Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That's One Giant Leap......

Today is leap day.  In what has become an Obstructed Views tradition, we figured we have some fun with leap day and leap years.  What is exactly is leap day or a leap year?  Well, most people assume that it takes the Earth 365 days to go around the sun.  Most people would be wrong. It actually takes a little longer than a year to go around the Sun — 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds, to be exact.


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So why not add an extra 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds to each year?  First of all that’s not practical.  Besides, it would mess up Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve.  The ancient Egyptians were the first to realize that man screwed up and that the solar calendar and the manmade calendar didn’t’ match up.  The Romans were the first to designate February 29 as leap day, but a more exact formula was adopted in the 16th century when the Gregorian calendar included a leap day in years only divisible by four.  2012 for example.  Another part of the formula is that no year divisible by 100 would have a leap year, except if it was divisible by 400.  So 1900 = not a leap year and 2000 = leap year.  Confused?  There will be a test at the end.

Fun Facts

·         People born on Leap Day are Pisces and are said to have unusual talents and personalities reflecting their special status

·         People born on Leap Day are called leaplings

·         Women are supposed to propose to men today – a tradition that dates back to St. Patrick and St. Bridget in Ireland

·         U.S. Presidential Elections and the Summer Olympics occur during Leap Years

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·         In Greece it is considered bad luck to get married during a leap year…..thank god I’m not Greek

·          The chances of having a leap year birthday are 1 in 1,461

·         George Washington put Jay’s Treaty into effect in 1796

·         Gone With the Wind won 8 Academy Awards in 1940

·         The first Playboy club opened in Chicago in 1960

Leap Day Birthdays

1916 – Dinah Shore, Singer

1936 – Henri “Rocket” Richard, Hockey Player

1944 – Dennis Farina, Actor

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1960 – Tony Robbins, Motivational speaker

1968 – Bryce Paup, Football Player

1972 – Antonio Sab├áto Jr, Actor

1976 – Ja Rule, Rapper 

1980 – Simon Gagne, Hockey Player

1984 – Cullen Jones, Swimmer

Well that’s all for the Leap Day edition of Obstructed Views.  To my local Philly fans out there, keep in mind that during the last Leap Year back in 2008 our Phillies became World Champs.  Just saying.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying, Happy Leap Day.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


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When it comes to figuring out just how deep your fandom runs, there are plenty of types that get thrown around. "Fair weather fans", "Bandwagon Jumpers" and then there are the "Die-Hard" Fans. Die hard fans feel they are far more superior than the other two while Fair Weather fans feel they hold a slight edge over the Bandwagon Jumpers. Bandwagon Jumpers are like grown men who secretly watch the bachelor but will deny it in front of all of their boys, unless something awesome happens or there is an extremely hot girl on there. This long debated topic always seems to spark an argument amongst the different fandoms without really getting anywhere. I'd like to dive into this argument and explain my issue with all of them!!!!

With the recent outburst of "Lin-sanity" it made me think about the topic of which types of fans these people are who attend Knicks games now. Are they fair-weather fans? Perhaps. Are they Bandwagon Jumpers? Perhaps. They may be die hard fans that didn't have a reason to go to a game live until now. The issue I have with all of this is simply, " who cares"????? Is it really worth arguing or getting all pissed off about?? So they may be fair weather fans. They're spending money on merchandise and tickets that goes to your favorite team's benefit, isn't that a good thing?? 

Listen, having been a lifelong, die hard Philadelphia sports fan, I've always been an advocate of being a die hard fan is the best way to go and if you're just a casual fan you're either stupid or lazy. Maybe it's me getting older or maybe it's having an uncle who is a die hard Seahawks, orioles, and Lakers fan who after last NHL season explained he's a die hard bruins fan as well but doesn't watch hockey, but I've grown tired of fighting the battle with people and have turned a new leaf. For example, I may have season tickets, buy only authentic jerseys, and can name every player from the 1987 team, and you don't own any merchandise except that hat you bought at Kmart to show how much of a fan you are, don't watch more than 5 games a year, and only know 2 players on the team and 1 of those hasn't played in 10 years, but we're both fans of the team. Die hard fans can't understand how the casual fan can't commit more of their time and energy into that team and the casual fan can't understand how the due hards can, but at the end of the day they're both fans of the team.

If you're a die hard fan and you can't stand casual, fair weather, or bandwagon fans, let me ask this question, are your significant others fans of that same team? If so do you honestly think its because of anything other then the fact that you are a fan and by them showing interest in your "activity" you'll take interest in one of hers? Would they then be considered fair weather fans or bandwagon jumpers, or do they get a pass because they are your significant other?? 

The point I'm trying to make is wether you are a 12 year season ticket holder or a fan that can't name anyone on the team, you're still a fan. So my hatred for the cowboys, mets, rangers, Knicks, and lakers runs deeper than yours, as long as you're rooting for the same team as me, I'll accept it. I can understand that those bandwagon jumpers irritate the die hard fans who were fans when the team sucked, but what can you do, not allow them to like the team????

Being that it's Black History Month, there was a famous speech that you may have heard of that started like this, "I have a dream"..... Well I too have a dream, that one day all of us fans, can be seen as just that, fans, no matter the color of your face paint, or the level of your
fandom, we can all coincide as fans of the same team(s). The main thing to remember is that you know the truth. Whether your a die hard fan or a bandwagon jumper, you know who you are and that's what matters. I'm sure there will still be some die hard fans who claim I'm not a real die hard fan for accepting bandwagon jumpers as fans but to them I say, challenge my fandom, c'mon, I     dare you!!!!!

This is Kyle Montgomery and this has been my two cents!!!!!



With the recent passing of Whitney Houston, I'd like to say a few things. First off, id like to give my condolences to her family because no death is ever easy to deal with. Secondly, I'd like to say Chris Christie (nice name by the way douchebag), flying the state flag at half staff???? Really? I guess I missed the report that said Whitney Houston was the member of "Seal Team Six" that shot Bin Laden and deserved this honor!!!!! Finally, that brings me to you, Bobby Brown. Way to go! You did an awesome job of tarnishing her legacy. Listen, I know it's your "perogative" to be "humpin around",but, the signs all told you "don't be cruel" to that "roni" of yours named Whitney. you didn't listen and arguably ruined the life and career of a great artist/performer. Hopefully after its all said and done you have recognized your horrible ways and and will start the "new edition" of your life!!! R.I.P. Whitney, I guess Bobby sucked as your "Bodyguard"........

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh the Linsanity

With so much going on in the world, today is an appropriate time for a 4 pack.  This 4 pack covers a wide array of topics so without further ado, let’s get into it.

Control This
Part of the controversial “Obama Care” is the fact that employers must provide women access to birth control without having to pay co-pays.  This angered the Catholic Church leaders who are staunch opponents to birth control because it “goes against their beliefs”.  After a lot of whining and bitching, Obama was left with no other choice but to exempt the Catholic organizations from this and now the insurance companies have to pick up the tab for women working for Catholic organizations.  They claim it’s a “violation of their first amendment rights”.  I have so many issues with this. 

First of all why is it that only women can get free birth control?  Why can’t condoms be covered under this plan?  No offense ladies, but as so many of you have said, “It takes two to tango”. Last time I check there isn’t a male birth control pill so why can’t condoms be covered? 

Secondly, who does the Catholic Church think they are?  Violating your rights?  What if there is a non-Catholic working for a Catholic run organization?  You are claiming that the government (Obama) is forcing their beliefs are you and forcing you to do something that goes against your beliefs but aren’t you doing the same thing?  Just because you don’t believe in birth control doesn’t mean everyone doesn't, so by you “forcing” your beliefs on your employees you are basically doing the same thing.  Besides, what is this?  The 1300s?  Who still doesn’t believe in birth control?  Time to get with the times.   

Finally, really Obama?  Of all the drugs that you could have made co-pay free, you choose birth control?  

You are still gay

Am I the only one who thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous that gay marriage is even an issue in this country?  It’s really disturbing that there are some people in this country that get so worked up about it.  I’ve made it clear on this blog my feelings.  Recently the New Jersey State Congress passed a bill that legalized same sex marriages.  Governor Chris Christie (seriously?  What were his parents thinking?) Immediately said he would veto the bill.  His thoughts were that the people should decide the issue on a ballot.  Ridiculous.  I get that one of the foundations of our government is popular sovereignty but why is this even an issue?  I still think there are many more important issues that our government needs to address.  If there is anyone out there that can explain to me why people get there panties in a bunch over this or why our government wastes time dealing with it; please tell me.

Give me a high 5

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The Miami Marlins had retired the #5 in honor of Carl Barger, the team’s first president back in 1992.  Why am I bringing this up?  Logan Morrison plays leftfield for the Miami Marlins.  Morrison wanted to switch his number and wear the #5 to honor his father.   Easy solution.  “Sorry Logan.  The Marlins have retired the #5.”  Or at the very least “Sorry Logan.  The Marlins have retired the #5 but if you can get in permission from the Barger family you can have it.”  The Marlins claim “they couldn’t” get in touch with the Bargers and gave Morrison the number anyway.  It took a reporter from a Miami newspaper 5 minutes to get in touch with the family, who were completely clueless.  The Marlins are now going to place a plaque honoring Barger in their new stadium.  That’s it?  First of all, if wearing #5 meant that much to Morrison he should’ve been trying to get in touch with the family.  Second of all, the Marlins should’ve made it clear immediately that the number was unavailable.  Finally, in my opinion if you retire a number that’s it.  It’s not used under any circumstances.  Tough luck Logan.

Oh the Linsanity

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Unless you you’ve been living under a rock the past 2 weeks, you’ve heard about Jeremy Lin.  As a Sixers fan, I’m not really all that fond of someone from the Knicks doing well.  Maybe it’s the Haterade talking.  Maybe you have also heard that an editor was fired this week for running a headline that read “Chink in the Armor” after the Knicks lost a game.   I don’t think that it was meant as a racial slur towards Lin.  I do however feel that it was irresponsible that this editor didn’t put more thought into this headline.  He also claimed that he had used the headline before….also not very good editing if you are recycling headlines.  Just saying.  For now though I just hope that this whole Jeremy Lin thing goes away….I hate the Knicks.

There you have it.  This week’s 4 Pack covered a ton of ground.  Let me know your thoughts on Birth control, gay marriage, Logan Morrison, or Jeremy Lin.   Until next time this is Jimbo saying I have no problem auctioning off my retired number to the highest bidder. 

Monday, February 6, 2012


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The Super Bowl is over and with it the NFL season ends.  It won’t be long now before the Eagles send me the invoice for next year’s season tickets.  Spring training is right around the corner and that means the weather should be getting warmer.  I say should be because after these “spring” like temps this winter, perhaps spring will bring blustery cold temps and snow.  There are a few loose ends I’d like to tie up about this year’s Super Bowl.

Root, Root, Root for the……..

As much as it pains me to say and see, the Giants are champs for the second time in four years.  If this isn’t bad enough to deal with as an Eagles fan, I have to hear people telling me I should be happy for them.  Huh?  All week leading up to the game and today after the game, I have had to hear people tell me that I have to root for the Giants because they are “NFC East”.  First of all, that is the reason I’m not rooting for them.  They are one of the three NFL teams I hate the most because of the fact they play in my division.  Sorry, but as a self respecting fan I just can’t do it.
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  Secondly, since the Giants won I now have to deal with the Giants fans talking trash about their team’s victory.  That’s like rooting for a migraine.  Wouldn’t do that so why would I root to hear the Giants fans talk shit?  Finally, the truth is I’m a hater.  If my team can’t win I don’t want anybody to win.  Childish?  Sure, but since somebody has to win I’d rather it not be my enemy.  Rooting for the Giants is like helping an ex-girlfriend pick out lingerie for her new boyfriend.  Just doesn’t make much sense.

New York, Dallas, and Washington 12 – Philadelphia 0
Now that the Giants have won Super Bowl 46, the NFC East has now won 12 of 46 Super Bowls.  Of those 12 the Eagles have won a whopping 0.  Awesome.  Still think I should be rooting for the Giants?  Don’t even tell me that the Eagles have won “NFL” championships before there was a Super Bowl.  Who cares?  There should also be a statute of limitations on Super Bowl wins and bragging rights.  10 years is about right.  Listen, if you weren’t born when your team won you shouldn’t be bragging about it.  Perfect example was Steelers fans.  Of course now they have two more to brag about but you get the point.  

Speed Dating
Hands down the funniest commercial of the night was the E-Trade baby who was “speed dating” in the nursery.  Second funniest?  The Doritos one with the dog paying the man off to keep quiet about the missing cat.  The Matthew Broderick commercial would've been good if I hadn't already seen it 1000 times leading up to the Super Bowl.  What's up with that?

I must say that Madonna’s halftime show was pretty good.  The MIA “flip” off thing is being blown out of proportion.  I didn’t personally see it but it wouldn’t have offended me if I had.  Meanwhile, there’s nobody to blame but NBC anyway.  After the whole Janet Jackson “wardrobe” malfunction, NBC should’ve been on high alert.  Somebody dropped the ball.  You want to be mad at MIA?  Be mad at her for her music.

The NFL season is over.  I could say congrats to the Giants, but it wouldn’t be heartfelt.  Yes I drank plenty of Hatorade today, so what? Until next time this is Jimbo saying for all of my Phillies fans out there, here’s a little bit of silver lining; the last time the Giants won the Super Bowl, the Phillies won the World Series. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hall of Lame?

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Tonight the Hall of Fame selections for the NFL’s class of 2012 were made.  Congrats to Curtis Martin, Chris Doleman, Willie Roaf, Dermonti Dawson, Cortez Kennedy and Jack Butler.  I don’t want to take away from these guys’s moment but there is a travesty going on right now.  To me the Hall of Fame is for the best of the best.  Most guys’ selection is not arguable.  It’s usually the guys that get left out that leave people arguing.  My usual rule of thumb is if you have to think a long time about it then said player is not a HOFer.  That leads me to the point of the post.  Who is and who isn’t a HOFer?  

The 2012 class includes many legends.  In fact I can’t argue with any of them…expect one.  Cortez Kennedy?  Before I go further let me preface you with why I, as an east coast fan, know anything let alone a lot about a Seattle player.  My uncle, yes my dad’s own flesh and blood, has made a conscious decision to be a Seattle Seahawks fan.  No, he’s never been there.  No he probably couldn’t name the starting team, but he’s a fan.  He’ll tell you about Steve Largent and how great he was.  How Brian Bosworth was the next coming.  Dave Krieg is comparable to Joe Montana….yes he’s that kind of fan. (Remember, none of us can choose our family) 

The reason I bring up Uncle Boomer (names have been somewhat changed to protect the innocent......)  is this…Cortez Kennedy gets a Hall of Fame spot?  For real?  This guy to me is a Jerome Brown wanna be.  God rest his sole but JB would've destroyed this guys career.  You see because Uncle “Boomer” was a Hawks fan, I not only had the chance to follow them but I did watch and pay attention to them more than most East Coast fans.  Cortez was a decent player, don’t get me wrong.  Hall of Fame?  Ehhhh? I’m not so sure.
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  We going stats?  Kevin Greene. Clyde Simmons. Leslie O’neal.  Check the numbers.  Not taking anything from Cortez but still, those cats deserve it more.  Especially Kevin Greene.... WWF career aside.....

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Speaking of deserving players.  Cortez Kennedy makes it but Chris Carter doesn’t?  As far as I’m concerned, Andre Reed, Chris Carter and Tim Brown are in way before Cortez.  Don’t think so?  Check the stats.  Yep, I also expect to see Randy Moss and Terrell Owens there, but I’ll save that for later.  Kevin Greene?  In.  Bill Parcells?  As much as I hate to admit, in.  Cortez?  Great player but Hall of Famer?  Is it possible that people look at his stats and forget he played in Seattle and didn’t “wow” anyone?  Never wowed me.  He was a player at the beginning  of the  ESPN saturation.  Never “wowed” me enough to leave my Eagles.  Maybe my dad instilled enough of his Philly #1 conviction in me?

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Speaking of the Eagles #1 and my father's parenting, I still am biased to my Birds.  Especially those cats from 87-93, you know Gang Green.  The great defensive team that was built by Buddy Ryan.  Hall of famers? I could name a few..... but not all of them.  Randall Cunningham?  Yep.  Check the numbers.  Better than Aikman’s….minus the Super Bowls.  Clyde Simmons?  If Cortez is than yep, Clyde is.  Eric Allen?  In my opinion, yep.  Seth Joyner?  Borderline.  You get the point.  Those teams were good. Don't forget Reggie.......

Hell I think Donovan McNabb gets consideration.  Yes, I know I know.  I drove the McNabb bus since the day he was drafted.  Remember when cats wanted Ricky Williams?  I’d say McNabb had a tad bit better career.  Look at the numbers.  He doesn’t puke in the huddle in Super Bowl 39 he’s a shoe in.  Like I said, you get it.  You can make the argument for a number of former birds.  Unfortunately much like this weekend, as an Eagles fan I’ll spend Super Bowl Sunday wondering what if?  Every year when I see who did make the HOF I have to wonder…

What if those teams from 87-93 had won a playoff game?  Fuck the Fog Bowl.  What if Donovan hadn’t puked? 
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What if I had been born in Pit…ok, that’s it, don’t want to go there….that’s it for today.  Remember the pick is the Patriots because Tom Brady is that damn good.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying despite being a Seahawks fan in Philly, we all love our "Uncle Boomer".  Love to hear my NFL fans' opinion this post.  Is Cortez that good?  Is Chris Carter that bad?  Let me hear it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are You a Cardinal?

The 4 Pack is back.  There’s a few things that I want to get into so I figured today is the perfect time for the first 4 Pack of 2012.
Are You a Cardinal?
(I’m sure this post is going to win me a lot of Catholic fans)  On Tuesday Cardinal Anthony Bevilaqua died in his sleep.  Ordinarily I’d never comment on any type religious related death like this.  Partly because of fear (don’t want to piss the big guy upstairs off) and partly because frankly I just don’t care enough.  This case though really has me irked.  First of all, this man helped to cover up the priest sex abuse scandal.  Bevilaqua was responsible for “shifting” priests accused of molesting kids to other parishes; exposing countless others to these sick pedophiles.  In my opinion there is nothing to “praise” this man for.  He is despicable and should rot in hell along with all of his molesting priest friends.  This leads me to the second thing that irks me.  Just over a week ago, millions were critical of the way Joe Paterno was “crucified” (yes, pun intended) by the media for making “a mistake” in the Jerry Sandusky molestation case.  To me the two are completely unrelated.  Like I stated in this blog before, I am not a Penn St. fan.  However, the fact that I even bring this up is extremely offensive to JoePa and I apologize.  However, it irks me to no end that Paterno was made to be a villain yet Bevilaqua is praised for his “life’s work”.  A life’s work that has fucked up many people’s lives.  I’m not sure what the national coverage of the death of Bevilaqua is but I think it’s utterly ridiculous that just because this man was “holy” he can’t be criticized in death like JoePa?  He endangered far more people than what JoePa did.  It’s a disgrace.

By By By
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I was watching the local news the other day I saw a story about a man and a cab driver who were pulled from the cab and beaten on a crowded Philadelphia street by 3 teenagers.  The man was being interviewed and was talking about the bystander effect.  He questioned how nobody on the street jumped in and helped.  I can answer that very easily.  First, in Philly there have been numerous problems the past couple of years with flash mobs.  People are not jumping in when there could be 100s of other teens hiding, waiting to pounce.  Sorry it’s the truth.  Secondly, it may sound harsh but you never know if the teens have a knife or gun. (The man actually said the same thing)  Again, people have to look out for themselves.  Finally, there have been many cases in which people have intervened and then been sued by the victims, caught a disease from someone involved, or worse.  While it may seem heartless, in this day and age you unfortunately never know what can happen.  Hell, you saw what happened to the gang on Seinfeld.

I’m not Going

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Recently the Boston Bruins were invited to visit the president at the White House in a tradition that dates back to the 1860s when Andrew Johnson would meet with baseball teams.  When the Bruins visited Obama they were without goalie Tim Thomas.  Thomas refused the visit because he feels that the government has grown out of control.  Huh?  This is ridiculous.  I’m all about free speech and standing up for what you believe but seriously Tim?  This was to honor your team’s victory.  This was not about you, it was the about the team.  It just looks bad.  If I was the owner of the team I’d have forced Thomas to go.  There have been many times I’ve been forced to do things while working various jobs that I didn’t want to do.  You are an employee of the Boston Bruins therefore you waive some of your rights when you are “on the clock”.  This was a team function therefore your political thoughts get put to the side.  Besides, the last thing I want to hear is athletes speaking about politics.  Just shut up and play.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is this weekend.  As an Eagles fan I will once again be watching disappointedly.  Making this year’s Super Bowl even more disappointing is the fact that the Eagles hated rivals the Giants are making their 2nd trip in the past 4 years.  They are taking on the New England Patriots, again, for the 2nd time in 4 years.  I’ll watch and honestly really hate that I have to root for one team to win.  Usually I’d say I have the commercials but I got impatient and started watching the leaks on YouTube.  Oh well.  As far as who I think will win the game?  I’m going with the Patriots.  Tom Brady is just too good to lose 2 Super Bowls….especially to the same team.

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That’s it for this week’s 4 Pack.  I was glad to see in the paper today that ex-Philadelphia School District superintendent Arlene Ackerman was denied unemployment today.  As Nelson from the Simpson would say, “HA HA”.  Karma’s a bitch.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying I’ll care about the very poor.