost a ton of luster over the past few years. The first problem I have is the fact that in order to add more meaning to the game, home field advantage in the world series is awarded to the winning league. This is ridiculous. The All Star game has always been an exhibition of the BEST players in the league. Notice what I said there?? An "EXHIBITION" of the "BEST" players in the league. This doesn't mean players that are popular and get voted in based on prior accomplishments, this means the best and most deserving players from the first half of the year. All due respect to Derek Jeter & Josh Hamilton, but they did not deserve to be all stars this year but because of their name they got voted in. There is no reason for that to happen and there is no reason that the all star game should decide home field advantage in the world series. You mean to tell me that a player that is in the all star game from the Kansas City Royals ( that's right every team has to be represented which is bullshit, it's the big leagues not little league!!!!!) gives a shit if the Yankees or Red Sox get home field advantage in the world series?!?!?! Conversely, Hunter Pence of the Astros made a great throw to the plate last night and saved a run, but I'm sure he didn't do it thinking, "this play is going to help the Phillies or Giants in the world series"!!!! Plus, the fate of home field advantage in the world series should not fall into the hands of the lone all star on a team that is 25 games under .500 by the all star break. The all star game in all the leagues is becoming irrelevant because it is not taken seriously by the players and there is little competition. Free agency has caused there to be no real "American league" or "National league" players anymore, plus half the players have similar agents as well so they become more friendly. It's horseshit!!! If the commissioner wants the all star game to be beneficial to the league and it's fans, have it after the year in a warm location, so that teams won't rest their players for fear of not having them down the stretch run of the season. There are players that still take the all star game seriously and want to compete, but the majority feel it's a waste of time. Bring the competition back. Even the home run derby should be changed. Pit the 4-man teams from both leagues against each other and go by total HR to see who is the dominant league. Instead of home field advantage, the winning team should all get $100,000 bonus and the losers get nothing!!! I bet these spoiled brats would care then and we'd have a better product out on the field. Listen I get the fact that baseball players play almost double the amount of games as any other sports and the all star break is well deserved. With that being said for now on if players get voted in to the all star game and decline to go unless injured, they should not get credit for being an all star, period!! This will cause the fans to vote for the right players and will cause the players to appreciate being voted an all star. This will help to fix the all star game and make it meaningful without punishing teams competing for a world series title!!

I'm Kyle Montgomery and this has been my two cents!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear Derek Jeter,

Well, tonight is supposed to mark the end of an era in New York as Derek Jeter, "The Captain" "Mr. November", plays his final game in front of the Yankee faithful. Whether you are a Yankee fan or not, it's tough not to think highly of Jeter even if it is simply based on his accomplished. When professional athletes retire, it's usually not something people care about since they get paid a large sum to play a game, however with Jeter it is different. The face of the Yankees and MLB for 20 seasons, Jeter has been the epitome of class, a role model, and how to act as a "professional" athlete. 
I respect Derek Jeter for his accomplishments off the field. With all the bad behavior getting negative attention throughout the sports world, one constant for 2 decades has been that #2 would be a class act on and off the field. The following link will take you to Jeter's take 2 foundation website and show you the class act he is. 

With that being said, I'd like to reminisce over my post when Jeter collected his 3000th career hit.....

Thank you Derek Jeter!! RE2PECT!!

Now batting for the New York Yankees, #2, SS Derek Jeter!!!!! Hate it or Love it, but for the past 16 seasons Derek Jeter has been the foundation of the Yankees and their success over that time. In my lifetime, I have only seen 2 or 3 athletes in any sport more clutch than Jeter, (Jordan, Montana, maybe even Elway). In this age of free agency and players going to teams to get the most money, Jeter has been loyal to the team that drafted him and gave him a chance. I commend him for that because not only did he do it with the franchise and owner that helped make free agency what it is today, but he did it all while having the spotlight on him in the biggest stage there is. I'm not going to get into all the highlights that Derek Jeter has provided over the years, there are too many for me to mention, ( that infamous November HR, the diving into the stands to make the catch and coming out with a black eye, the running across the field and making what will always be known as "the flip" to get {Jeremy Giambi} out, remember that name it's a trivia answer), but I want to get some things out there and honor Derek Jeter. Jeter won't hit 50,40,30 maybe not even 20 HR and won't knock in 100 RBI, but I'll be damned if there is anyone that plays with more heart than Jeter. If you ask me, Derek Jeter plays the game how it's supposed to be played, with class, heart, and sportsmanship. That's right, sportsmanship. Most players can't even spell the damn word let alone use it, but Jeter exemplifies what class and sportsmanship is all about. Throughout his time in New York, he was always the good guy to Steinbrenner being the bad guy, the batman to the joker if you will. As much as you wanted to hate the Yankees because of Steinbrenner, it was hard to root against Derek Jeter. Achieving what he has done won't be what his legacy will be, his legacy will be in my eyes the greatest New York Yankee EVER!!!!! Never was Jeter involved in a scandal with women, drugs, racial slurs, etc. He has handled himself with class since 1996 and truly represents the old saying the Yankees live by, "the name on the front of the jersey, means more than the one on the back"!!! He has represented the Yankees with class and respect and whether you hate the Yankees or not, you have to respect Jeter. Getting to the 3,000 hit milestone and being the only Yankee to achieve it is an unbelievable thought when you think of all the great Yankees. Now I'm not saying he should be a role model by any means, but if you want to teach kids the right way to play the game of baseball, Derek Jeter has set an example to be used for years to come! 

I'm a die hard Phillies fan, but more than that, I'm a baseball fan. Derek Jeter, for being a sense of purity during the steroid era, and for being the greatest player in the history of the most "storied" franchise in sports, I want to tip my hat to you and simply say, THANKS!!! You've been a class act your whole career and I wish more athletes would act with 1/2 the class as you. I want to give you a big congratulations and commend you for achieving such a milestone!!! Thank you for not taking the game you play for granted as many athletes today do. You may not get all the credit you deserve, but in my mind you're the greatest Yankee ever and possibly the player amongst the steroid controversy that has kept baseball so relevant amongst all sports. Thank You!!!!

So in honor of you Derek Jeter, I am Kyle Montgomery, and this has been my "2" cents!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

"I am not a role model.  I'm not paid to be a role model.  I'm paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court.  – Charles Barkley circa 1993
After getting some feedback from my Pete Rose comments from the last blog, I felt the need to delve into this topic a little deeper.  Almost 20 years later, do Sir Charles’ words still ring true?  Did they ever?  As far as I’m concerned, absolutely.  They are probably even more true today than they were almost 20 years ago.  Why should Charles or any other athlete or entertainer be a role model?  Are they better than the average person?  The way we act about them and towards them you’d think so.
Does Pete Rose’s gambling really affect everyday life?  Not mine. Did it affect Major League Baseball?  No.  Were people not entertained by Pete?  Yes.  What was he paid for?  That’s right; to play baseball and yes, entertain people.  Now, is Pete Rose someone that you should tell kids to look up to?  Hell no.  The man is a degenerate gambler and most reports say he is an all around jerk.  Does this change the fact he could hit a baseball like no other?  Nope.  Does it change the fact that he entertained millions?  Not even a little.  So why does this line between celebrity and human being get crossed so much?  Why do we put our athletes and entertainers on pedestals only to be disappointed when they make very human like mistakes?  The answer is disturbing.
Charles also said in that commercial that parents should be role models.  Hmmmmmm.  Therein lies the problem.  We as a society are so quick to push the blame/responsibility for everything on someone else.  Kids are gang banging?  Must me the rap music, TV or Video Game’s fault.  People are dog fighting?  It’s Michael Vick’s fault.  Men are cheating on their wives?  It’s because of Tiger Woods.  Stop it people and wake up.  It’s not their fault, it’s your fault.
These people are not paid to be role models.  Never were.  They are paid to rap, play football, and play golf.  So why then do we perceive them as role models?  Easy, it’s easier to tell our kids to idolize them than to take responsibility and teach them right from wrong.  We then get our panties in a bunch when they fuck up.  At least it was them and not us who look bad in front of our kids.   We are doing our kids a disservice.  I’ve mentioned in Obstructed Views before that we as a society coddle our kids.  By forcing athletes and entertainers on them as role models, we are giving them a false sense of hope. 
What do I mean?  Well, let’s be honest, how many people are going to grow up to be Pete Rose, Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, Lil Wayne, etc?  Not many.  So why let our kids believe they can?  I’m not saying they shouldn’t have dreams but let’s be realistic.  For every Lil Wayne there are millions of others who will never come close to being a rapper.  For every Michael Vick there will be millions who can’t even make their high school football team.  Yet those millions will have hope that they play in the NFL or sign a record deal.  Instead we should be setting an example for our kids to follow.  Why are there so many men with many kids with many women?  Because that’s the example their parents set.  Why are there people who resort to violence over the smallest things?  Because that’s the example their parents set.  Why are there people with gambling problems or who dog fight?  You guessed it.  It’s a vicious cycle that needs to stop.
Now I know that some of these people’s parents may not do these things but they are not setting the right example.  If they were actually parenting, they’d tell their kids that these things are wrong.  If they were actually parenting, they’d know what their kids were doing and would be able to influence them.  So if a kid sees that Pete Rose gambles or that Michael Vick is fighting dogs they need a parent there to tell them it’s wrong.  To tell them it’s not right.   Does it work 100% of the time?  No.  There simply are some degenerates out there who are going to do fucked up things no matter how hard a parent tries.
Back in the early 1900s many kids looked up to baseball players.  Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, etc.  Were these men better people than athletes today?  Not a chance and they were probably worse.  You didn’t hear people blame Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle for the problems in society.  I know with today’s round the clock media coverage we have more access to our entertainers.  But does that mean they are any different?  Hell, one of the most beloved presidents ever had extra marital affairs.  Was JFK blamed for people cheating?  The point I’m trying to make is that parents need to step up.  Am I saying that kids shouldn’t have sports heroes or celebrity heroes?  No.  I’m saying that parents need to keep it real with their kids.  If a parent is keeping it real, then when a celebrity fucks up they are there to explain to their kid how what said person did is messed up and you shouldn’t do it.  They also need to explain that these people are human and make mistakes.  We all do. 
A parent also needs to guide their children to idolizing the right people. How come we don’t teach our kids to idolize soldiers, firefighters, policemen, teachers, doctors, nurses, and the like?  These are the people that make the difference in the world.  These are the people who helped get the athletes and entertainers where they are.  Oh that’s right, it’s not cool for your teacher or your local firefighter to be your hero.  Even those these people are the real heroes.
It’s not Vick’s fault people fight dogs.  Hell, it’s not even Vick’s responsibility to tell people not to fight dogs.  His job is to entertain and play football.  He and all the others get paid to entertain us.  That’s all.  Like Sir Charles said, they don’t get paid to be role models or to raise your kids.  Stop putting blame on them for society’s wrongs.  I’ll be honest, when Tiger Woods got caught cheating I was disappointed.  Not disappointed for what he did.  Truth be told I could care less.  I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to see him golf.  I truly hope the Eagles win the Super Bowl with Michael Vick as their quarterback.  As much as I hate to admit it, I actually like some of Lil Wayne’s music.  Do I condone what these people did?  Absolutely not.  What they did does not affect what they do for a living.  Sure it may make them scumbags but again, as long as I’m entertained who cares.  That’s what I pay for; entertainment.
Do you think in Ancient Rome that the Romans cared what the gladiators or lions did in their personal life?  No.  All they wanted to be was entertained just like you and me.  So lay off of celebrities and athletes when they fuck up.  You don’t have to agree with what they did and that’s not what I’m saying.  Be real.  You’re going to fuck up at some point.  Do you want people judging you?  Besides these people are human and they make mistakes.  Who are you and I to judge?  Instead of crucifying the very people that you made your kid’s role model, you should be that role model for your kids.  Step up and be a parent instead of looking for a celebrity or athlete to do it for you.  It’s how I think it should be.  It’s how Sir Charles thinks it should be.  So therefore it’s how it should be.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying if need be, I’ll be your role model.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony

Ok, given the recent verdict and public outcry of this case, I felt it was time to chime in and give my opinion about this case, the verdict, and everyone whining over the verdict.

First off let me start by saying the death of Caylee is tragic and what has happened since her death is just as tragic. Making this family a household name sickens me. They are not a household name because of a movie, or a sport, they are a household name because of the death of a child. Sick!!!! Now, do I think Casey murdered her child?? No, but i think there were a number of circumstances that point to it and think there were a ton of shady events that occured I think that Caylee may have accidentally drowned and Casey panicked as a mother and made a horrible decision. Now, I also believe she neglected her child and more or less was a horrible mother. The problem is that she did not report her daughter missing for 31 days.....31 DAYS!!! Think about that. If you're a parent or remember as a child yourself, if your child was missing for 31 seconds you scream their name and wonder where they are and as a child yourself your parents would have done the same. Now on to my next point. I'm tired of people saying the system did not work, bottom line whether we like the decision rendered or not, the system worked and here's why. The system in this case was designed to have a jury of Casey Anthony's peers render a verdict based on the evidence provided. In my opinion, this is what happened. Within a murder case there should be a cause of death and/or time of death. In this "murder" case there was neither. Now in my opinion if there is no cause of death, there can't be a murder. Whether or not the evidence points to a murder or not, without a cause of death it is damn near impossible to prove a murder successfully and this is the case here. Whether or not you agree with the decision made, it was the right one based on the guidelines of a trial by jury. Again, I don't like that she's free and I sure as hell don't like that a child is dead, but the issue is could be the system itself then. I agree that justice was not served but to argue that system did not work is ridiculous because it did. Why is her dad not being grilled harder? Why is the prosecution not being blamed for giving a weak case? The jury made their decision based on the evidence the prosecutors presented and the argument against that evidence that the defense presented. To me, that's the system working. I don't know how many more times I have to say it, whether you agree with the decision or not, THE SYSTEM WORKED based on the guidelines of a system working.

I want to shift gears to the most recent outcry and that is for the names of jurors being released. This is ridiculous. They have no choice but to serve jury duty unless they cop out and show bias or say they're racist. The jurors in this case did what was asked and based their decisions on the evidence and arguments provided by the defense and prosecution respectively. They knew that their decisions would not be popular to everyone, but they did the job they were supposed to do. So the public does not agree with their decision, does that mean we release the names of these jurors?? What will that prove?? That will only allow members of society that disagree with the decisions of these jurors to harass and threaten these people. Some of the people that disagree with verdict, may in fact be some of the people who claimed to be bias or racist in order to get out of jury duty. I give these jurors of this case credit. They took on the challenge of being a juror in a high profile case and being away from their families for a long period of time. To release the names of these jurors is an invasion of privacy and a threat to their personal safety. On top of that, watch what you ask for. If the names are released and let's say something unfortunate were to happen to one of these people, do you really think that moving forward people will be eager to be on a jury??? Hell no!! There goes the "system" everyone is so upset with, there will be no trials by a jury anymore because there will be no jury. As I said previously, this whole event is unfortunate and a tragedy and my heart goes out to Caylee because there is no way she deserved any of this, but to make the jurors suffer as a result of Casey being found not guilty is unfair to them, and it is unfair to their families. So before you claim the system does not work, or the jurors suck, or even say the system let another murderer free, I want you to look in the mirror and ask yourself if the person you see in that mirror is willing to be a juror in a high profile case, be away from your family for an extended period of time, and take on the pressure that these jurors did. I'd bet 1/2 of you wouldn't have the balls to do it and will claim it's an inconvenience to serve on jury duty. These jurors did a commendable job and based their decisions (as far as we know) on the evidence provided. They should not be named if they don't want to be named.

I'd like to close by saying this. Casey is a bad mother. She should never be allowed to have any more children. With that being said she was found not guilty of murder by a jury of her peers. That's the system and it worked how it was supposed to. It may not have been the popular decision or even the "right" decision, but it was based on the evidence provided, period. The jurors did not allow their emotions to get in the way of their job as jurors to base their decision on the evidence. Casey Anthony will get what's coming to her because I believe that's how things work. Just remember, after reading this, hug your child and tell them you love them because life is fragile. We don't always like decisions that are made but once they are made there is nothing we can do. It's easy from the outside to say that this should have been done or that should have been done but guess what, it wasn't. Caylee may never get the justice she deserves, but to make the jurors and defense attorneys suffer will not make that change. They were doing their job. The defense attorney's job is to defend those being accused of a crime. They cannot get emotionally attached to a case because it will jeopardize their decision making. It doesn't make these lawyers bad people because they're defending a possible murderer, they have a job to do like most of you out there. If you don't like Casey Anthony that's fine, I don't either, but I don't hold that against her lawyers and neither should anyone else. Bottom line is that a child is dead and there is nobody held accountable for that. It's not the system's fault, the defense attorney's or juror's or judge's fault either. So please don't pass judgement on these people for doing what was asked of them, direct your anger towards the proper people. Also if you want to honor Caylee, hug YOUR kids, love YOUR kids, cherish YOUR kids, those are the kid's lives that you can really impact. Nothing we can do can bring Caylee back, but loving our own kids can help to prevent it from happening in the future.

This is Kyle Montgomery, and this has been my two cents!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sun of a Beach

As everyone is still nursing their holiday weekend hangovers, I want to go over some observations from Cape May this past weekend.  Now, keep in mind what I saw was in Cape May but I think these observations are transferable from beach to beach and state to state.

1.       People riding bikes – This is a problem for me anywhere but really stuck out this past weekend.  I understand that it’s easier to rent a beach cruiser to get from point A to point B at the beach.  However, who the hell do you think you are?  Are you a cop?  An ambulance? The Coast Guard?  No.  You are some schmuck who is too damn lazy to walk.  I’m on vacation too.  I want to relax.  What gives you the right to think that you have the constant rightaway?  My car is a helluva lot heavier than your "beach cruiser”.  I’m all about sharing the road, more so after training for the Tri and seeing how some motorists treat cyclists.  But, most cyclists are pricks who don’t follow the traffic laws.  Follow the laws and maybe I won’t run you over.  The only thing worse than beach bikers are bikers in the city who pay hundreds of dollars for the “official” Amoroso team racing gear.  Douchbags.

2.       Sidewalk walking – Just like the people riding bikes, I get you’re on vacation.  So am I.  I also get that there is no hurry to get anywhere.  Most of the time, unless I’m leaving or really hungry neither am I.  But come on people.  No need to walk 3-4 deep, on sidewalks that are already too narrow, with your bad ass kids who you can’t control, forcing me to walk in the streets (and almost get hit by a biker….kind of ironic).  This is common courtesy.  Move to the side to let people pass.  Oh, and control your damn kids.

3.       Paying to get on the beach – Never understood this.  Does the city of Cape May (or insert your beach here) physically own the beach?  Seems to me it was there when Dutch/Quakers first settled the area.  Now you own it and have the audacity to charge me to use it?  For what?  What exactly does that money get me?  Littered sand and dirty ocean water?  Seriously, what?  Not every beach in the country is like this so why here?  No wonder the Native Americans hated you.  Douchbags

4.       Beach Etiquette Part 1 - This is another that I’m unsure of.  People bitching that my umbrella is blocking their sun.  Huh?  Your sun?  Now, if I came to the beach and deliberately put my umbrella where it blocked the sun (note it’s not your sun) then I’m the douchebag.  Other than that move.  Seriously.  There are miles of beach that you can move to soak up your sun.  I love the beach, but I have pale Scottish/Irish skin.  I need that umbrella to be protected from “your sun”.    Also, no need for the attitude.  Here’s a quick science lesson.  The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours.  Therefore the sun is never in the exact same spot so therefore my umbrella will eventually block “your sun”.  I suggest you make like the Earth and “rotate” to another spot.  Besides, I spend good money to put my umbrella up and block the sun.

5.       Beach Etiquette Part 2 – This is for the ladies.  Ladies, under no circumstance ever in your life should you wear a bikini if you have a gut bigger than mine.  Seriously, nobody wants to see it.  Truth is, I saw too many women who were built more for Sumo Wrestling than Miss America wearing 2 piece bathing suits.  Stop.  Now I know there are many guys on the beach that probably shouldn’t be shirtless either.  There is a double standard.  I know this.  I didn’t make it up.  Before you leave the house, check yourself.  If you can’t see your toes, wear a one piece.  For the sake of all of us.

6.       AC – This drives me crazy the most.  I know you’re near the ocean and get the sea breeze but it gets hot.  So why do a lot of businesses and restaurants not have air conditioning?  It’s hot.  I don’t want to sweat while I’m eating or shopping.  Plus I’m already paying your ridiculously high prices to begin with, so why not splurge to keep your customers happy?  If you’re concerned about electric prices, maybe you can call the people who charge me to use the beach?  I’m sure they may have some to spare.

Monday Evening 4-Pack (I know its Tuesday.  It’s a holiday week so leave me alone)


While I’m on the topic of cyclists, motorcyclists piss me off too.  As I was stuck in traffic Friday afternoon, I saw 5 motorcyclists ride up the shoulder to avoid traffic.  Where were the cops?  Probably at the beach enforcing the beach tag law.  Had I’d done that in my car I would’ve received looks and probably had been pulled over.  So why not the motorcyclist?  These guys are another bunch who are “above” the law.  I constantly see them riding in and out of traffic like they are on bicycles.  They whine just as much as bicyclists about getting no respect on the road.  Guess what?  Just like the bicycle my car weighs a lot more.  Here’s a thought.  You want people to give you respect?  Follow the traffic laws and don’t be an idiot.  Until then, you get what you deserve.

Boys II Men

Did anyone else catch Boys II Men performing on the Parkway last night?  I saw it on TV and I have a couple questions.  1.  What the hell was up with Wanya’s hair?  Is it a religious thing?  A political statement?  Either way it looks weird.  Also, lay off the tastykakes buddy.  2. I thought there were 4?  I only saw 3.  Now Motown Philly makes no sense….(one day back in Philly, 4 guys wanted to sing…..maybe that’s why there was an extended acapella mix?) Granted, the deep voiced guy really only talked the really deep part on End of the Road.   By the way, the Roots are incredible and Michael Nutter is a moron.


While we are on the subject of music, what’s up with Kiss?  I love Gene Simmons Family Jewels.  (I know, I’m a sucker for some reality shows)  However, as I started to think about it, what songs do they sing?  All I know is “I wanna rock and roll all night, and party everyday”.  Can anyone name one?  They must sing something.  They have a greatest hits album and tons of merchandise.  Millions of people love them.  Are they a great band or is Gene Simmons one of the greatest marketing/Public Relations men ever???

Pete Rose

This whole Pete Rose deal still irks me.    Why is this man not in the Hall of Fame?  He is hands down one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game.  Other than being a jerk (which does not exclude you from the Hall of Fame; I checked) what did he do to deserve a lifetime ban?  Gambling?  Michael Jordan was/is a compulsive gambler.  Oh, he bet on baseball.  Oh, he bet ON his team.  Guess what?  I don’t see a problem with it.  In fact I’ll go one step further; I want the manager of my favorite team betting on his team.  Why?  It will ensure that he is going to make all the right moves because his money is on the line.  Kudos to Pete for that.  Also, is it really that bad of a thing to do?  People have done way worse than something that is legal in a lot of states now.  Drugs, rape, assault, cheating etc.  You punish this man for doing something legal?  Come on.  Jockeys can bet on their horses.  Boxers can bet on themselves.  I agree he shouldn’t bet against his team but he didn’t.  Get over it Major League Baseball.  You have the world by the balls right now with the NFL and NBA being locked out.  Do the right thing.  Let Pete back.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Think About It

As we approach the 235th anniversary of or great country, I’d figured I’d give you some light food for thought since pretty much we all well be pigging out this weekend.  Just some things that have been on my mind.  First of all I’d like to say I’m thankful for all of our loyal readers….oh wait, wrong holiday.  But I am thankful for you all, so there.

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  • So I heard today that Charlie Sheen was on steroids during the filming of Major League.   This is news?  Quite frankly who cares?  Besides, it was pretty realistic since most players back then were on the juice.  Duh.  Where do you think he got all that heat for his fastball from?

  • Gay marriage is back in the news again.  Kudos to New York for allowing same sex marriage.  Once again the haters were out.  David Tyree of the New York Giants even went as far as saying that he would give up his amazing catch from the Super Bowl if it meant stopping gay marriage (or something to that nature).  Huh?  Be careful what you wish for pal.  That catch is all you have.  My beef is what is the big deal?  I’m not saying everyone has to like gay people or the fact people are gay, but who are they hurting?  It’s not a disease that you can catch.  Is someone being gay really affecting your everyday life?  People, if this is what bothers your life, then you have bigger issues than gay people.  As far as I’m concerned what goes on behind closed doors goes on behind closed doors.  If you were meant to see then the door wouldn’t be closed would it?  Go ahead and give the religious argument and I’ll show you not one religion that says you should judge other people.  If God, Allah, Buddha, Jeebus, or any other Supreme Being has an issue with said person being gay, then isn’t that between said person and said Supreme Being?  Who are you and why should you put in your 2 cents?  Last time I checked you’re not Kyle, so shut up.  Also, I’d love to know how many of these “haters” are either secretly gay themselves or at least have watched lesbian porn?  Think about it……..

  • I’ve been reading more and more about people saying money isn’t everything and money can’t buy happiness and blah blah blah.  Most of those people are poor by the way.  Well I’m here to tell you they are wrong.  In order to have anything in this world you need money.  The world revolves around it.  Sure maybe deep down money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a lot of things that will make me happy……think about it.

  • In Argentina one of their soccer teams has been relegated to tier B, for the first time in their 110 year history.  Ordinarily I’d say so what but I like this idea.  Our sports leagues should have them.  “Sorry Pittsburgh Pirates, you’ve been relegated to Triple A and have been replaced by the Columbus Clippers.”  Or “Sorry Carolina Panthers, you’ve been relegated to the SEC and have been replaced by the Auburn Tigers.”  Kind of cool if you think about and it would force owners to spend money.

  • Speaking of relegation, how cool would it be to have this in everyday life.  Instead of breaking up with someone, you could relegate them to the B team.  “Sorry sweetie, your performance has not been up to par so you’ve been relegated to the B team and replaced with (insert name here).  Keep working hard and improve your game and we will evaluate your status after next season………”  It could even work with jobs.  “Sorry…..well you get the point.  I’m already going to catch enough shit as it is.

That’s about all I have for today.  As you’re sitting on the beach celebrating what a group of Treasonous Rebels did, what? That’s technically what they did, think about it.  Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, in fact I will drink a beer to each and every one of our founding fathers this weekend as celebration for what they’ve done for our great country.  But as I was saying, as your sitting on the beach or backyard remember to tell your friends about Obstructed Views.  We are closing in on almost 1000 views in less than a month.  Awesome.  Thanks for reading and happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday America!  Until next time this is Jimbo saying it’s like that, and that’s the way it is.