Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Jim Thome,

Congratulations on being the 8th person in major league baseball history to hit 600 home runs!! As far as we know, you've done it without the use of steroids or performance enhancing drugs. Throughout your 20 year career, you have played the game with class and have never took the game for granted. You played on those Cleveland Indians teams along with Albert Belle and Manny Ramirez, and you were considered the third wheel on those teams. Consistently, you have put up numbers that are comparable to hall of famers. While those other two fizzled out and were found to use performance enhancers, you have played your career scandal free. You were always considered the next tier of first baseman behind guys like, Rafeal Palmerio, Fred Mcgriff, Mark McGwire, John Olerud, and even Mo Vaughn. In my opinion you are a better player than those players. Your longevity and class has made you an ideal professional athlete. You're not an athlete that has held on too long in order to achieve a milestone. You still bring a great deal to the table and you're still a feared hitter. I want to extend a sincere thank you to you. Throughout the steroid era, you have been one of the few consistent bright spots that the game has had. 600 home runs, 2,260 hits, career batting average of .277, and 1,657 runs batted in, that's a hall of fame career if you ask me. Longevity, consistency and class, those 3 words should be what everyone remembers about you and your career. Your a class act, and hopefully baseball fans will get to see you in Cooperstown someday!!! Again, congratulations on achieving such a great milestone, and thank you for being a great ambassador of the game!!!!!


  1. He's an absolute first ballot hall-of-famer. Thome was a throwback: A big country-boy who ate a ton of red meat and bacon.

    His 600 home runs remain the most legit to me outside of Ken Griffey Jr. You guys were lucky to have him in Philly, and we were terrified of him in Atlanta.