Thursday, August 4, 2011

You got iced......

What's up everybody?? We took some time off and we apologize. Now we're back and better!!

The first thing I want to talk about is the recent baseball game between the Angels and Tigers. I'll give a little back story here. Jared Weaver was the pitcher for the angels and he hangs a breaking ball over the heart of the plate and Magglio Ordonez crushes the ball. Now he stayed at the plate for a few seconds to see if it was fair or foul and it happened to be fair. Seeing this, Jared Weaver thinks he is trying to show him up and gets pissed and says something to the umpire. This next part I love and I appreciate what Carlos Quentin did. In the 7th inning the same thing occurs when Quentin crushes a HR only this time he was trying to show him up and I commend him for that!!! Listen, I'm not saying play the game with no class but, if you're going to get pissed for what you think is someone showing you up, then someone should then show you up to make sure your anger is properly placed!!! Now there are unwritten rules in baseball that most people know about. Two of them were on display in this game. After Quentin purposely showed up Weaver, the unwritten rule says the next batter suffers. Jared weaver threw at the next batter's head and subsequently got ejected, in my opinion rightfully so. Jared weaver, quit bitching like a little girl, you made the pitches, suffer the consequences. If you had struck them out and fist pumped ( not jersey shore like) would that be any different?? NO!!! This is something that constantly bothers me in major league baseball. Since when were pitchers above the game??? Why should they not have trash talk towards them, because they're more important than the hitter?? Last time I checked the game consists of a pitcher throwing a ball in which the batter hits. Pitchers, quit being "not-straight" ( politically correct) and get over it!!!!! After review by the league, Weaver got suspended for 6 games. So Jared Weaver, you get iced!!!!

Recently I was at the beach attending my 4-day weekend of a bachelor party and there were a ton of things that should not happen that took place. A fat guy in a tight, purple, iron man shirt. A fat girl in a tight, purple, iron man shirt. Two guys having a dance off. A 295 pound 5ft- 8in guy who is pastry (play on words) white wearing no shirt. A 295 pound 5ft- 8in girl who is pastry ( same play on words)white wearing no shirt. An extremely feminine guy dancing with girls. An extremely feminine girl dancing with, girls. 14 grown ass men dumping trash cans of ice and playing pranks on the other 2 grown ass men that came with us A grown man wearing a pink shirt, white pants, and white shoes and thought it was awesome. That same guy going around to everyone he saw, handing them a smirnoff ice and yelling to them "you got iced". We established that this was not the proper use of the prank and said person got properly "iced".
All in all there was a ton of stuff I saw that should never happen, but there was one thing that was something you don't see enough of. That's 16 guys that have known each other for about 15 years and still hanging out having a blast!!!!!

I'm Kyle Montgomery and this has been my two cents!!

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