Saturday, November 5, 2011

Boo Hoo

Jason Avant doesn’t want any Eagles fans jumping on the bandwagon right now.  He looks at Eagles home games as away games and enjoys when the fans boo.  He wants people to talk bad about him and the Eagles.  Seriously?  Sounds like a spurned ex to me.  What the hell is he talking about?  When questioned about the comments he made after the Cowboys game last week he did not apologize.  He also said that this is America and he is entitled to his opinion and that he takes “offense” to signs about firing his coach. 

As most Eagles fan I’m extremely offended at his comments.  I like Jason Avant.  As a Michigan fan I knew the Eagles were getting a solid player.  Right now it appears that like most professional athletes, he is completely clueless about his fan base and his job as a professional athlete.  Does he not realize that without those “bandwagon” fans he has nothing?  Does he not realize that we spend our hard earned money to watch him play a game?  We invest countless hours of time and pour our energy and emotion to support “his” team?  Jason did get one thing right; it is America and he is entitled to his opinion.  Other than that he comes off as a complete douchbag.  First of all Mr. Avant, it is America and while you’re entitled to your opinion so am I.  So is every other Eagles fan.  That’s the beauty of living in America.  

To call Eagles fans “bandwagon” is way off base.  Jason, had you done a little research you’d know that the last time these “bandwagon” fans saw a championship was 1960.  That was a mere 23 years before you were even born.  I have never seen a championship, yet I shell out my money for season tickets, parking, concessions, merchandise, etc. every year.  We sell out the stadium game in and game out no matter how good or bad the team is.  There is never an issue with games getting blacked out on TV or having more opposing fans in the stadium than hometown ones.  Jason forgive me, if when the so called “dream team” is playing like shit I decided I want to boo and express my displeasure.  Forgive me if when a team that has Super Bowl expectations is 1-4, I’m not happy and drinking the “green Kool-Aid”.  My bad if when you and your teammates are blowing 4th quarter leads I’m not patting you on the back saying come on guy, you can do it.  Not going to happen.  You want that?  Go to Miami or Arizona…oh wait, there’s probably more Eagles fans in those crowds.

How am I on the bandwagon when 2 weeks later you’re 3-4 and I’m cheering for you?  As a fan that is my right.  I can cheer and boo whenever I feel.  Hell if I want to play Angry Birds in my seat instead of watching the game, that’s my prerogative.  I really don’t care if you’re upset with fans.  I don’t care if you’re feelings are hurt.  Suck it up and get over it.  While you’re bitching about “bandwagon” fans, we are out working hard to make money so we can attend the next home game.  I’ve said it many times before, but we were here long before you and will be long after you.

That’s the key right there.  We are paying customers and we deserve a quality product for our money.  If I go to Shoprite and buy some bad milk, I am going to just deal with it?  No.  I’m going back to Shoprite and getting better milk.  Unfortunately with our sports teams we don’t get that luxury.  What we do is the next best thing; we boo.  We’re going to let you know we are unhappy with the product we are given.  Most of us fans don’t have millions of dollars, so to spend $70 + for just a ticket on game day is a pretty big investment.  Again, you don’t want to be booed?  Get another job.  I wouldn’t be a teacher if I hated kids.

It blows my mind that guys like Avant and Jimmy Rollins are so quick to call out fans for behaving in a way that they disagree with.  Guess what guys?  You don’t want fans to boo?  Don’t play like shit.  For all that is said about Philly fans one thing that gets lost is that while we may be tough, we’re not unintelligent.  We’re not na├»ve enough to think that our teams will go undefeated.  All we ask is that you play with the passion and desire that we bring game in and game out.  We want you to give maximum effort.  Jason, you fumble the ball on a potential game tying drive or tip the ball up for an interception on another, we’re going to be pissed.  Sure things like that happen but they are fundamental football skills you learn in Pop Warner.  As Americans we have the right to express our displeasure.  Are we to just say oh well and let it go?  No.  We boo, express our displeasure, remain miserable for a few days and then begin to look forward to the next game.  Perhaps if you were focusing more on not fumbling or tipping a ball that was intercepted, you wouldn’t get booed.  Just a thought.

That’s all for today.  Hopefully Jason Avant can use his “anger” at the Philly fans to motivate him to continue to play better.  Maybe not.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying Booooooooooooo.  Remember to follow on Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog


  1. I agree 100%. Sometimes these athletes lose sight of the big picture. I feel as though they get stuck in their little bubble in the novacare complex and forget who really pays their bills.

    You can be a loved man in this city if you embrace it and play hard. You don't have to be a superstar. Look at Ike Reece. He's a lifetime special teams guy but he get's it and now people love talking to him on the radio. As a fellow Michigan fan avant needs to shut his mouth.

  2. I agree with your post and I don't want to rag too much on ungrateful athletes but those that are, are douche bags.
    I'm a homer for my teams but in return I want honest effort and gratitude for my financial, moral and emotional support.

  3. LOL! It reminds me of when my college coach Bobby Bowden let two thieves continue to play football after getting caught stealing! Whatever happened to good sportsmanship? On BOTH sides. I know fans who boo just because they're losing...

    Tsk, tsk. Get out and play ball! :)