Thursday, August 25, 2011

What is the Deal, With That?

With a busy long weekend full of Catholic and Indian (from India) wedding celebrating I figured I’d leave you with a 4-pack to get the festivities started.  Not sure what the weekend has in store but with my friend Jay it’s bound to be action packed and crazy fun.  Just an F.Y.I, I was going to do one of the packs of the 4 pack asking what’s the deal with women and weddings and all the fuss they make over them.  It’s something I don’t get and was going to dig into deeper.  After receiving a dirty look that could’ve killed a Tyrannosaurus Rex from Abby, I thought better of it.  So here we go with the Wednesday 4-pack plus a bonus (minus the wedding questions).

Betcha won’t leave your kid in the car

This is something I’ve been meaning to get to for awhile.  Recently in the Philadelphia Inquirer there was an article about the amount of gamblers that were leaving their children in a parked car for hours while gambling at the Parx Casino.  This happened about the 6 times in the past year or something like that.  The article also mentioned that there should be legislation (I’m not sure if this was a separate editorial or not) that fines the casino when parents do this.  I have a huge problem with this.  First of all, under no circumstances should a child be left alone in a car while the parent (or grandparent) gambles.  That’s not what I have a problem with.  My issue is how is this the casino’s problem?  There are thousands of gamblers that do so responsibly on a regular basis.  So because a few idiots can’t control their addiction, the owners of Parx now have to be responsible?  They are providing a service.  Should they be questioning all patrons as to whether or not they have kids in the car?  No.  I know gambling is an addiction and people’s lives can be destroyed because of it.  Does this mean we need to close casinos?  Alcoholism also destroys many lives, do we close bars?  It doesn’t make sense.  I hope the PA State Government gets this right.  

Clothes make the person?

People love fashion and to look good.  Who doesn’t?  What’s the deal with everything having to be name brand though?  I’ve been noticing more and more that it’s not only what you wear but what the tag says.  To me it’s ridiculous.  I’m not saying people shouldn’t care how they look.  What I’m saying is why does my shirt have to be Polo or Abercrombie?  I do 90% of my clothes shopping at Kohl’s.  Kohl’s (here I go with free publicity again) has some very nice looking clothes at ridiculously low prices (especially if you have a charge card).  For the amount of probably one long sleeve dress Polo Shirt I get 4 sometimes 5 or 6 at Kohl’s.  Is that Polo shirt that much better?  No.  They both cost about 50 cents to make in China.  So I need to pay $80 for a guy on a horse?  Stupid.  I’ve been complimented on how I dress many times.  There have also been times I’ve started to be complemented only to have the complimenter turn their nose up because I got it at Kohls.  So basically you telling me you liked my shirt until, upon further review, you saw it didn’t have a guy on a horse on it?  What changed?  I can sew on the horse guy on if it makes you feel better.   I say to each his own but it doesn’t make you a better person to wear a Polo shirt.  If it makes you feel better to do so then you do what you have to do.  What it does make me is smarter because I still look good and have a little bit of extra cash in my pocket.  Just saying.

Real Housewives

The Real Housewives on Bravo (damn, I need to start charging for this shit) has a show in a lot of major cities across the country.  My problem with these “housewives”, yes sadly I’ve seen them all, (although mostly not by choice) is that there is nothing “real” about them.  This people live in fantasy worlds that most of us probably can only dream of living in.  You want to call a show  the Real Housewives?  Let’s make it real.  Show me the housewife who has 3 kids, has a husband who is laid off and is working 2 jobs to make ends meet.  Still takes the kids to soccer and dance then makes dinner and does laundry.  That’s real.  Go into North Philly and show me the single mother of 2 who works 2 jobs to provide for her family.  That’s real.  Not this horseshit on Bravo.  (Although I do enjoy watching NeNe)  Better yet take these so called Real Housewives and put them in the scenarios above and then film it.  Now that’s real.  Don’t let them wear Polo either.

Quarterback Tiers

Football season is right around the corner and people of all knowledge and skill levels are preparing for their fantasy football drafts.  If you’ve ever played you know there are tiers that the players fall into.   This means tier 1 is the very best, tier 2 the next best, etc.  On Mike and Mike (I hate when Howard Stern is on vacation) they were discussing quarterback tiers, non-fantasy.  Meaning how do the quarterbacks stack up in real life.  Some of the better fantasy QBs aren’t necessarily some of the best QBs when it comes to leading a team.  I’m anxious to hear what your thoughts are.  Here are my tiers.  Again this is not fantasy but real life.

Tier 1 – Peyton Manning, Tom Brady 
Tier 2 – Phillip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger 
Tier 3 – Michael Vick, Matt Schaub, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Eli Manning

Again, love to hear your thoughts.  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Remember this is not based on fantasy football.  This is based on who the best QBs are in the league.  I’ll wait for the comments to roll in.


Ding Dong the witch is dead.  For those of you who are loyal readers, you know that I wasn’t a big fan of former CEO/Superintendent of the Philadelphia School District Arlene Ackerman.  Well for those who haven’t heard, she was relieved of her duties (after receiving a pretty nice severance package).  At this point I won’t pile on.  I do have to say it’s time for Mayor Nutter, city council and the PA state legislature to step up and do the right thing.  Hire someone who can fix the broken district.

That’s all for tonight.  Time to prepare for a weekend of celebrating.  I’ll try to post some pictures of the Indian ceremony.  I’m anxious to see what it’s all about.  Also I hope all our East Coast followers stay safe with Hurricane Irene poised to hammer the Eastern seaboard.  Remember to like us on Facebook and tell your friends about us.  @Obs_Views_Blog on Twitter.  Be sure to leave a comment.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying I’m 2/3 of the way towards hitting my natural disaster pool......come on volcano eruption in Delaware!!!

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