Friday, August 5, 2011

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

What’s everybody?  We are back after a short summer hiatus.  Consecutive bachelor parties in Vegas and Ocean City kind of took up most of my free time.  With that said, I’ve been keeping notes and there are a lot of things to talk about.  The next few posts from me will be of the 4 pack variety.  Since there has been a long break between posts I’ll also give you a bonus to get you ready for the weekend.  So much has gone down.  The Phillies have been on fire.  The Eagles are spending money like it’s their job, oh wait it is.  Somehow I think they are a tad bit jealous of the Phillies and I’m going to say it; Philadelphia has become a baseball town.  Yeah I said it.  The summer is winding down which means school is back soon and hopefully a regular posting schedule.  Let’s get to the 4 pack.

Weekend 4 pack plus a bonus


While sending a text message or personal e-mail I get that people use acronyms for phrases.  In fact it makes sense.  After all who wants to spend an extra 30 seconds typing oh my god when you simply type OMG?  (I hope you get the sarcasm.)  The only thing worse than OMG, LOL, and IDK is when people simply write K.  Seriously?  You can’t type one more letter?  Am I not important enough for your O?  But I digress.  Riding the elevator up to work the other morning I heard the most disturbing thing ever.  Two grown ass woman, who work as professionals none the less, having a conversation that sounded like a text. “OMG, my boss is driving me crazy”  “LOL, what did she do today?”  “IDK, it’s just her whole attitude”.  Luckily for my sanity I got off the elevator before I was subjected to more.  What’s wrong with us as a society?  Are we that lazy that speaking full words is too much effort?  Terrible.  Its bad enough we’re too lazy to type a couple extra letters but now we can’t speak them?  SMH.

Wheels fall off

Chris Wheeler.  What is up with this guy?  Is there a worse announcer in the Phillies broadcast booth?  I know a lot of them are terrible (I personally like Sarge, but I’ll save that for another post) but what does “Wheels” bring to the table.  If you actually listen to him, his baseball knowledge is shaky at best.  He tries to sound smart but that only makes him sound dumber.  He is annoying.  When he does his “color analysis” it sounds like something a 6 year old who just started playing little league would say.  Half the time he contradicts himself or just repeats what the other announcer says, and he states the obvious.  (ex.  After an error or walk, “Didn’t want to do that”)  No shit you didn’t.  What, did you go to the John Madden School of broadcasting?  I get that he has been in Philadelphia forever.  Does that mean he gets a pass?  Nope.  Hang it up Wheels.  You bring nothing to the table, I get more stump the fans questions right than you (and I’m at least half your age), you’re out of touch, nobody likes you, and your hairpiece is horrible.  What am I saying?  I’m officially throwing my hat in the ring to be Chris Wheeler’s replacement.  Anyone?  Beuller?  Beuller?

Queen Arlene

Here’s a newsflash, the Philadelphia public school system is a mess (and that’s an understatement).  Everyone knows that.  My issue is that the superintendent has been getting criticism about how she is running the district.  Sounds fair.  She’s in charge and the district is broke, laying off teachers, she’s getting bonuses while people are losing jobs, etc.  What’s not fair are the jackasses who are saying she is being criticized because she’s black.  What?  Here’s my response to those idiots.  She has done some great things, however she is not doing her job if the district is in that bad of shape.  I know it’s a difficult task but to say she is being criticized because she is black is ridiculous.  These people (the ones who are saying its racism) are one of the big reasons racism still exists.  Many people have fought so black people can have equal rights.  Guess what?  Part of being equal is taking criticism.  So because she is black, the mayor is black, and our president is black, etc. and I’m white, I can’t criticize them for not doing a good job?  So next time Michael Vick throws an interception or Ryan Howard strikes out, I’m not supposed to say anything? Huh?  That’s asinine.  It blows my mind that people are quick to scream racism about everything.  If my students aren’t learning whose fault is it?  Yep, mine. If a company is not performing whose fault is it? The CEO’s.  So when the school district is not performing whose fault is it?  You guessed it.  The superintendent.  It has nothing to do with her skin color.  I know there is racism.  But it’s irresponsible for someone to cry racism every time something or someone gets criticized.  SMH.

Credit Card Debt

I work hard for my money.  I pay my bills one time.  I was in a heap of credit card debt at one point but I worked hard to pay it off.  More and more people are getting in over their heads and then claiming bankruptcy or going through a credit agency that will help “eliminate” some of their debt.  This is bullshit.  Because you spent way too much money you can have your debt magically erased?  What’s my motivation to pay my bills on time then?  Its ridiculous and I never understood it.  When I interned at First USA (which became Bank One and who the hell knows what it is now) I was in the employee communications department.  Part of my job was to explain to employees the incentive programs the bank was running.  Basically First USA was giving these people who were not paying their bills “prizes” for doing so.  What?  You’re rewarding people for doing what they should be doing anyway?  WTF? (Again, being ironic with the acronyms)  Even in school they want us to reward the kids for NOT misbehaving.  This sends the wrong message.  Do I get rewarded for showing up to work on time everyday?  No, I wish.  I’d lead the league in bonuses.  If I show up late will there be a penalty?  You better believe it.  To reward these people for living beyond their means and racking up thousands of dollars of debt is mind blowing.  It’s absolutely terrible and they will probably doing the same thing once their debt is “erased”.  Meanwhile I’m busting my ass to pay my bills.  Where’s my prize????

Poker?  I hardly know her

So Alex Rodriguez is in trouble for playing poker.  So what?  We all play “illegal” poker games.  Are we hurting anyone?  No.  Did A-Rod hurt anyone?  No. (Unless he was up late and it affected his play on the field).  Sure his games were a tad bit more high stakes then yours or mine but so what.  I know it’s illegal to gamble, but who is getting hurt?  It’s a victimless crime much like prostitution.  To even think about suspending him is stupid.  Speeding is a crime.  Do athletes get suspended for speeding tickets?  Not paying child support is a crime (if it’s not it should be) do they get suspended for that?  So you want to suspend A-Rod for poker?  Come on Bud, you have more important things on your plate than if A-Rod is playing poker.  I know he was warned but seriously?  Besides, you have no proof besides some dudes who are coming out and saying it.  They are admitting they committed a crime.  Usually if it was a serious enough crime and someone admitted to it, they’d be locked up.  These people aren’t being locked up, so why the suspension talk?  SMH.

Before we wrap up I wanted to say one thing.  I know Kyle covered this in his last post but the Justin Verlander no hitter fiasco is still irritating me.  Unwritten rules?  I agree with some of them.  However, a guy attempting to bunt for a base hit in a 3 run game during a pennant race while you are throwing a no hitter is not Bush League Ms. Justine.  Had it been 10-0 I’d see your point.  It’s a 3 run game.  Your team only won 3-2 so apparently it sparked something in them.  Had you made a better throw to first maybe you’d have your no hitter.  Just saying.  Wahhhhhh!  Well that’s it for today.  Remember to followe us on Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog I post random thoughts throughout the week.  Also like us on Facebook.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying; Hello?  You play to win the game.


  1. I agree with what u said about credit card debt,that's what wrong with this country a lot of people don't pay there bills! I say take it back to the days of the romans, if you can't pay up than go to jail.

  2. I don't want to defend wheeler but, i have heard at least 5 other teams announcers,and they were all brutal. I agree wheels is bad but believe me it can get a lot worse.

  3. That tool just about ruined Harry's "2008 World Champions of Baseball" call. He is a whole box of tools! What about Franzke and LA? Thank God we have Sarge so we don't have to endure "Wheels" for an entire 9!