Friday, October 14, 2011

Blame it on the Rain?

Before the weekend I wanted to address the situation that happened earlier this week at the NovaCare complex.  For those that don’t know two Eagles fans displayed a sign at the NovaCare Complex (the Eagles practice facility) that read; "Andy The Times. .. To Go.”  The sign was obviously mocking Andy’s famous press conference quote of “Time’s Yours”.  It also is showcasing the frustration of those and other Eagles fans across the area.  The team is 1-4 and struggling mightily.  The fans (including myself) are putting the blame mostly on Andy.  You can read more about my feelings here.  Now Andy is not 100% to blame but he is responsible for majority of it.  Thursday after practice two Eagles offensive linemen, Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis told the fans to take it down.  Allegedly they also threatened the two fans.  Seriously?

Kelce then took it one step further.  In a tweet he said (paraphrasing) that those two were not “real fans” and were varmint.  This tweet made me angry but it also made me laugh.  First of all Mr. Kelce, who are you Carl Spackler?  Varmint?  I love it.  Secondly though, how long have you been in town?  You are a rookie, and a 6th rounder at that.  How dare you question those two or any other fan about their “fandom”.  You are lucky to be starting.  I guarantee you would not be a starter on 90% of the teams in the NFL.  That’s why I get why you’re sticking up so much for Andy Reid.  No other coach would probably play you.  To call these gentlemen “not true fans” irks me.  Guess what Jason?  They speak for a large number of fans that feel the same way.  Like it or not it is time for Andy to go.  I’m sorry that I’m not going to drink the Andy Reid Green Kool-Aid. I did that the entire length of Donovan McNabb’s tenure here and where did it get me?  It’s been 13 years and I still don’t have a Super Bowl win and have endured the excruciating pain of having my heart ripped out after 4 NFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl.  Don’t you dare question those two or any other Eagles fans “fandom”.  You have the audacity to tell me and all other Eagles fans we don’t know how “good” we have it?  Take a walk in our shoes my friend.  Then tell me just how “good” we have it.  Feel our pain for the past 13 years then talk to me.

Also, for the Eagles to send security out to try to get these fans to take their sign down is blatant censorship.  I get that nobody likes to be criticized.  Apparently the Eagles feel that we live in China and they can censor everyone.   That’s what Kelce and Mathis were attempting to do.  They’ll claim they were just sticking up for and protecting their coach.  Here’s a thought if you want to protect your coach, don’t play like crap. You want to save coach’s job?  Make a block.  Don’t do a turnstile impression.  That’s a good place to start. 

 You claim it hurts you to be 1-4?  Guess what, it hurts us too.  We invest a lot into this team.  I’m not just talking about money.  I’m talking time, emotion, and energy.  You’ve been here a few months.  I’ve been a fan my entire life.  I’m in the stands every Sunday cheering.  I’ve seen guys like you come and go.  Do me a favor Mr. Kelce, stick around longer than 5 games and then maybe I’ll give your words more credence.  You have no frame of reference on what it’s like to be a Philly fan so to question someone’s motive is out of line.

Things are not right in Eagle land right now.  To have the players arguing with fans is just plain juvenile.  If you guys are as broken up as you claim to be, focus on fixing it not two fans with a sign.  When the day is over you’ll have your big contracts and signing bonuses.  Meanwhile the “real fans”, who have cheered for this team long before you and will long after you, will still be here.  We'll still be cheering and probably still heart broken.  Focus on your job and not the fans.  Also, get a clue.

That’s all for today.  Enjoy the weekend and remember Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog and Facebook.  Hit me up on LinkedIn @Jim Montgomery.  Until next time this Jimbo saying blame it on the rain because apparently our coach is off limits. 

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  1. I'm laughing besides myself!

    I love it! As a native Detroiter I know, better than most, about having a losing team. Detroiters have suffered so long watching the Lions that maybe God decided to let them win a few games so the entire city doesn't get nicknamed "mini-hell."

    Seriously, I can feel your pain. I hope that the Eagles still have enough in the tank to turn this around before it truly gets ugly. Maybe by ten games in all the Philly fans will sing a different tune. From one die-hard fan to another, keep hope alive!