Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Resurrection

With the recent burial by my co-founder of the Philadelphia Eagles, I thought it was time to just let him and everyone else know..... Eh eh eh not so fast my friend (Lee Corso voice). The bird's have won 2 straight division games holding the Skins and Cowboys to 20 points, combined!!! Shady and the rushing attack is ranked #1 in the NFL and ran all over that great Dallas defense led by Rob "even though I'm fat, I will always be in the shadow of my dad and brother" Ryan. When asked after the game, Ryan said that he didn't give his team a good gameplan. Really??? You talked all that shit in the offseason about the birds being overhyped and they then go out and embarrass you on Sunday Night Football on NBC (free plug, return the favor)!!!

The Eagles look to be meshing and finally playing like the team we all anticipated them to be. They have a reasonably favorable schedule down the stretch compared to the rest of the NFC East and it seems as if they figured out how to play defense. As we have seen lately in sports, how you play early in the season means little compared to being hot at the end! We know that all too well being Phillies fans 2 years in a row. So maybe just maybe
Andy Reid has figured something out. Maybe they will get on a run late in the season and be that "hot" team everyone does not want to face come playoff time. Maybe these 2 games mean nothing and as fans we shouldn't read too much into them, who knows. I will say this, the Eagles can score with any team in the NFL so ultimately it will come down to defense and 1st year D coordinator Juan Castillo. If he can keep the D solid like the past 2 games, the birds will win the East and be in the dance. Whether they will get to go home with the hot girl (Lombardi Trophy) or be stuck with the fat chick that looks like the hot chick after a few beers (knocked out of the playoffs, AGAIN!!!) is yet to be determined!!! This is one Eagles fan, and Philadelphia fan that has learned over the years to never count our teams out!!!!! If the rest of the league is not worried, they should be.

This is
Kyle Montgomery, this has been my two cents, and your warning!!!!

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  1. I think their play the last few weeks will continue. The defense may struggle from time to time, but the offense has figured out the right way to play it: Run the football, and use the middle of the fields to set up the big shots downfield. You guys are definitely trending the right direction.