Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Sports Fans.....

With all of the recent acts of violence at sporting events by fans, I feel obligated to give my opinion on this issue. Fans, what are you doing?? You know the old adage, one rotten apple spoils the bunch?? You're the bad apples!!! I understand being passionate about sports, I'm a Philadelphia sports fan!!!!!!! With that being said, when your "passion" turns violent, it crosses a line and puts others at risk because of your stupidity. Everyone is saying alcohol played a big part in this and that's just a bs excuse. What about the other 30,000 fans that CAN drink RESPONSIBLY??? I get emotionally vested in the game too, but physically assaulting a rival fan is a ridiculous way to react to a bad call or a bad play. These violent acts that we have seen in San Francisco, L.A., and at numerous soccer games throughout the world, have reminded fans like me that it's not worth it! I am a Philadelphia Eagles season ticket holder, a Philadelphia Phillies partial season ticket holder, and a Philadelphia Flyers partial season ticket holder. If I see someone acting up or severely intoxicated at these games and ask security to do something, their answer is to move my group instead of asking the assholes to settle down. Really??? What does that solve??? At no point does it ever cross my mind to confront that intoxicated person because nothing good can come from it. There has to be more enforcement by security, but more importantly, there has to be more enforcement by fans being responsible. Attending a sporting event is meant to be a fun and enjoyable time. As fans we shouldn't have to worry about getting sucker punched for wearing an opposing team's jersey. Again, innocent ball busting is one thing, violence however crosses a line. So to all of you "fans" that go the game to act out violently, get a clue!! You're not real fans, you're just a bunch of pricks that probably are ex-athletes and are jealous of the true fans and athletes!!! Not only are you ruining it for fans that can act responsibly after a few beers, but you're ruining it for the kid that goes to his first game with his dad but has to hear you the whole game screaming profanities and getting into fistfights!! It's not cool, so whoever told you it was, lied!!!! Do me a favor, before you ruin sporting events for EVERY fan out there, just stay home. As I said already, most people feel that there is a fine line between being passionate and being an asshole about being passionate. You my friends, are the 2nd one (in case you didn't know). I'll leave you with this thought. Think about the families you have hurt all because you wanted to flex your chest about your team! Your team is NOT Seal Team #6, and they DID NOT kill Bin Laden last time I checked, so stop with all the violence over a damn game!!!!

This is Kyle Montgomery saying, only you can prevent sporting event violence!!


  1. Soccer seems to breed violence. In England alcohol was banned from games. We seem to have less violence now but the price of tickets is extortionate now. I'm not that keen on sport, except Formula One and horse racing. I did have a few bets on soccer during the World Cup and so watched a few games. I bet on England not losing by a clean sheet on one game; they scored almost immediately and I was in the money! Football hooligans have no imagination and don't bet...

  2. Great post and I totally agree! What happened to personal accountability and common sense (not to mention common courtesy and good sportsmanship).
    Love your blog and I'll be back!

  3. I agree - how did sports become such a source of anger and aggression? Isn't this supposed to be our entertainment, a way to unwind? I feel like violence becoming common in sports fans is a bad sign for other areas of social interaction . . .