Friday, October 21, 2011

Under protest.....

With all these wall street and corporate greed protests I figured it was time for me to voice an opinion on that as well as a couple other items that have bothered me.


I know the economy is in pretty bad shape and in some cases it is difficult to find a job, however the answer to that is not to gather in one area and protest the people who have jobs. That's ridiculous. So because you don't have a job, or maybe had one but got laid off, it's automatically someone else's fault? B.S.!!! I've been there where I had a nice paying job and got laid off but instead of crying about it or blaming them for laying me off, I got out there and found another job. Working 70 hours a week, 6 days a week until 9pm is not ideal but it's what I need to do to pay the bills. I wish I made more money, but I can't take time off of work to protest those who make more than me. I understand being upset because you may be middle aged and finding a new job after 20 years to support your family is
tough. All I'm saying is, there are jobs out there, if you now have to work 2 instead of just 1 to support your family then so be it. Life is not perfect and we all struggle at some points. Complaining about what other's have and you don't have seems pointless to me. Some of those wall street execs don't deserve what they have I'm sure, but what about those who have busted their ass to get where they are and to get what they have? Is it their fault you're not in their position? What if the roles were reversed and they protested you?? I can hear it now,"that's their right, I wouldn't care", that's horseshit!!! I'm all about freedom of expression and if you think it's a good reason to protest then by all means go to town, just don't give me the line of shit saying its unfair they make all that money and I don't.... Tough shit!!!!


This next one bothered me Sunday afternoon but for different reasons than most. After a very tough and well played game between the 49ers and Lions Sunday, the coaches met for the customary post game handshake. A jubilant Jim Harbaugh (49ers head coach) went to shake Jim Schwartz's (Lions head coach) hand and was joyfully cheering in the process and shook it harder than normal and gave him a pat on the back as well. Jim Schwartz took exception to the handshake and voiced his displeasure to Harbaugh as the two trotted off the field. Many different opinions have been voiced concerning this incident and I'd like to offer mine. Jim Schwartz...... WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! It's the NFL and its refreshing to see a coach fired up and showing emotion regarding his team's
performance. Here in Philadelphia, we don't see much of that!! My biggest issue with this whole "shake-gate" incident is, what is the purpose for this handshake and why is it neccessary? I know if I just lost in the last minute of the game or got my ass kicked by 40, the last thing I'd want to do is shake the coach's hand of the team that issued that ass kicking. Call it unsportsmanlike or childish even but it's a tough pill to swallow losing like that. In my opinion, Schwartz acted like a sore loser and a baby because just the week before when his Lions beat the Bears, he was jubilant in that post game press conference cracking jokes. Double standard? Hypocritical? All I'm saying is don't get pissed at a guy for doing the exact same things you do as well coach Schwartz!!

NBA Lockout

WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?!
Worse than the NFL lockout, I'm done with it.

This is Kyle Montgomery, and this was my two cents.

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  1. I wish I knew more about what was going on in the NBA lockout. It's going to end up how hockey was when they went through their strike whenever that was.

    I see where the owners are coming from with wanting a hard cap. Without a hard cap you're going to have 4-6 teams that are stacked like the Heat then your league is crap because everybody knows who's going to be in the finals. With a hard cap at least you would have some parody and it would be more exciting like the NFL.

    This is CJ and this is my 2 cents. I like this blog so keep it going.