Friday, October 7, 2011

Philly Sports Quick Hits

Just wanted to clean up some things that have been on my mind the past couple of weeks as the Phillies prepare for game 5 of the NLDS.  When we got our playoff tickets and I saw that we had game 5 I didn’t think there was any chance we’d see the game, now we will be there.  While it’s only the NLDS it still will be pretty cool to see an elimination game.  Let’s just hope it’s the Cardinals that get eliminated.

Eagles Fans

At last week’s game I witnessed why some Eagles fans get a bad rep for being jerks and starting fights.  First let me preface this by saying that I do like to go back and forth and bust balls with opposing team’s fans.  I did this during the 49ers game.  I had some fun ribbing the Niners fan with the old school Starter jacket and his friend “Jerry Rice” (the dude looked like Jerry Rice’s brother).  They loved it as well and gave it back to me as the Eagles were in the midst of blowing a 20 point lead.  They both agreed that it’s part of the experience.  After it was over we shook hands, I told them congrats and I walked to the subway station.  No harm no foul, it’s all a part of the game.  I do see some fans take it to the extreme.  I’ve seen fans throw things, pour beer, and get into actual fist fights.  To me this is insane.  I pay way too much for my tickets to risk losing them.  I do have to say that things like these do not happen as often as the media would like you to think.  For the most part the games aren’t that bad.  It’s just the media hyping it because some guys much older than my dad booed Santa Claus.
Ho, Ho, Boo
Back to last week.  This is the second week in a row that I saw opposing fans instigating fights with Eagles fans. (the week before was against the Giants).   These opposing fans were doing a lot more than “friendly” banter. I did see fans of the Niners and Giants get the shit kicked out of them after egging the fan on.  I’m not condoning violence but whether at a game or not if you start messing with someone that has been drinking all day you’re pretty much playing with fire.  You know what to expect.  The media doesn’t report this though.  All you hear is about how bad Philly fans are and how they go looking for fights.  Not always the case.  Say what you want but nobody in Philly has ever thrown a banana peel at a black player, never attacked an umpire, or a base coach for that matter.  We get judged for the actions of a few idiots.  Every team has those assholes as do we.  Just do me a favor and don’t judge us all on the actions a few.

 Ryan Howard
The Big Piece

I still don’t get the hatred of Ryan Howard in Philadelphia.  He is a power hitter which means he will strike out a lot.  The guy is a great player.  I’ll agree that it’s annoying sometimes when he strikes out with men on base but you take the good with the bad.  This all stems from his play in the past couple of games.  Wake up people.  The man’s stats are sick.  Is he the best hitting first basemen in the league?  No.  Is he the worst?  No.  He is one of the best though so back off of him.

Jimmy Rollins 

I love Jimmy Rollins.  I think he is a good player and is the spark that makes the Phillies go.  The one problem I have is that he constantly is on Phillies fans.  His latest comments were that the fans were pretty quiet on Sunday night (game 2).  First of all Jimmy, maybe if you guys had focused more on not blowing a 4 run lead and perhaps scoring more runs instead of the fans we would have been louder.  Let’s see, the Phils were up 4-0 after 2 innings with Cliff Lee on the mound.  It already was a long day in Philly.  The game started at 8:30 (thanks to the Yankees…enjoy the off season).  We had to deal with the Eagles blowing a 20 point 2nd half lead.  Sorry if we were a little tired and thought that when you give Cliff Lee a 4 run lead we could relax a bit. Here’s a news flash Jimmy; fans don’t play the game.  How loud we cheer will not score runs or get outs.  If it did Philadelphia would have a hell of a lot more titles than we do know.  So tonight at Game 5 I promise to be loud Jimmy as long you promise to win.  Deal?

Reggie White/Jerome Brown
Where's Troy?
The NFL Network has a show called A Football Life.  Last week they did an episode on Reggie White and Jerome Brown.  After watching it made me realize just how great those players were and how amazing that defense was. How they never won a Super Bowl is insane.  That 1991 team would have been great had Bryce Paup not crushed Randall’s knee.  Maybe they win it in 1992 if Jerome Brown wouldn’t have died.  I’m not sure.  Those great defenses played in one of the toughest divisions ever.  The Redskins and Giants were winning Super Bowls and the Cowboys led by Aikman, Smith and Irvin were just starting to get good.  While I’m glad Reggie did get to win the Super Bowl, it still kills me that it was with Green Bay.  Who is the greatest player to play in Philadelphia to win a title with another team?  I say Reggie.  Thoughts?

Buddy Ryan vs. Andy Reid
I'd beat Andy in a fight
Speaking of those late 80s early 90s Eagles teams, what is the deal with Philadelphia’s love affair with Buddy Ryan?  I’ll admit that I loved him as a coach and still have love for him.  The man had one of the best, most feared defenses ever yet never won a playoff game.  I say it’s his personality.  This guy just didn’t care who he pissed off.  He told the media exactly what he was thinking and most of the time it was what most fans were thinking as well.  An attitude like that goes over well in Philly.  Andy Reid is hands down the most successful coach in Philadelphia, yet doesn’t have near the amount of admiration that Ryan still has.  Why?  It’s his standoffish, holier-than-thou attitude.  While as a logical fan, I agree that it’s not really that important for us to know what he’s thinking.  However, don’t treat us like we’re idiots.  Give us something Andy.  We pay good money for tickets, apparel, parking, concessions, etc. Show us some emotion.  Maybe Andy could take a page out of Ryan’s book.  Maybe you should do a better job than that.  Hmmph…time’s yours…..

Time's Yours
Finally while I’m on the subject of Andy Reid, I finally think the time has come.  It’s been 13 years and it’s still the same shit.  After an Eagles loss we all know what he’s going to say and it never changes.  (I’ll take responsibility for that, I have to put the players in a better position, I’ll take a look at that, It’s tough to win in the National Football League, etc.)  The time has come for the Eagles and Reid to part ways.  Who takes over?  I have no idea but it’s been 13 years and no Super Bowl.  His time management is suspect.  He feels linebackers are not important yet teams run all over us and tight ends have career days against us.  He doesn’t make 2nd half adjustments.  It’s the same shit every game.  If I made the same mistakes at my job for 13 years and didn’t achieve the ultimate goal of the organization, I would have been gone.  They say the definition of insanity is continually doing the same thing but expecting different results.  13 years and no Super Bowl?  Insane.  Hmmmph….time’s yours.
That’s all for today.  Hopefully I’ll have some positive news about the Phillies to talk about next week.  Keep following us on Facebook and Twitter and look me up on LinkedIn.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying after all this time, it’s finally time to Bring it Home for Jerome.


  1. Love it! I agree that it's time for a change with Andy. After hearing Frank Gores comments about how the Eagles "didn't want to play" in the 2nd half somebody has be held responsible. I was a Donovan fan to and felt the time was for him to go and it's worked out for the birds. Reids next.

  2. I'm not following your particular teams, but I love your blog. I think I'll have to switch my allegiance from the Vikings to the Packers this year and hope for a better year next year. Same for the Twins--I may have to switch to the Brewers who are still hanging in there so far. Really enjoy your blog and I'll be back!

  3. Hi there. Just catching up on reading the blogs. You probably have a new one up by now but sorry about your Phillies. I thought they were goin all the way baby!!