Monday, October 10, 2011

Eulogy of the "Dream Team"

(The following is a Eulogy for the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles with quotes from Julius Caesar spattered throughout….not very coherently but Shakespearian none the less.)

Friends, Philadelphians, Eagles Fans.....
Friends, Philadelphians, Eagles fans, lend me your ears; I come to bury the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles, not to praise them.  As the seconds ticked off the clock in Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday, it became perfectly clear that this team is dead.  Sure, there are 11 games left and this still remains a talented team; but for all intents and purposes, this season is over.  The so called “Dream Team” played more like a nightmare through the first 5 games of this season.  There have been 100 teams that have started 1-4 since 1990 (a fact that fans were reminded of repeatedly during the broadcast).  Of those 100 teams only 5 have made the playoffs.  5 out of 100.  Not even the most degenerate gambler would take those odds.  So here we sit having just buried our “can’t lose” baseball team, mourning the loss of our overhyped football team.  If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.

Hey guys, remember me?
The “Dream Team”.  Sure it was a quote said in jest by a backup quarterback that may or may not have been taken out of context.  We all bought into the hype.  We thought we had a Super Bowl contender. Are we just as much to blame for the pain we feel?  We are here with heavy hearts but why? You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!  O you hard hearts, you cruel fans of Philadelphia, knew you not Rich Kotite?

I'm in over my head
How did this happen?  What went wrong?  We could go back and forth but there’s one thing for sure; it starts with the coaching staff.  Let’s start with defense.  Could Juan Castillo be out of his element?  Is it possible he is just a figure head?  Defensive line coach Jim Washburn likes to run the now infamous “wide 9”.  Is this truly Castillo’s defense? Or is Washburn pulling the strings behind the scenes. In theory the Wide 9 is not a bad defense.  In Philly it hasn’t worked due to the Eagles ineptitude at linebacker.  The front office put their faith in Casey Mathews who is very undersized for a linebacker.  He has proven that it takes more than a famous bloodline to be successful in the NFL.  The other linebackers shall remain nameless basically because they are just that; nameless.  The Eagles defense has been run over by Cadillac Williams, Steven Jackson, Michael Turner, Frank Gore and Fred Jackson like Bo Jackson would run over people in Tecmo Bowl.  The wide 9 has been a big bust, but for my own part, it was Greek to me.  (and apparently to the Eagles defense as well).
The secondary was supposed to be the strength on this defense.  With all the hype behind signing Nnamdi Asomugha and trading for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie along with Pro Bowler Asante Samuel, why not?  Well 3 interceptions, missed tackles too numerous to count, and an NFC leading 11 passing touchdowns given up is hardly “dream team” worthy.  Andy Reid and the defensive coaching staff have outthought themselves.  Yond, Andy Reid used to have a lean and hungry look; such men are dangerous.  Now, he just looks befuddled….and hungry; those men are not. 

Time for a divorce?
Speaking of Andy, he’s still up to his same old shenanigans.  When is he finally going to “do a better job of getting his players ready”?  It’s been 13 years and it’s still the same old song.  After every game it’s the same thing.  It’s time to end this 13 year marriage.  Someone’s head needs to roll and it has to be Andy’s.  Who else has a say in the play calling, personnel decisions, game management, and getting the player’s prepared for game day?  Yep, Andy Reid.  Men at some time are masters of their fates: The fault, dear Andy, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.  You’ve had your chance.  The time to move on is now.  Time’s yours…..

Finally, the offensive “stars” are not without fault here either.  The Eagles defense is not the only part of the team doing their best Tecmo Bowl impersonation.  The offensive line at times has looked like when you call the right play on defense in Tecmo Bowl and the entire defense is in the backfield.  There is no excuse to allow the defense in the backfield before the quarterback can hand the ball off.  Michael Vick is taking a ton of hits.  Not all of them are the fault of the Swiss cheese offensive line. There have been times that Vick has simply held on to the ball too long.  Is it because he can’t read the defense?  Is it that the receivers are not getting open?  Who knows but something is wrong.  Shady McCoy has done well running the ball but is it because he’s running for his life?  This was the noblest Eagle of them all.

Finally our playmakers are not making the plays.  Perhaps they are trying too hard.  There is no excuse for a -10 turnover ratio on a “Dream Team”.  Whether it's fumbles, tipped balls that lead to interceptions, interceptions or dropped balls; the playmakers are not making the plays.  Even the sure handed Jason Avant is turning the ball over despite having a career year.  Et tu, Jason!  So my fellow Eagles fans I stand before you today to say goodbye.  Goodbye to the hopes of winning Super Bowl 46.  

Thanks to all of our loyal readers.  Remember Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog and Facebook.  Also find me on LinkedIn (Jim Montgomery).  Until next time this is Jimbo saying; Bear with me; my heart is in the coffin there with the Eagles season, and I must pause till it come back to me.  2012 is another year……


  1. It's not time to bury them yet. 9-7 gets a wildcard in the NFC. I don't think you guys are done. It's close, but with the Falcons and Bucs not as good as we thought, you guys have a shot to sneak in to the 6 spot.

    That being said, the Vick thing is not unexpected. He has never been adept at reading defenses or avoiding turnovers. Last year was a fluke. A beautiful fluke, but a fluke nonetheless. He's going to gain a ton of yards, take a ton of hits, bring a ton of excitement, but he's not winning you the Super Bowl.

    Neither is Andy Reid, but you've known this for years...

  2. Sorry about your Eagles, but you could just have easily written your eulogy for our Vikings this year! We did win our last game and it was an exciting game, but I'm afraid I may still have to switch my allegiance to the Packers just for this year.