Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Them Belly Full but We Hungry.......

For all you Bob Marley fans out there you know how the rest of the lyric goes…..”A hungry mob is an angry mob.”   If you have been following the news recently, flash mobs are causing a number of problems in the city of Philadelphia.  They have been for a few years now.  The problem is now so bad that Mayor Nutter has imposed a 9 p.m. curfew on anyone under the age of 18 in certain parts of the city.  As expected this has caused a ton of backlash.  For all of our loyal readers you know what that means; it’s time for Jimbo to weigh in with his opinion.  
First let’s start with what a flash mob is defined as. defines a flash mob as; a large group of people mobilized by social media to meet in a public place for the purpose of doing an unusual or entertaining activity of short duration.  Key words being “unusual or entertaining”.  What’s happening in Philly as well as Maryland earlier this week could be described as unusual but entertaining?  Who would be entertained by this?  Certainly not the business owners who are getting robbed and looted.  Definitely not to the innocent people who get hurt.  So entertaining to whom?  The first thing that needs to change is the name.  These “gatherings” are not flash mobs.  Just because they are started through social media does not mean they are flash mobs.  Let’s call them what they are; riots.  According to (damn, all these free plugs, you’d think they’d plug Obstructed Views????) a riot is - a disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons acting together in a disrupting and tumultuous manner in carrying out their private purposes.  If you’ve watched the news and have seen the aftermath of these so called “flash mobs”, you know then that they need to be reclassified as a riot.  Period.
Now the backlash.  Everyone has an opinion on these riots, but in reality who has done anything to stop them other than Nutter?  You see the same people on the news getting interviewed that you always do, and they’re claiming it’s the city’s fault.  Huh?  They claim that if more rec centers were open then the kids wouldn’t be bored.  Seriously?  What time are these riots happening?  Most of them well after the rec centers would be closed for the day.  So if you open the rec centers later, does this mean they couldn’t or wouldn’t just start a riot after they closed?  After all, they’d have more time to plan them with each other.    Also, for you idiots that say opening rec centers later would solve the problem, let me remind you that the city has huge financial problems.  Keeping the rec centers open costs money.  I don’t see any of you knocking down the Mayor’s door to volunteer to man the rec centers.  Remember when you bitched about having to pay the soda tax?  Oh yeah, some of that money could’ve gone to the rec centers.  You made your bed, now sleep in it.
Going back to the second part of the previous statement, these kids are bored and this is why they act out?  Get real people.  So if I get bored I can go and rob a bank?  Using your own logic it’s ok because I was bored.  I’ve said this a million times, where are the parents?  I usually don’t agree with a lot that Nutter does or says but in his rant he made some good points.  First of all, it’s not only embarrassing for black people; it’s embarrassing for everyone that lives in the city.  We are known as the city that can’t control our youth.  Everyone said that he said it in the wrong place (a church).  I say no way.  It’s the perfect place.  Some of these church goers are the same ones that bitch about the problem, so say it in front of them.  Challenge them to step up.  I’m sure a lot of them complained about the soda tax.  You want to bitch?  Step up your game.  Volunteer.  If not, shut up.  You’re just making the problem worse.
Nutter imposed the curfew.  Kudos Mr. Mayor.  Make it a crime for these rioters to be on the streets.  What’s that you say?  That violates these kids’ rights?  Bullshit.  Minors do not have full constitutional rights.  What’s that?  You’re punishing all for the acts of a few?  Well, maybe so but this is an epidemic. (A widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time….thanks once again now help a blogger out).  These rioters are an infectious disease.  You don’t like it?  Move out of the city.  These kids need to learn that this is how real life goes.  If you’re working at a place where people constantly show up late and the boss makes a rule that if you are late you get docked pay, guess what happens if you show up late for the first time?  Such is life.  Not fair?  Life isn’t fair.  These kids and their parents need to learn that now.
Finally I want to talk about the parents.  Not only should the kids be taken into custody and held until their parents come and get them, the parents should be punished.  You have to know that there is an epidemic of riots in this city.  Where are you?  Step up and be a parent.  Know where your kids are and what they are doing.  Obviously if they are out rioting you’re not doing your job.  Fine these parents.  Take the money from the fines and use it to help pay some of these business owners’ insurance deductibles.  You can’t pay the fine?  Go to jail.  You have to work?  Make sure someone is watching or at least keeping tabs on your kids.  Don’t like it?  Move out of the city.  I’ll be glad to help you pack.  Your poor parenting is a burden on me and all the other residents of the city.  Peace out.
Is there an easy answer to controlling the flash mobs?  Yes.  Set the rules/laws and strictly enforce them.  I’m sure if you make a couple examples out of people it’s a start.  This has nothing to do with kids being bored because rec centers are closed.  That’s laughable.  It, much like many things, comes down to parenting.  Where I grew up there wasn’t shit to do.  You want to talk about bored?  I didn’t start riots.  I found something to do.  I suggest all the parents of these “mobsters” teach their kids the same.  If not, I fear for the city of Philadelphia.  I started off with a Bob Marley lyric.  What are these kids hungry for?  Their parents.  Step up people.
Wednesday Evening 4-Pack plus a bonus
While I’m on the subject of people in the city of Philadelphia, let’s talk about trash.  Philadelphia is known for being a dirty city.  There have been a few articles recently in the Daily News talking about it.  The same people that bitch about the soda tax and the rec centers inevitably are also the ones that bitch about Philly being dirty.  Here’s a thought, THROW YOUR TRASH IN A TRASHCAN!  I don’t know how many times, no matter what section of the city I’m in, I see people tossing trash on the ground.  Newsflash people…..IF YOU THROW YOUR TRASH ON THE GROUND, YOUR CITY WILL BE DIRTY.  YOU HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME BUT YOURSELVES!  It’s not that hard of a thing to do.  Why do I care?  This directly affects me.  Where I live in Roxborough, no matter how many times I clean up the trash, there is always more that blows into my yard and driveway.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I had Burger King so I know it’s not mine.  Hell, there isn’t even a Burger King close to my house.  Until you learn to dispose of your trash the right way, Philly will be dirty.  Use some of the energy you have to bitch and clean up some trash.   Or move out of the city.
Slut Walk
Last weekend in Philly there was a “Slut Walk”.  This was to raise awareness for rape.  I agree with the cause.  No one under any circumstance should be raped.  The reason was because some idiot cop in Toronto said that in order to remain safe, women should avoid dressing like sluts.  Basically saying that if you dress like a slut you’re inviting someone to rape you.  Ridiculous.  That makes no sense and I agree with their cause.  However, (you knew it was coming) I do have a problem with some of the thinking of these women.  Again, no one ever deserves to be or asks to be raped.  That’s stupid.  My problem is with the women who wear tight, scantily clad clothing, and then get mad because guys gawk at them.  Seriously?  You knew your tits were hanging out of your shirt when you left the house.  You knew your ass sticks out in those tight pants.  You knew your shorts were half up your ass crack when you put them on.  You knew your pants were low-rise and you wore a lacy thong.  If you didn’t want men to look, why then would you wear them? You know me and most other men are going to look.  I’m not saying you should be raped.  That should never happen.  You know that men are going to look.  If you didn’t know, I’m telling you now and now you know.  If you don’t want to be gawked at, cover your shit up.  Is it fair?  Probably not, but like I’ve said before; I don’t make the rules.
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard is the most underrated and underappreciated athlete in Philadelphia and possibly the country.  I’m so sick of everyone bitching that all he does is strike out or hit “meaningless” RBIs.  To those people I have one question; “Do you even watch the Phillies?”  Sure, Ryan strikes out a lot.  He is a power hitter.  That’s what they do.  In case you haven’t noticed Ryan is quietly (I say quietly because the idiots that complain about him, obviously aren’t watching) having yet another strong season.  He leads the league in RBIs.  As the calendar is creeping toward September, Mr. Howard is once again starting to heat up.  Sure, he struck out looking to end last year’s NLCS, but we wouldn’t have been there without him.  Not clutch?  Did you see the Dodgers game last week?  Did you not pay attention down the stretch in ’07, ‘08, ‘09, and ’10?  His postseason numbers are .278 with 7 HRs and 27 RBI in 41 games.  Not bad.  We have one of the best first basemen in the game.  Appreciate it fans.  I’ll leave you with this; other than Pujols, what first baseman would you want?  Yep, that’s what I thought. 
So Long Nitwit
Speaking of Howards, longtime WIP host Howard Eskin is giving up his evening drive shift after 25 years.  Eskin is far from the most popular man in the city.  I used to listen to him every day (then I got another Howard; Stern on Sirius) and most of the time I didn’t agree with him.  He called listens morons, nitwits, idiots, etc.  He’s been accused of having his head so far up Andy Reid and Joe Banner’s assess.  He was a know-it-all who actually knew very little.  One thing you can say about Howard is that he was never afraid to speak his mind.  As a writer who isn’t afraid to speak my mind as well, I say good for you and good luck Howard.  I admire that no matter how bad a beating you take you speak your mind.   Keep on doing what you do chief. 
JoePa must go
Finally tonight I have to say it.  I’ve been saying it for years.  Let me preface this with I’m not a Penn State fan.  Joe Paterno must go.  Seriously.  He just got jacked up standing on the sideline during practice.  This isn’t the first time he’s been hurt on the sideline.  For your own safety Joe, step away.  We all know you haven’t really been coaching for some time now.  (I personally think you died 10 years ago and the PSU coaching staff is pulling a Weekend at Bernie’s with you but I digress)  You’re hurting the program.  I wouldn’t want to go to Penn State knowing that at any moment you could drop dead or decide to retire.  I wouldn’t send my kid there either.  You are a legend.  You were a great coach.  Key word, were.  You’ve done a lot for Penn State and college football.  For the sake of the program, hang ‘em up Joe.  Look what happened to Temple basketball when another legend, John Chaney, hung on too long.  The time is now.  Get Urban Meyer in there.
That’s it for tonight guys.  Please leave feedback because as always we love to have discussions.  Like us on Facebook and be sure to tell your friends about us.  Don’t forget we are on Twitter @Obs_Views_Blog  again; I leave random thoughts throughout the week.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying “if your body ain’t banging, cover your shit up.”


  1. Great blog and I found myself agreeing with you all the way trough all your comments--great minds must think alike!

  2. Typical Jim with his typical Wolverine BS. JoePa needs to retire NOW because a creak accident occurred during practice. Those claims are pure bullshit from a hating Mich fan, and I must a football fan, I expect better from you. History aside, because we can all agree that PSU/Mich/OSU/etc. ALL have history that we can argue, but your claims that JoePa should retire CLEARLY take shots at his "right now" abilities. Let's review...5 str8 years in bowl games, 2009 AND 2008 records were'd Mich do again? Needs to retire? For who? For what? The most winningest college football coach of ALL time will go as long as HE wants and until Mich does ANYTHING about it...I ask that you shut your hating mouth...and never pick up a magic marker in my house ever again :)

  3. Just to rub it in:
    2010: PSU 41 - Mich 31
    2009: PSU 35 - Mich 10
    2008: PSU 46 - Mich 17

    So...JoePa should retire so Mich can MAYBE beat Penn St??? Ahhh...that sounds more like your intentions.

  4. First of all it's not "wolverine bullshit" it's the truth. I said the same thing while chaney was coaching. most of your fans think he should go. He won't be fired, so my point is for the sake of the program, retire. Second freak accident? This isn't the first time it happened. Third, penn state plays a weak schedule. They are mediocre at best in the big ten (obviously better than michigan right now, but we're coming). They play half the teams in the mac, which last time I checked was a mid major, not a bcs conference. Also did we forget the temple game last year? I'm telling you now, be careful of september 17th at the linc. Fourth, I will bring my own markers from now on.

  5. Great site! New follower from The Blog Zone on LinkedIn. Please stop by and follow me back at I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  6. Flash mobs have also been happening in downtown Chicago, the Loop and off the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue). The previous mayor was able to keep these incidents out of the press, but the new mayor has not been as fortunate.

  7. There have been a lot of riots in the UK recently too, and I agree with your question "Where are the parents?"

  8. Philly fans are always most passionate. I believe that Philly fans embody the fighting spirit of America. To eagles and Phillies, good luck this year, whup Dallas Cowboys and all the other snob teams. Philly, the real heart of America!