Saturday, October 22, 2011

Be My Guest

Back in June when Kyle and I launched Obstructed Views we had no idea what we were doing.  (whether or not we do now or not is still debatable but I digress)  All we knew was we both loved to write and obviously have strong opinions and a lot to say.  Ideally we’d love to turn it into something we could make a few bucks off of and possible parlay into other ventures.  However, like anything else you want in life, it takes a lot of patience and hard work.  

Having a love for writing but not much knowledge of the blogosphere we have done a lot of research and Obstructed Views is still a work in progress.  Through blogging groups on LinkedIn, we’ve met a lot of talented and amazing people in very similar situations.  We all work together and support one another.  One of those people is Nikki Hoskin who runs a few different blogs.  Nikki has reached out to us to be a guest blogger on her Thoughts from the Underground blog.  We were ecstatic.  

She asked me to write about Occupy Wall Street, so I happily obliged.  You can check out that post here: Occupy This.  Please take the time to not only read our post but check out Nikki’s other posts and follow her blog like you do with ours.  She is very talented and is in the same boat as us.  My hope is that this is the start of great partnership that will help all of us immensely. 

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