Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekly Annoyances......

It's time for another installment of your favorite blog post, the weekly annoyances. Its been a few weeks since things have annoyed me enough to blog about them so this will be packed full!!!!!


This first one is one I'm sure we are all guilty of doing but it pisses us off when it happens to us and that's the infamous voicemail that simply says "hey, it's me, call me back". Really?? Why don't you leave me a message and the reason you called and I'll decide whether it's worth my time to call you back. When you don't leave a message, my first response is that if it's that important, one of two things will happen. You'll either call back, or you'll leave a message!!! So the next time you call someone and are planning on leaving a message, make sure if you want a call back to let then know why you called, jackass!!!!! So the next time you call someone and just leave the message, "call me back", they might call you back and just leave the message, "Knock that shit off"!!!!!!

Stop texting Stickers

We've all seen these stickers now on the back of cars and although I agree with the message I have an issue with the stickers. Taking the time to read the stickers can also be distracting to some drivers as well, maybe not as much as texting, but distracting nonetheless. The biggest problem I have is that I recently have seen 2 different cars with these stickers on them, while the driver is on the cell phone with children in the car!!!! Hypocritical, don't you think?? Don't claim to be against texting while driving when what you're doing is distracting as well and you have children in your car!!!! So the next time I see that damn sticker on your car and you happen to be talking on the cell phone, I'm going to flash my lights and beep constantly and also tell you to, Knock that shit off!!!!!!!


With the holidays approaching and the pending snow, it makes me reminisce of my years of working in the grocery/retail business. With the end of Halloween fastly approaching, in the grocery/retail business that only means that all of the Christmas decorations and candy gets put out. Unlike others, this doesn't bother me because I know the business and in the words of a famous philosophizer, "if you ain't first you're last"!! This means that the sooner you get this holiday merchandise out, the better chance you have of selling it before your opposition. Now here is the part that annoys me, the customers. Why is it neccessary to feel like you are the only customer and everything you want should always be there???? You have to understand that the workers at these stores have families they want to spend time with as well just like you, so they don't need all of your attitude driven bullshit!!! All I ask is that this holiday shopping season, take that into consideration and also remember that it is not the worker's intention to sell out of products so don't take it out on them!! So during this holiday season if you see anyone taking their frustration out on the store employees, I'll ask you to join me in pulling them aside and asking them kindly, Knock that shit off!!!! If that doesn't work, do what you have to do!!!!

This is Kyle Montgomery, and this has been my two cents!!!

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  1. I feel you on the people being ignorant part. So many people nowadays think the world revolves around them. This is why I've come to hate people.