Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's not a lie, if you believe it........

Recently, I had a discussion involving hypothetical situations to gauge how people would respond when faced with life-changing decisions.

For instance, if you knew your brother/sister was cheating and your brother/sister in-law asked if you knew anything, would you throw your sibling under the bus or stay out of it and plead the 5th?? Would your response change if it was a good friend and another friend? In my opinion, it's not my responsibility to give the bad news it's my sibling's. Plus to be honest, it's not any of my business, so there is no reason for me to get involved. Knowing this, would your decision change if it was your brother/sister in-law cheating and you knew about, would you tell your sibling?? Is the morality of it any different just because it's your family by blood or by marriage?? I don't see it as you're lying in either case, I think it's justifiable to not get involved in other people's issues regardless of knowledge or relationships with those people. If my brother/sister in-law came to me, I would say you need to talk to them. After they did this, if they were satisfied with the answer they received, then what else can I do?? Again, it is none of my business nor is it my responsibility to break that news. I'm sure a great deal of people will agree with me when I say, if you cheat, you deserve what's coming to you, but I won't be the one to hurry that process up!!!!

Here is another thought. If your husband or wife came home and said they had just committed a crime, would you turn them in??? Where do the ethics and morals stop and loyalty comes into play?? I'd have a hard time turning a loved one in for anything. If I was not there, it's justifiable to say I don't know anything, right?? There are people out there that would turn their own blood in if they committed a crime and that floors me. I understand ethical thinking and understanding right from wrong, but trust is essential for families to survive. I'm not saying to test that trust by committing a crime, all I'm saying is maybe ask yourself, "will my brother, sister, mom or dad, turn me in or throw me under the bus, or will they plead the 5th"??? Unless I was physically there when something happens, I won't be saying a word!! Who's to say it actually happened?? If we believe everyone when they say they did something, we'd all be running around scared every day!! Also, if you're one of those people that would throw your family under the bus, you're not as trustworthy as you think you are!! Loyalty is a big word in situations like these and where does yours lie??

I'm not encouraging lying or covering up crimes, I'm just simply encouraging trustworthy people. When you say "I'd take a bullet for so and so", if it meant life or death for you,do you really mean it?? Or, "I'd give you the shirt off my back", if it's raining or snowing, would you?? In my opinion, there a handful of people that I would honestly and truthfully do those things for and I'm happy to say that they know who they are. To me, if my bond is strong enough with these people to do those things, it's also strong enough to "plead the 5th" and not throw them under the bus!!

Think about these situations and give me your responses. I'd like to see how many people will be completely honest or will just respond with what they "think" they'd do!!

This is Kyle Montgomery with my two cents and reminding you all of a great quote in history......

"It's not a lie, if you believe it!!!"


  1. The question assumes by its seriousness that cheating is a big thing. I believe it is so common as to not deserve such an agonizing think.
    I would not say anything to anyone unless I judged the relationship itself a disaster.
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  2. Bru, I have no clue what I would do... hahahaha, great post

  3. Interesting, great ethical questions and each situation requires a unique response. Time to look inward and evaluate your character, along with the persons involved with the infractions.