Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun Facts

With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, let’s take a look at some Thanksgiving fun facts: 

1.        Thanksgiving was declared a national Holiday in 1941

2.       Ben Franklin wanted the Turkey to be our national bird

3.       Turkeys can have heart attacks

4.       Thomas Jefferson was opposed to the idea of Thanksgiving

5.       20% of cranberry consumption happens on Thanksgiving

6.       Turkey, TX, Turkey Creek, LA and Turkey, N.C. are real places

7.       After winning at Saratoga, all 13 colonies observed Thanksgiving for the first time in 1777

8.       Minnesota has the most turkeys living there of any state

9.       91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving

10.   Owner George Richards decided to have the Detroit Lions play on Thanksgiving as a way to get more people into the stadium.  They played for the first time in 1934.


11.    A jive turkey is also known as a bullshitter

Well that’s all for today.  I assure that the above facts are true because I’m no jive turkey.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying Happy Thanksgiving and we are thankful for all of our loyal readers.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sorry, It's Occupied

A lot has been said recently about the Occupy movements, even on this blog.  As I’m watching the news this morning it hit me that these people have lost their minds.  I’ve said before they have every right to protest and more power to them.  I even agree with some of what they are saying, just don’t protest everything all at once.

 I saw that the some people of Occupy Philly are giving the mayor a hard time because he has asked them to move their protest due to a planned construction project at City Hall.  Hmmmm….isn’t one of the things your protesting; lack of jobs?  Explain to me how not moving helps.  This is giving people jobs you dopes.  I don’t get it.   I guess they are protesting common sense?  #Occupy the Wizard of Oz to get a brain.

It seems that the whole Occupy movement has jumped the shark.  For those that don’t know, jump the shark basically means when something has reached it’s height of popularity and has no place to go but down.  It comes from an episode of Happy Days, when Fonzie literally jumped over a shark on water skis. 

Why do I say that the Occupy movement has jumped the shark?  First of all, up at
Occupy Wall Street
the people are getting pissed because the city has asked them to move so they could clean up.  Huh?  This is insane.  #Occupy Sanitary Conditions!  That will show them.  It’s just getting clearer that a lot of these people have no idea what they are protesting or even why they are there in the first place.  They are protesting anything they can. 

Courtesy of
In Philly there are people getting raped in the “Tent Cities”.  Come on.  This isn’t a bit overboard?  #Occupy Occupy Philly?  Since our beloved Eagles are tanking horribly there have been calls to #Occupy Nova Care Complex (their practice facility) until Andy Reid is fired.  It appears that everyone in our country feels the need to protest anything and everything, hence making the entire Occupy movement jump the shark.  I wonder if this movement was around back in the 70s and 80s, if there would have been an #Occupy  Happy Days movement???  After they jumped the shark obviously....

This got me thinking.  I’m over leaving for work at 7 a.m.  #Occupy mornings!  Better yet, let’s march to the sun and camp out until it agrees to come out later in the day.  #Occupy the Sun!  What if Christians grew tired of the commercialism of Christmas?  It is after all Jesus’s birthday.  Let’s go #Occupy the North Pole.  Down with Santa and the deplorable working conditions of his elves.  It rained on my day off.  #Occupy Mother Nature.  Damn her greed!  She should give me a nice day when I’m off.  I can’t believe I got stuck in traffic on
Kelly Drive
this morning due to construction.  #Occupy Traffic Construction.  Damn those bastards. 

Well you get the point.  I know it seems ridiculous but as ridiculous as not moving your campsite so somebody can clean up your shit or complete a construction job? (and get paid for it by the way, so not moving is actually costing jobs, you hypocrites!)

Well just something to think about.  The Occupy movement has made it’s point but like most things it’s time for it to end.  When people are protesting by living in shit you’ve lost me.  If you want to Occupy something how about #Occupy Obstructed Views?  We sure could use the traffic to the site, and we won’t make you move to clean up your shit.  At least they're not #Occupying Michael Vick anymore…..  Until next time this is Jimbo saying #Occupy your brain.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fun with Names

It’s been a busy and heavy news week.  In honor of Veteran’s Day, I wanted to have a little fun with names.  I’ve listed my top 10 military related nicknames.  Most deal with sports.  Let me know if you have any better.  Be sure to leave a comment.  Most importantly hug a veteran.  Thank you to all those that served and are currently serving.

10.  Gary “U.S.” Bonds -  R & B Singer

9.  “Pistol” Pete Maravich – NCAA and NBA basketball player

8.   “The Polish Rifle” Ron Jaworski – NFL Player and ESPN analyst

7.  Sergeant Slaughter – G.I. Joe character and Professional Wrestle

6.  “Sarge” Gary Mathews – MLB player

5.  Tank Johnson – NFL Player

4.  “The Admiral” David Robinson – NBA Player

3.  “The General” Bob Knight – NCAA Basketball Coach

2.  “The Missile” Qadry Ishmail

1.  Major Harris – NCAA, NFL, and CFL Player

Those are the names I have.  Please leave a comment of any that are better.  Again, thanks to all those who have or are currently serving to protect our freedom.  Happy Veteran’s Day.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying Support our Troops.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fantasy vs. Reality

As I’m settling into my seat at the Linc this past Monday night to watch the debacle that was the Eagles vs. Bears game, I had a lot on my mind.  First off this was a huge game for my beloved Birds.  A loss could be devastating.  Obviously I had the thought of “Ugh, a Monday night game.  That means Tuesday is going to blow.”  Finally my other favorite football team was engrossed in a fierce battle with a division rival.  The Philadelphia CoalCrackers were down 7 points to the BallzBusters.  Yes, the Crackers are my fantasy football team. 


There are actually 3 CoalCrackers teams (Varsity, JV, and Freshman – the levels are based on how much money I paid to join each league).  The JV and Freshman squads had already won their respective games on Sunday but the varsity team had to wait until Monday night.  Therein lies the problem. 

Ordinarily being down 7 points heading into the Monday Night Football game and still having Matt Forte left to play would allow me to go to bed at halftime knowing that the Crackers had pulled off a fantasy sweep.  The problem with this game is that Matt Forte was playing against my Eagles AND I would be in attendance.  Obviously there’s a dilemma. 

On one hand obviously I want my REAL football team to beat the Bears.  I paid a lot of money for my season tickets and I definitely don’t want the money to go to waste.  One way for them to win would be to shut down Matt Forte.  As I stated before, a loss could spell the end of the Eagles season.  On the other hand, I paid a lot of money to participate in this fantasy football league (hence the Varsity title).  The Varsity CoalCrackers were 3-5 and playing the Least Division leading Busters.  A loss would as well be devastating to the Crackers 2011 playoff hopes.  3-6 is a tough hole to climb out of. 

So what am I to do?  Do I root with my heart for the Eagles to shut down Matt Forte and ultimately win the game?  Or do I possibly root for Forte to get me my 8 points needed for the victory?  This is enough to make even the sanest person go insane.  After much deliberation, I decided I can do both.  Why can’t Forte run for 40 yards and a touchdown?  That would allow the Eagles to win (and contain Forte) while also allowing the Crackers to win.  Problem solved….or so I thought. 

At halftime I asked a friend of mine to check to see how many yards that Forte had.  (You see I have an Android…great phone but crappy battery life but I digress)  Big mistake.  I had a few people (none from my group) unload on me.  Saying things like “I could careless about fantasy, I’m an Eagles fan and that’s all that matters”, “I can’t believe you’re actually worried about Forte, the Birds are losing” “How about living in reality, this is the season” or my personal favorite “I can’t even believe you’re an Eagles fan right now”. (Very Avantesque)

Now a few years ago I would’ve taken great offense to this and probably have introduced those guys to my right hand.  That was then.  Monday I just laughed it off and reveled in the fact that Forte scored me the points I needed to win for the Crackers Trifecta.  Too bad the Birds couldn’t hold on.  That would’ve been the icing on the cake.  It did get me thinking however.  This was not the first nor will it be the last time that fantasy football interferes with my real life rooting interests.  I think I handled this situation perfectly.  You root for your fantasy player to get the points you need while still rooting for your team to win the game.  Yes I love my Birds but I also like the green stuff that goes in my wallet as well.  The guys in front of me seemed to disagree.  I want to hear your thoughts on this.  Leave a comment with either a similar story or your opinion on what the proper protocol is. 

That’s all for today.  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  Follow us on Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying It’s just a sweet, sweet fantasy…..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"And down goes Frazier"......

It's a sad day to be a sports fan as we learn of the death of a true sports and boxing legend in "Smokin" Joe Frazier. He died Monday night after a breif battle with liver cancer. Growing up, it was hard to acknowledge the true greatness of Joe Frazier because my dad was the biggest  Muhammad Ali fan ever. He used to tell us of the classic boxing matches that Frazier and Ali had and still says that sports will never see another rivalry like it ever again in any sport. I bought my dad an autographed boxing glove from the infamous third fight from this rivalry, the "Thrilla in Manilla". It was one thing that it was autographed by his favorite boxer in Ali, but it meant much much more that it was also signed by Frazier. Some may say that they were the yin to each other's yang when it comes to the competitive spirit.

Everyone seemed to love Ali and he was the self proclaimed "Greatest of Al Time" because he had a great deal of charisma and people loved what he had to say. From a true boxing standpoint, Ali had great skills but just like any rivalry, you are not your best without that other person to push you to that limit and force the best out of you. That is what Frazier did. Joe Frazier was small in stature but packed a mean punch. He was a similar version of Rocky because unlike Ali, the general public could relate to him. Ali seemed like a movie star at points and almost larger than life. When the two met for the first time in Madison Square Garden,
Joe Frazier had to throw his greatest punch to knock down "The Greatest." A vicious left hook from Frazier put Ali on the canvas in the 15th round. Frazier became the first man to beat Ali in the "Fight of the Century" .
My father still talks about not only how shocking this event was, but it seemed to break his heart similar to how my brother and I felt three straight years after the NFC Championship games!!!! One thing was for sure, there was not only a new found respect for him from the fans, but no matter what Ali said in interviews and press conferences, he also had a new found respect for Joe Frazier. I always knew a great deal about Muhammad Ali because he is/was my dad's favorite athlete, but never knew nearly as much about Frazier until I got older and did some research about this great rivalry. I'm sure everyone has heard about the Thrilla in Manilla and this fight seemed to sum up this rivalry to the fullest.
The two fighters gave it all they had like they did the two fights prior, and nobody in the world was left disappointed. Frazier lost 2/3 fights to Ali in this epic rivalry but many people will say that Ali would not have had the success he did without being pushed and pursued by the ever determined Frazier. Joe Frazier was not the biggest fighter as the world saw in his fight against a much larger George Foreman who simply destroyed him, knocking him down six times in the first 2 rounds of their fight. One thing is for sure, no fighter ever had more heart than Smokin Joe! The ability to stand up for yourself no matter what people are saying about you is something to admire, and Joe Frazier had that special ability. Muhammad Ali would turn the media against Frazier during the times leading up to their fights calling him an "uncle Tom" and "your parents champ", but all Frazier did was take it like a man and do most of his talking in the ring.

It is tough to imagine that the great Joe Frazier will no longer be making cracks about Ali and their epic fights, but as they say, all great things must come to an end. It is inevitable that Ali will join his rival someday wherever they may go after here and I'm sure there will be a 4th fight. As I pay my respect to one of the greatest boxers to ever lace the gloves, I must say that I am without a doubt a Muhammad Ali fan to my core, but as a sports fan I realize that without Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali is not the "greatest of All Time"!!! As with any great duo, Abbot and Costello, peanut butter and jelly, or even Bert and Ernie, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier will ever be linked because of the great rivalry they had together. They gave the world of boxing something to always cherish and remember throughout the history of the sport and as sports fans we may never see anything like it again. The heart of Joe Frazier will not and can not ever be questioned. Frazier was a true inspiration to not just boxing fans but all sports fans alike. It's hard to imagine that one half of arguably the greatest individual rivalry in all of sports history will no longer be with us. Joe Frazier personified the "fighting" spirit of the city he embraced as a teenager and will forever be linked to the "fighting" city of Philadelphia. Boxing lost a great ambassador, sports lost a great legend. So here is to you Smokin Joe, you are truly a legend and an inspiration to anyone, not just sports fans, and you will always be remembered as a true "fighter" and may you forever rest in peace my friend!!!

This is Kyle Montgomery, and this has been my two cents!!
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Monday, November 7, 2011

WE ARE…Disgusted and Sickened!!

As I'm finishing up work today and getting ready to head to tailgate the Eagles vs. Bears game, I check my e-mail and see a message from a great friend and loyal reader of Obstructed Views; Mark Jakatt.  Mark is/was one of the biggerst Penn State football fans I know.  It has been impossible to miss the sickening story that is coming out of Happy Valley the past few days.  As Kyle and I are not the biggest PSU supporters (Go Blue!), we were no doubt both going to give our opinions eventually.  What Mark left me in my e-mail was a well written and heartfelt account about his feelings on the case.  Kyle and I decided that what better person to address this situation than a PSU fan themselves.  So please enjoy Mark's take on this and all 3 of us can't wait to hear your comments.

On a week of college football when PSU is on a bye, football fans and PSU fans alike woke up expecting to hear little about the program.  Instead, a nuclear bomb of a legal action was dropped on everyone with details of a grand jury investigation against Jerry Sandusky and decades…yes, DECADES of child abuse, child molestation, rape and who else knows the evils that this man allegedly committed that our legal system hasn’t even put a criminal charge to yet.  The world of college football, Penn State University as a whole, and the collective alumni/fans/supporters/boosters lives from this point on, will forever be marred.  Take a good look at the picture folks…if even a sliver of the allegations are true, you are looking into the face of pure evil.

Let me take a quick second to explain who I am.  Yes, I am not your friendly neighborhood Montgomery, I am just an avid reader of their thoroughly entertaining blog, as well as a friend to the fellas.  I am also a loyal PSU football fan, ever since I was 13 and my big sister was accepted into the university.  I have spent the last 5-10 years having “discussions” with Jim and Kyle and anyone else who has come at me, concerning PSU and specifically, JoePa’s future with the program.  Especially as of recent, I have always been in the position of completely defending the universities decision to keep such an aging and seemingly, less effective coach in charge of their program.  However, yesterday when faced with my absolute disgust and embarrassment of these allegations towards Mr. Sandusky, JoePa and the University…I have been forced to remember the fact that above any football loyalty, I am a father, husband and a human being first and foremost.  So for the remainder of this blog, I would like to comment on three things…Jerry Sandusky, the alumni, and lastly JoePa and the University.

Listening to sports radio this morning, I have to first make the obvious statement that myself, and we as the public should…SHOULD, hasten our judgments until all of the facts and circumstances have been presented.  The court of public opinion is ruthless and unforgiving for even the slightest of infractions; however, that being said, there is honestly little I could hear about this case that would even begin to heal my absolute disgust and hatred for any of what transpired at the University over the past couple of decades.  I would love to be objective and “see if it’s true or not,” but a grand jury is not formulated and charges of this caliber are not thrown around lightly without definitive evidence of wrong doing.  And these are not charges where the degree of severity needs to be brought into play. 

For instance, a guy gets caught stealing bread for his family…ok he stole, but for a worthy cause so you can at least understand.  The molestation and rape of children, in ANY degree is the act of pure remorseless evil that if there is such a thing as hell, I hope the deepest darkest levels are reserved for perpetrators of such heinous acts.   These kids were already disadvantaged, looking for anyone to call friend/mentor/father figure and these allegations suggest that Mr. Sandusky preyed and violated these kids for over two decades.  I do not have the words harsh enough for a person that does such things. 

  I have participated in the big brother/sister program and have seen firsthand the solidarity and normalness these kids feel when they find someone to just call them friend.  I found myself driving this morning fantasizing what I would do to this man if my son was one of his victims and I found myself most comfortable with the idea of me being Bruce Willis in that opening scene of Sin City where he “then takes away both of his weapons” and shoots the child molester in the balls.  If even a sliver of these allegations are true, Mr. Sandusky is the lowest form of life I can imagine that deserves no pity, no understanding, no second chances…I think the character Carl Lee Hailey played by Samuel L. Jackson in A Time to Kill put it best “Yes he deserves to die, and I hope he burns in hell!!”I will be paying close attention to this legal process hoping and praying our legal system works as the way it was intended to work…if even just this once, justice needs to be administered correctly and thoroughly. 
Secondly, I heard many PSU alumni calling into the radio this morning speaking of pride in their university stating that PSU is more than just the football program.  To that I can only drop my jaw in astonishment.  I am not a PSU alumnus, I am merely a football fan, and even I am severely embarrassed of myself for being a fan, let alone part of the PSU family.  To anyone of you alumni who feels misplaced pride, I ask that you take a second to realize that these allegations will not only rock the Universities football program down to its core, but will also severely shake up the entire Universities administration, faculty, students; the entire town will be changed from this.  We are not talking about players being paid and the coaches and the university covering it up…we are talking about criminal actions of molestation and rape being covered up by EVERYONE who makes the decisions at your University.
Let’s also be clear, this has been going on for decades…IN the athletic department facilities.  Yes, decades…which means at 13 years of age when I was making my stake and claim as a PSU football fan, there very well may have been a boy my age, trapped in the shower with Mr. Sandusky being forced to perform unspeakable atrocities.  I think about that and tremors shake down my spine.  I applied to two Universities back in high school, PSU and Drexel…I ultimately chose Drexel, but I am sure if I was looking at Universities today, these allegations would factor into my decision to apply to PSU.  If these allegations are true, this man has forever tarnished your beloved PSU…from the football program down to the students…the entire reputation of that school will be “asterisked”.  There are going to be many people like me who will walk around feeling like the “Aint’s” fans of old, except that none of this shame is sports performance related.

Lastly, JoePa…there is no way to get past your inevitable fall from grace.  To quote a caller I heard this morning on the radio, who was quoting a line from the Dark Knight “you either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain.”  No blasphemy intended here to any of you religious folks reading this, but Joe Paterno was considered nothing short of a football God.  He truly is, one of, if not THE greatest college football head coach of all time…or should I say was. 

Not last week Thursday, I had a discussion at a bar between two knuckleheads claiming that JoePa should retire, and even though PSU was 8-1, they are the weakest 8-1 team in football.  I argued my usual point that a living legend leaves the program he built, when he’s damn good and ready to leave…especially when the current team is ranked in the top 15.  What a difference a week makes.  It’s over with me, I now officially have joined the haters…Joe must go.  But what brings a tear to my eye is that it is COMPLETELY unrelated to college football. 

Again, IF the allegations towards Mr. Sandusky are true…there is no way in my heart of hearts that I believe JoePa knew nothing about it.  And even when he did find out about it, and allegedly reported it to the Athletic Director…there is no way I can forgive JoePa for allowing Mr. Sandusky back into any building at Penn State.  This guy was allegedly molesting and raping children in the athletic facility showers and you know nothing about it?  One of your own staff members’ witnesses an act and you allow him anywhere near the program?  Completely unforgivable Joe!  Any action other than immediate expulsion from the University and alerting the authorities is wrong.  Look at what your program will become due to your inability to act accordingly Joe?  Look at what your reputation will become due to your inability to do everything in your power to keep this alleged monster from coming within miles of another child?  Shame on you sir…if the allegations are true, you are a disgrace to all of humanity the same way those German people who “turned their eyes away” to the Nazi atrocities of the past were.  To see or have knowledge of such an outrageous crime and do nothing to prevent it just sickens me. 

Every child harmed after you found out Joe is as much on your souls conscious as it is the rest of the parties involved.  You could have stopped it, you are Joe MotherFu**ing Paterno for petes sake…PSU is your University…you could have stopped it.  The line is drawn in the sand Joe, and if the allegations are true…I do not want to be on the side where you stand.  There is right, and there is wrong…and everyone who knew about this and did nothing, needs to be held accountable in a court of law before they are held accountable by their maker.  You and everyone involved who did nothing to stop this monster has brought shame and dishonor to every man, woman and child who ever loved the University or the football program.  It is time for you to fall on your sword Joe and retire from the program…especially since if the allegations are true, I foresee you doing your fighting in a courtroom rather than the football field.
This is Mark Jakatt, and…WE ARE…I…am embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed of PSU.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Boo Hoo

Jason Avant doesn’t want any Eagles fans jumping on the bandwagon right now.  He looks at Eagles home games as away games and enjoys when the fans boo.  He wants people to talk bad about him and the Eagles.  Seriously?  Sounds like a spurned ex to me.  What the hell is he talking about?  When questioned about the comments he made after the Cowboys game last week he did not apologize.  He also said that this is America and he is entitled to his opinion and that he takes “offense” to signs about firing his coach. 

As most Eagles fan I’m extremely offended at his comments.  I like Jason Avant.  As a Michigan fan I knew the Eagles were getting a solid player.  Right now it appears that like most professional athletes, he is completely clueless about his fan base and his job as a professional athlete.  Does he not realize that without those “bandwagon” fans he has nothing?  Does he not realize that we spend our hard earned money to watch him play a game?  We invest countless hours of time and pour our energy and emotion to support “his” team?  Jason did get one thing right; it is America and he is entitled to his opinion.  Other than that he comes off as a complete douchbag.  First of all Mr. Avant, it is America and while you’re entitled to your opinion so am I.  So is every other Eagles fan.  That’s the beauty of living in America.  

To call Eagles fans “bandwagon” is way off base.  Jason, had you done a little research you’d know that the last time these “bandwagon” fans saw a championship was 1960.  That was a mere 23 years before you were even born.  I have never seen a championship, yet I shell out my money for season tickets, parking, concessions, merchandise, etc. every year.  We sell out the stadium game in and game out no matter how good or bad the team is.  There is never an issue with games getting blacked out on TV or having more opposing fans in the stadium than hometown ones.  Jason forgive me, if when the so called “dream team” is playing like shit I decided I want to boo and express my displeasure.  Forgive me if when a team that has Super Bowl expectations is 1-4, I’m not happy and drinking the “green Kool-Aid”.  My bad if when you and your teammates are blowing 4th quarter leads I’m not patting you on the back saying come on guy, you can do it.  Not going to happen.  You want that?  Go to Miami or Arizona…oh wait, there’s probably more Eagles fans in those crowds.

How am I on the bandwagon when 2 weeks later you’re 3-4 and I’m cheering for you?  As a fan that is my right.  I can cheer and boo whenever I feel.  Hell if I want to play Angry Birds in my seat instead of watching the game, that’s my prerogative.  I really don’t care if you’re upset with fans.  I don’t care if you’re feelings are hurt.  Suck it up and get over it.  While you’re bitching about “bandwagon” fans, we are out working hard to make money so we can attend the next home game.  I’ve said it many times before, but we were here long before you and will be long after you.

That’s the key right there.  We are paying customers and we deserve a quality product for our money.  If I go to Shoprite and buy some bad milk, I am going to just deal with it?  No.  I’m going back to Shoprite and getting better milk.  Unfortunately with our sports teams we don’t get that luxury.  What we do is the next best thing; we boo.  We’re going to let you know we are unhappy with the product we are given.  Most of us fans don’t have millions of dollars, so to spend $70 + for just a ticket on game day is a pretty big investment.  Again, you don’t want to be booed?  Get another job.  I wouldn’t be a teacher if I hated kids.

It blows my mind that guys like Avant and Jimmy Rollins are so quick to call out fans for behaving in a way that they disagree with.  Guess what guys?  You don’t want fans to boo?  Don’t play like shit.  For all that is said about Philly fans one thing that gets lost is that while we may be tough, we’re not unintelligent.  We’re not na├»ve enough to think that our teams will go undefeated.  All we ask is that you play with the passion and desire that we bring game in and game out.  We want you to give maximum effort.  Jason, you fumble the ball on a potential game tying drive or tip the ball up for an interception on another, we’re going to be pissed.  Sure things like that happen but they are fundamental football skills you learn in Pop Warner.  As Americans we have the right to express our displeasure.  Are we to just say oh well and let it go?  No.  We boo, express our displeasure, remain miserable for a few days and then begin to look forward to the next game.  Perhaps if you were focusing more on not fumbling or tipping a ball that was intercepted, you wouldn’t get booed.  Just a thought.

That’s all for today.  Hopefully Jason Avant can use his “anger” at the Philly fans to motivate him to continue to play better.  Maybe not.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying Booooooooooooo.  Remember to follow on Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog