Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Way Jose

Yesterday the Major League Baseball regular season came to a close and the playoffs will start Friday.  The last day of the regular season was exciting as both wild card races came down to extra innings.  Despite all the excitement, one man sticks out as a complete douche bag.  Who you ask?  Well let me congratulate the 2011 National League batting champion, Mr. Jose Reyes.  What a complete jerk.  This man is a disgrace to the game of baseball.

For those of you who don’t know, the douche from the Dominican was in a heated race with Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers for the batting title.  Heading into the final day Reyes led Braun .336 to .335.  Jose led off the bottom of the first inning in the Mets game with a bunt single.  He then was pulled for a pinch runner.  The whole move was premeditated with Reyes saying, “"I said, 'If I go 1-for-1, take me out of the game,' and I did that.”  

After all the talk this MLB season about respecting the game, the unwritten rules, and integrity, Reyes pulled the most selfish and classless act an athlete could do.  Here’s a quick history lesson about how Ted Williams played a double-header the last day of the 1941 season while hitting .400.  All Ted had to do was take both games off and he’d hit .400.  What did Ted do?  He played both games and went 6 for 8 and finished hitting .406.  That’s classy.  He earned that .400 average.  Reyes?  He took the punk way out.  I will never have any respect for him (and not just because he plays/played for the Mets).  This man respects nobody but himself.  He claims it was good for the Mets and the Dominican Republic.  I say it’s good for only one person.  Jose Reyes.  I want to apologize to Ted Williams.  Putting him in the same post as Jose Reyes is a huge insult to Ted.

Reyes is a free agent at the end of this season.  Being the defending National League batting champion will surely give him a few extra million in his contract and/or more leverage during the negotiation process.  Don’t get me wrong Jose had a tremendous season and is a very good player (when healthy), however, what he pulled is total bullshit.  He has no respect for the game or his teammates.  Obviously the Mets were out of it and just playing out the string but they are definitely a better team with Reyes in the lineup.  He gives them a better shot to win than pinch runner Justin Turner.  No matter what, in the words of Herm Edwards, “You play to win the game.”  Reyes simply, “Played to win the batting title.”

If you’re going to rip a guy for bunting during a no-hitter in a still winnable game, then Reyes should be crucified.  So I say here’s to you Jose.  Congrats on your batting title and soon to be new hefty contract.  My only hope is that karma comes back and bites you in the ass.  I hope you hit .265 the next few years and never get to even sniff a championship.  I also want to say kudos to Braun for handling the situation with class.  I’d have been furious, but in the grand scheme of things Braun will be playing October baseball while Jose will be dreaming of his batting title. Until next time this is Jimbo saying Stay Classy Jose.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Music Fun for the Weekend

A little fun with music for the weekend.  It’s amazing how certain songs no matter how many times you hear them remind you of certain things that are completely unassociated with the song.  No matter where you hear them they automatically jog something in your memory.  I was in 7-11 the other day and Sheena Easton was on the radio.  My mind immediately thought of  George Constanza.   In fact many that immediately come to mind are from Seinfeld.  What.  Is. The. Deal. With that?  Here are some of the songs that no matter when I hear them I immediately think of something else.  I’d love to hear what song reminds you of something.  I’ve also included You Tube links for you viewing and listening pleasures.

1.       Sheena Easton – Morning Train  from Seinfeld

2.       Petula Clark - Downtown  from Seinfeld

3.       Joey Scarbury – Greatest American Hero from Seinfeld  - Some of you who are in my age group or older might actually remember the actual show Greatest American Hero (I loved that show)

4.       Kansas – Dust in the Wind – from Old School – You’re my boy blue!

5.       The Eagles/Gipsy Kings – Hotel California – from The Big Lebowski

6.       Barry Manilow – Mandy – from The Simpsons

7.       Carpentars - Superstar – from Tommy boy – “you can change it if you want to.”  “I’m good if you are”

8.       Culture Club – I’ll Tumble for Ya – Billy Madison

9.       Culture Club – Do you really want to hurt me? – Wedding Singer – yeah I like Culture Club, so what?

10.   Van Halen – Panama – Superbad

There is my top 10 of songs that automatically make me think of something else.  Be sure to leave yours.  Finally I want to talk about when people listen to music in their cars.  I sometimes when I’m by myself and the windows are down will blast some music.  Leaving Family Dollar in Roxborough today however I saw and heard something very disturbing.  People, under no circumstances should you ever blast Coolio Gangsta’s Paradise.   (Which does remind me of Michelle Pfieffer in Dangerous minds)  Not only should you not blast it, you should not be rocking out to it.  That is all.  Have a good weekend.  Until next time this is Jimbo asking why are we so blind to see, that the one’s we hurt are you and me?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Strike 3

Not a long post tonight but I wanted to voice my opinion/concern about some of the feedback I heard and read about the recently solved teacher strike in the Archdioceses of Philadelphia Schools.  Honestly, I can’t say all that I want because of my current position as a teacher.  Unfortunately I will have to censor some of it but the jist of how I feel should come through.

First off it amazes me how many negative things people said about those teachers.  Calling them selfish, not caring about the kids, and being money hungry.  Huh?  Let me give you some facts about teachers that you may or may not know.

1.       We are hands down underpaid.  For the job that we are responsible for we should be paid double and triple what we do.  As a teacher, I’m probably more responsible for your kid’s future than you are.  During the school year I will probably spend as much if not more time with your kid than you will.  We are expected help to make sure your kid learns the skills they need to be successful in life, but we are underpaid?  Come on.

2.       Don’t even start on me with the “well you get your summers off” bullshit.  When it’s all said and done we get the month of July off and a couple weeks in August.  Before you say “see there’s 6 weeks off a year that most people don’t get”, let me let you in on something.  Most of you when you get done work are just that, done.  I however have to spend numerous hours of my “off” time grading papers, making lesson plans, and attending meetings to ensure your kid gets their education.  This includes my weekends and “vacation” time that you so vehemently remind me that I get.

3.       Selfish?  Seriously?  Teaching is probably the least selfish profession there is other than maybe nursing.  I constantly have to put your kid’s needs ahead of mine.  Hmmmm, do I want to go out and watch the Phils game on Wednesday night with my fiancĂ©?  Yes.  Can I?  No, because I’m so exhausted from teaching your kids during the day and need to  make sure I’m rested for Thursday.  Hardly selfish.  Oh did I mention that I have purchase a ton of supplies out of my own pocket to help ensure your kid gets their education?  Probably didn’t think about that did you?

4.       Don’t care about the kids because they are striking? There’s not a teacher I know that doesn’t care about their students.  By striking we are just trying to ensure we get what we deserve.  You think it’s easy?  I challenge you to do my job for a week.  I bet you’ll be changing your tune.

There’s not a person I know that wouldn’t want to be paid more, no matter what their job is. That’s the beauty of this country and labor unions.  We can strike for better treatment if we see fit.  It bothers me when people rip my brethren for fighting for what they see as fair.  Education funding is getting cut.  We are grossly underpaid.  We use our own hard earned money for supplies.  The onus on the “state tests” is extremely high.   Despite all of this we go in everyday and do our best to try and change your kid’s life for the better.  

 I get that it’s an inconvenience for you during a strike but don’t you want some of the most important and influential people in your kid’s lives to be happy?  Don’t you worry that every year a lot of teachers (the ones that actually care and want to teach your kids) leave the education field because they can’t afford to be a teacher?  Don’t you realize that we all have our own families and lives , just like you, that we need to look out for?  After all despite loving the job I do it is just that; a job.  Teachers need to look out for our best interests and if that means strike I say more power to them.  As I’ve stated before, put yourself in those teacher’s shoes for a minute.  Then see if you’re still pissed off at them.  

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ranting and raving......

It's been about 2 weeks since I posted anything so I'd like to take this time and touch on a few things that interested, annoyed, amused, and satisfied me over those two weeks......

English as a second language

This seems to be a sensitive subject with a ton of people so let me preface by saying that if you're able to read this, I'm not referring to you so don't get your panties in a bunch!!!! I'm referring to the people who speak "other" languages. Some of these people are constantly making an attempt to learn English, since that IS the predominant language here in the USA, and I applaud their effort. However, there are some that happen to be too lazy to learn the language but yet expect all people who speak English to accommodate them!! Como???? I don't understand this method of thinking, never have, never will! Why are we so accommodating? Being in America is a privilege not a right, similar to driving. Let me ask this question though. When you go to take your driving test you have to put forth an effort, correct? So why is speaking in this country any different?? These people don't want to learn the language but yet want to use our school systems for their children, use the medical benefits most of us can't afford, and get government money for food that most of us would love to have!!! Como???? The reason this all came about is because as our loyal readers know, I work in the restaurant business. Recently, I was taking an order over the phone and the customer says to me,"do you have anyone that speaks Spanish"? Hearing this in perfect English, I respond,"why? You're asking me this in perfectly clear English, but you want someone who speaks Spanish?", COMO????? This is what I'm talking about! I can't figure people like this out. The only thing that I can think of is that they only speak English when they want a free handout or if it's convenient for them. All I can tell you is that, I'm not a mind reader, I don't speak different languages, and I can't do sign language, so the next time you would like to talk to me, speak to me in English....... Gracias!!!
Children having children.....

This issue is happening more and more and is something irritates me. When you see young people having kids but seem to be irritated by these kids as if they're inconveniencing them?!?! Seriously?? Oh, I see, they're only an inconvenience when you have to take care of them, but nut when you receive money or healthcare for them! This is ridiculous. When there are people out there who struggle to have children and are unable to do so naturally, you act burdened by this child?? I'm not just talking about teenagers having children, it's anyone who feels burdened having a child. Similar to my previous subject, there are people that just want kids to get free handouts. Again, why do we allow this??? Why do we have to foot the bill for these immature, uneducated, inconsiderate pricks when all they're doing is using their children for tax money!?!? There are families that would kill to have one child but they can't. Meanwhile there are some pieces of trash who have 6 kids, can't care for them, and in some cases don't want them, they just keep popping them out as a way to get more tax money! My proposal... The money that these lazy assholes get as a handout should instead be used for the families that need to use medical procedures in the HOPE to have a child. Just as this is no guarantee for these families to have children, there should be no guarantee for the amount of tax money you receive per child. It kills me thar there are parents with 6 kids and treat them like shit and right across the street there is a couple unable to have children and would unconditionally love a child if given the chance. Children are blessings, not tax write offs!!!!!

Fightin Phils....

The Philadelphia Phillies this week became the first MLB team to punch their ticket to the postseason. The honor marks their 5th consecutive trip to the postseason and should be capped off by another division title. In the era of free agency, the consistency of this team and organization is something that the fans of Philadelphia have definitely noticed as well as just the average MLB fan. Finishing with the best record in MLB seems inevitable again this year but will mean nothing unless there is a championship to celebrate!! The phillies seem to be the class of MLB right now and as a lifelong fan I never thought I'd see this sustained success they are enjoying!! Step 1/3 is complete so that means the division title is next, followed by the world series title!! As a knowledgeable fan, I'd like to applaud the Phillies organization for their accomplishments but remind them to keep the eye on the prize and bring another title back to us diehard fans!!!!!!! Go Phils!!!!!!

Sports Gambling...

This has been bothering me since the A-Rod poker game fiasco and I want to add my two cents. So it's ok for people to gamble their mortgage payment on football games weekly, but it's not ok to be an athlete involved in high-stakes poker games?? C'mon that seems hypocritical. Vegas makes billions of dollars every year on sports gambling but never mention John from Arkansas who lost his house because he took the over in the Alabama Arkansas game and lost because of a missed field goal as time expired!! Most will say, it's not up to Vegas to monitor their betters and I agree. So why is it up to anyone else to monitor personal and private poker games???? Double standard??? If someone wants to be irresponsible and gamble their mortgage payment away, let them, that's why there are debt collectors. If someone wants to get involved on underground poker games that can get violent, let them, that's what the real police are for not the "ethics police".

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This is Kyle Montgomery, and this was my two cents!!!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More on Vick

After receiving a lot of feedback on the last Michael Vick post, I wanted to respond to some of the comments I received.  Most were positive.  It was the others I wanted to respond to.  Most were of the same variety so I put them into 4 categories.

1.       He doesn’t deserve a $100 million dollar contract – I actually agree with this one.  I also think that pro athletes are grossly overpaid.  However, that was not the point of the post.  I wasn’t arguing whether or not he deserved the contract, the point was that people need to get over the whole dog fighting thing.  Sure it is a fucked up situation but others have done way worse and have been forgiven.  That was my point.  Also to the people that take up animal cruelty as a cause, I was saying there are way more important causes to fight for.  As far as the contract, yes it’s ridiculous.  With the Eagles offensive line as it is right now, I hope he plays out the contract.  I think teachers should be paid more than athletes (yes that’s a shameless self plug).  Unfortunately I like most of the people who said this, help to pay these insane contracts.  If we all stop watching games on TV, going to games, buying jerseys/apparel, and supporting the teams and leagues then the contracts will go away.  I’m not giving up my sports and I doubt you will either, so what’s the point in complaining about them?  Get over it.

2.       I can’t support a player who committed such a heinous crime.  Again, I wasn’t supporting Vick the person.  I support Vick the football player.  I am a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.  I will support them no matter who plays for them.  The fact of the matter is that I buy my season tickets to be entertained. Michael Vick the football player is entertaining.  I’m not inviting him over to my house for a BBQ.  What he did was despicable, I’m not arguing that.  My argument was that people need to move on.  Whining and crying over is not going to change it.  Also, whatever happened to forgiveness?  That was the other point I was making.  Other athletes have committed more despicable crimes and have been forgiven.  Why not Vick?  Oh because everyone wants to get on their high horse and take up dog fighting as their cause du jour.  I’ll say it again; pick a cause that will change the world.  Is dog fighting causing people to lose jobs?  Is dog fighting causing the school system to fail?  Is dog fighting causing poverty?  I think you know the answer.  Stand up and fight hard for these causes.  They are the ones that will make a difference in the world.

3.       I will not be an Eagles Fan as long as Vick is the Quarterback – I thought I covered this before but again, so what.  You’re probably not a real fan anyway.  If you were, you’d realize that you root for the team.  You don’t have to like the players.  Shit, I’m a Philadelphia Fan, most athletes hate me and my boo bird, heathen brethren.  I don’t care if they like me or not as long as they win.  As a matter of fact, the player shouldn’t even be worried about me or any other fans.  They are making enough money.  I also don’t get the outrage over Vick. Ben Roethlisberger was accused of rape/sexual assault twice. He was never officially charged but come on.  Twice for the same thing?  To me where there’s smoke there is fire.  The man’s a scumbag, yet he has been forgiven.  Is it because he wins football games?  If it is then that is very contradicting.  Sexual assault/rape is far worse than dog fighting.  So what these people are arguing is that it’s ok to commit heinous crimes as long as you win football games?   It’s not ok to commit heinous crimes if you don’t win games?  Please tell me how that makes sense?

4.       Mike Vick is a scumbag because he is only sorry he got caught – Well obviously you didn’t read the blog post.  Please reread it.  Sure he might only be sorry he got caught but all of us would be in the same boat if we got caught doing something and I explained this.  Please go back and read.

That pretty much summed up the comments that I received.  I just wanted to address them in this forum.  Something tells me this will stir the pot more.  This story is not going away unfortunately.  Please let me know your thoughts.  Check us out on Facebook or on Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog  Also link up with me on LinkedIn (Jim Montgomery) Thank you to all of the loyal readers and please tell your friends.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying “I hope the scumbag wins the Super Bowl”. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's Your Fantasy?

With the NFL season starting Thursday and most fantasy football drafts in the books I wanted to do a fantasy football special.  After drafting in 3 leagues and being an 11 year fantasy football veteran, I’ve seen a lot at fantasy drafts.  Most players fall into one or more categories.  For those not familiar with fantasy football drafts they come in a variety of forms.  Whether online or in person a lot goes on.   Once the season starts, it gets even more interesting.   For those who are familiar, I’m sure you’ll identify with many of the following people and perhaps can see which category or categories you fall into.  Here are the 23 different “types” of fantasy drafters/players.  If you think of any type I’ve missed or would like to add to list be sure to leave a comment.  Here we go:

1.       The Other League Guy – This guy is easy to spot or better yet easy to hear.  This guy is always bragging about his conquests in other leagues.  “I dominated my other league’s draft”; “I’m always in the playoffs in my other league” etc.  Problem is this guy absolutely sucks in the league he’s drafting in.  For all his conquests in the “other league” he is a pushover who talks a much bigger game than he brings.

2.       The Shit Talker – This guy, much like the Other League Guy, is also hard to miss on draft day.  No matter what pick, what round, this guy is always talking shit.  He’ll tell you how great his team is (both fantasy and favorite NFL team), how he makes the best sleeper picks, how much he’s a stud with the ladies, how he caught the game winning pass in the undergrad intramural championship game, his job etc.  We all know this guy so why wouldn’t he show up to the draft?

3.       The Al Bundy – This guy is a close relative of the shit talker.  The primary difference is he always brings up his past conquests.  It doesn’t matter if it was last season or 2003, Al Bundy will tell you about how great that magical season was.  He reminds everyone that “insert team name here” are a past champion.  If your league has a trophy, Al always points out where his teams name plate is.  He is usually so busy bragging about his super bowl season, he generally forgets that he needs to draft a good team for this season.

4.       The Old School Guy – The Old School Guy is another relative of Al Bundy.  This guy drafts big name players who are 2-3 years past their fantasy prime.  They are usually pretty satisfied with their team but the season usually always ends up badly for them.  The Old School Guy is a natural enemy of The Shit Talker.  After all, The Old School Guy gives The Shit Talker the opportunity to use classic lines like, “that was a great pick…..3 years ago.”

5.       The Ivy Leaguer – This guy shows up to the draft with a laptop, folders full of cheat sheets, matrixes that show player’s tendencies in certain weather against certain matchups, and a couple draft magazines.  He takes up the most space at the draft and usually arrives early to get his “war room” set up.  He brags about how much research he did to prepare for the draft, yet still struggles to make the playoffs.

6.       The Slacker – The Slacker is the complete opposite of the Ivy Leaguer.  The Slacker really doesn’t put much effort into preparing for the draft, shows up without a pen and is always asking the Ivy Leaguer to borrow his magazine.  The Slacker usually doesn’t take much time to analyze his picks yet somehow always makes the playoffs and has more Super Bowl titles than Al Bundy.

7.       The Wannabe Ivy Leaguer- The Wannabe Ivy Leaguer is a 3rd cousin once removed of the Ivy Leaguer, The Old School Guy, The Other League Guy, and the Slacker.  This guy semi prepares for the draft, has some football knowledge, and occasionally makes the playoffs.  The Wannabe Ivy Leaguer tries to fit in with the Ivy Leaguer by spouting the great line “Damn it.  That’s a great pick; I was going to take him with my next pick”.  The Wannabe Ivy Leaguer, in actuality, had no intentions of drafting said player but it makes him feel better about himself.  He also looks to boost his self esteem but sounding smart in front of the rest of the league.

8.       The Real Slim Shady – The Real Slim Shady drafts horribly year in and year out yet somehow always manages to make the right trades or waiver wire pickups.  It’s almost like this guy has some kind of inside information.   He has his name all over the trophy as a Super Bowl winner and/or runner up.  The Real Slim Shady usually is the league’s commissioner.  Coincidence?

9.       The Rapist – The Rapist is characterized by focusing on one specific position on draft night.  For example, The Rapist may draft 6 running backs.  He occasionally takes the backups to some big name backs.  He claims he does it for “trade bait”.  Problem is when it comes time to attempt a trade The Rapist tries to rape you.  He asks for trades that are both unreasonable and that don’t make sense.

10.   Potential Pete – Potential Pete drafts players who are full of potential.  He takes chances on guys who can have big weeks, then shit the bed the next 3.  On draft night Potential Pete always loves his team.  He says things like “If (insert player’s name) has a big year, I’m going to be unstoppable”.  Potential Pete rarely makes the playoffs and is often confused with The United Way.

11.   The United Way – The United Way is the one guy that everyone wants to have in their league.  As their name states, this guy is just charity.  He donates his league fee every year and is just happy to be in the league.  Every now and then he makes the playoffs but he is the one guy you look forward to have on your schedule.

12.   Steve Jobs – Steve Jobs is specific to online drafts.  Despite multiple explanations and the ease of doing a draft online, Steve is unable to figure it out.  He turns what should be a relatively quick and easy draft into a 3 and ½ hours hassle.  It’s 2011 but Steve Jobs can’t figure out the technology.

13.   Waiver Wally – Waiver Wally is also known as the transaction guy.  This guy lives on the waiver wire.  His transactions usually total close to $100.  He is always looking for a diamond in the rough and it doesn’t matter how much he has to spend to find it.  Wally usually is unemployed, or works at a job that requires very little thought and gives him the time to spend 8 hours researching on, and/or has no social life.  Wally occasionally wins a Super Bowl but his net winnings are usually minimal.

14.   The House Guy – The House Guy is usually married with a couple of kids under the age of 5.  Whether it’s a live draft or an online, he invites the entire league to his house (basement) for the draft.  The House Guy looks for reasons to drink beers and get away from his wife and kids.  He is a distant cousin of The United Way because winning the league is not the top priority; not watching Yo Gabba Gabba for a few hours is worth the entry fee.

15.   Commish Nazi – The guy has to be in total control of all aspects of the league.  He makes sure everyone follows every single rule to the tee.  The Nazi is also known to blow up at league members for not following the rules.  What the Nazi usually fails to realize is that it’s not that serious and everyone in the league purposefully breaks the rules to get under his skin.  He is a step brother of The Real Slim Shady and is known to pull some shenanigans when it will benefit his team.

16.   The Message Board Champion – The Message Board Champion is just that.  As the twin brother of The Shit Talker the MBC talks a ton of shit on the message board.  He attempts to get under the skin of his weekly opponent.  Win or lose he’s back at it the next week.  The MBC along with Al Bundy and the Shit Talker usually dominate the message board.

17.   And you are? – And you are is the polar opposite of the MBC.  This guy either phones or Skypes his draft.  He makes the occasionally waiver wire transaction but then you never hear from him until the next year’s draft.  And you are stays in the middle of the pack and plays the entire season with anonymity.  The only time you think of him is the week you play him or the week he steals a free agent from you.

18.   IOU – The IOU is the worst type of fantasy player.  This guy never pays his money on time which in turn messes up everyone else’s payments.  Despite being consistently late, IOU is allowed back into the league each year.

19.   Prior Commitment Guy – Prior Commitment Guy is the player that makes it hard to schedule the draft.  He is related to the Other League Guy and is usually the only one who can’t make the agreed upon date that is convenient for the other members of the league.  Much like IOU, the Prior Commitment Guy is always allowed back.

20.   Homer Simpson – Homer is the drafter who always looks to take players from his hometown/favorite team.  He claims to know that “insert player name” is going to have a big year because “I follow them religiously”.  Homer is often doubly disappointed on Sundays when his hometown team loses and it costs his fantasy team as well.  Homer also refuses to take players from his team’s biggest rival.

21.   Ned Flanders – Stupid Flanders is Homer Simpson’s mortal enemy.  He is a fan of Homer’s team’s biggest rival.  Usually to get under the skin of Homer, Ned takes the top players from Homer’s team.  This leads to Homer calling Ned a jinx and Ned replying with “even if he gets hurt I win”.

22.   The Name Changer – The Name Changer seems to focus more on changing his team’s nickname and logo more so than the players on his team.  He is The United Way’s little brother because 9 times out of 10 the Name Changer donates his money.

23.   The Whiner – Last but not least we have the whiner.  The whiner is always crying about something.  Whether it’s his luck, the stupid waiver wire rules, or any of the other 22 types of players, the whiner is never happy.  The Whiner, unlike Al Bundy, talks about his missed opportunities.  He is always close but in the end something crazy always happens to him.  This is another guy we all know.

That’s the list.  Please comment if I left out a type of player.  Most of us fit into at least one of these categories if not more.  I hope this gave some non-fantasy football players some insight.  Remember to like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog  Also be sure to connect with me on Linkedin (Jim Montgomery)  Tell your friends to read as well.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying, it’s not fantasy if it’s reality……..

Friday, September 2, 2011

Suck My Vick

Earlier this week Michael Vick received a $100 million dollar contract ($40 million guaranteed) from the Philadelphia Eagles.  Being that I live in Philadelphia I’ve been able to hear a ton of arguments both for and against this contract.  Those for it generally argue that the man did wrong, paid his debt to society, and has every right to a second chance and thus the right to earn a living.  On the other side you have those who claim that Vick has not changed, his crimes were heinous, he’s only sorry that he got caught, the urge to dog fight is still in him, and he in no way deserves a second chance let alone $100 million.  I am on the first side and not only because I’m an Eagles fan and season ticket holder.   Why doesn’t the man deserve a second chance?  All of those holier-than-thou people irritate the hell out of me.

First of all the discussion is what is the point of prison?  Is it to rehabilitate people to integrate back into society or is to serve as a punishment?  I tend to think it’s a little of both.  I do think that people can change.  In this case I do believe that Vick learned the error of his ways.  Now, if he didn’t get caught would he still be participating in a dog fighting ring?  I don’t know.  Honestly, probably.  Before anyone jumps all over me and says “exactly my point that he’s only sorry he got caught”, let me ask you this.  Have you ever done anything that was wrong/against the law?  Thought so.  If you constantly speed on a certain road and then one day you get pulled over for speeding, are you sorry you were speeding or are you sorry you got caught?  Most likely the latter.  Chances are next time you are on that road you’re going to think twice about speeding.  As far as I’m concerned, Vick did wrong and served his time.  I come from the mindset that everyone deserves a second chance and in this case so does Vick.  Would you rather him not be able to work and then take government handouts that come from your tax money?  Now, if he goes back to dog fighting then that’s another story.  For now, get off your high horse and look for something else to bitch about.

The next discussion is the one that annoys me the most.  You have all the animal, PETA, SPCA, lovers out there that are still outraged 3 years later that the Eagles even signed Vick.  Let me first say I in no way condone dog, cock, pigeon, or any other kind of animal fighting.  To me it is despicable and should never happen.  However there are a dozens of other crimes that are more despicable; murder, rape, and child molestation to name a few.  In the United States legal system, if you are convicted of a crime you get a punishment.  Vick was convicted, received a punishment, and served his time.  Get over it.  These PETA, dog rescue, SPCA people have it all wrong.  They place these animals on a pedestal when there are human beings that are treated worse than these “pets”, yet they get their panties in a bunch when someone harms animals.  They get all worked up when a man paid his debt to society and is trying to move past his transgressions.

Why do they crucify Michael Vick when there are athletes as well as regular everyday people that commit crimes that are far more heinous than dog fighting?  Is it because animal loving and protection is a sexier issue to get behind?  Does it make them feel good?  Back in 2009 Donte Stallworth was convicted of manslaughter for killing a man with his car while drunk.  He served only 24 days in prison, and is now back in the NFL.  Where’s the outrage?  Where are the protests?  Is it because he is not as high profile as Vick?  Is it because drunk driving isn’t as sexy a cause as animal cruelty?  Do they put an animal’s life above that of a human’s?  Ridiculous.  What about everyday businessmen that beat their wives?  Where’s the outrage?  What about people who abuse their kids?  Oh that’s right, you’d rather stand up to the guy that beats Fluffy than the one that beats little Johnny.

 Mike Tyson was convicted of rape, served a sentence, and then continued boxing.  Today he appears to have changed his life around.  Those PETA pet lovers I’m sure laughed at Tyson in both Hangover movies.  Where’s the outrage there?  It’s obvious that Tyson was rehabilitated while in prison so why Vick can’t be rehabilitated?  I guess rape isn’t as sexy a cause as animal cruelty.  Where are these people when a catholic priest molests a little boy?   Isn’t that far worse than dog fighting?  If you say no then you have bigger issues to deal with.   To me the answer is easy; taking up the cause of animal cruelty is much easier to be a part of than drunk driving, rape, or catholic priests molesting little boys.  They can just speak their mind and nobody is going to question them.  Here’s a thought; open your eyes and realize that there are bigger causes out there.  Stand up to drunk driving.  Fight for more money for impoverished inner city schools.  Fight for something that will make a difference in the world and quit being lazy.

The next thing I want to mention is on Philadelphia sports talk radio this week I heard a lot people say that they will not be an Eagles fan now for 6 years (the length of Vick’s contract).  This is preposterous.  First of all this isn’t the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or even the early 90’s.  In professional sports today players rarely play their entire career with one team due to free agency.  Chipper Jones, Peyton Manning, and Derrick Jeter are major exceptions but guys like that are few and far between.  I am a fan of the Eagles.  I will root for them no matter who is playing for them.  The people that say they aren’t Eagles fans now basically weren’t fans to begin with.  If they were, they’d realize that it’s a different day and age we live in.  Players have no loyalty to the team; they go for the money (that sounds like a great idea for a future blog post).  As a diehard Eagles fan I say good riddance.  If you are that fickle, I don’t want you rooting for my team.

Finally I want to mention something I heard on the local news this week.  Someone sent a Twitter message into the local NBC station that said something to the effect that it’s ridiculous that Vick is getting $100 million.  The money should go to schools or to help the poor.  Huh?  Yes I agree that teachers, nurses, etc. are underpaid.  I agree that schools need money, but really?  The two of them are completely separate situations.  As messed up as it is, it’s the way it goes.  I just thought that was funny. 

In conclusion, do I condone Vick’s actions?  No.  Should he get a second chance?  Yes.  Everyone deserves and has received a second chance at some point.  These holier-than-thou people who go on crusades to save animals need to reprioritize.  I am not a dog or animal hater.  In fact I love dogs.  I do think there should be organizations that protect animals, but Fido’s life is definitely not worth more than a human’s.  Get it right people. Grow a set and stand up for a cause that will make a difference.  Don’t opt for the easy way out.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying when you point a finger at someone else, there are 3 others pointing back at you.

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