Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekly Annoyances.....

It's the long overdue return of weekly annoyances. It's been a while so if you don't remember, this is where I get off my chest 2 or 3 everyday things that really annoy me and it also gives the readers a different perspective on them. So without further ado.......

Weekly Annoyance #1

The first thing that has annoyed me and continues to annoy me is so called "unwritten" rules in sports. To me I understand etiquette, however, if there was a need for "unwritten" rules to be emphasized, they wouldn't be unwritten!!!!! The most recent incident involving said "unwritten" rules happened over the weekend between the Phillies and Giants. Up 8-2 in the 6th inning, Jimmy Rollins of the phillies stole second base. Apparently this upset members of the Giants and they decided to purposely throw at Shane Victorino. This in my eyes was bullshit!!!! I'm a firm believer in something that was told to me when I played little league. That saying is simply, " if you don't want a team to whoop your ass, do something about it"!!!! This does not mean deliberately throw at someone, it means score enough runs to win, and stop the other team from scoring!!!!! Simple!!! The fact that they are making a huge deal about this is petty. Sports are competitive and to ask professional athletes to "take it down a notch" when you're up 8-2, is complete and total bullshit. That's like asking a lawyer to take it easy on the opposing lawyer because it's their first case!!!!!! Listen, as I said, I'm all for etiquette, but most athletes today are babies and can't take a little trash talk or criticism. So for these so called "unwritten" rules, I got a rule that was told to me as a young kid.... If you can't roll with the big dogs, stay on the porch with the puppies..... Bitch!!!! So to athletes that can't stand to be embarrassed by a superior team and cry about the "unwritten" rules I'm here to tell you..... Knock that shit off!!!!!!!!

Weekly Annoyance # 2

Disorganized people. We all know them. People who say they'll be there at 7 and show up at 8:30 because they can't find their car keys, or wallet. The people that ask where something is even though it's theirs and they were the last ones with it. Those same people that you ask to use something and they have no clue where it is but say they know exactly where it is. The people that make plans, change them, change them again, think about it, then change it back to the original plans. The females that have huge purses, knowing this they just throw their debit cards into the black holes and complain when they can't find them the next time. The people that "organize" things but in actuality it's someone else who planned everything and they just take the credit. These same people that don't realize all of the people they are inconveniencing due to their disorganized lives. Listen I'm not asking you to have everything ironed out perfectly to every waking second, but when there are numerous people involved maybe take their lives into consideration a little bit. Put yourselves in their shoes and then make that decision. Some people will think about it next time they involve other people in their unorganized everyday activities and some people after reading this still won't give a shit. I am speaking for many people that feel like I do when I say this.... The next time you plan something, involve multiple people, and it turns out there is nothing planned, I'm going to be there with plenty of other people to tell you..... Knock that shit off!!!!!!!!

Weekly Annoyance # 3

A few annoyances back I touched on an ugly word that many people hate, "manners". The reason many people hate this word is because it involves them actually using them. These same people who don't partake in using the word, are the first ones to bitch and moan when they do not get treated with those same manners they failed to use. To piggyback off of Jim's previous post, WTF!!!!! You don't use manners, then you want to bitch about how you get treated???? That's kind of like the people who don't work, but then bitch about their free food and free healthcare!!!!! Oh yeah, I went there. If you don't want me to say things like that then do me one favor, PLEASE! The next time you have the chance to use manners, for the love of god use them. Manners are like the "unwritten" rules of the real world. So the next time I hold the door for you, and you don't say thank you, I'll be waiting for you on the way out of that same place to slam the door in your face and to also tell you...... Knock that shit off!!!!!!!!

Make sure you check out more annoyances when I talk about people who wear socks with sandals and those damn plaid shorts!!!!!!!

Until then this is Kyle Montgomery, and this has been my two cents!!!!

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