Saturday, August 6, 2011

If you got a chip fan, go and brush your shoulder off.....

It bonus time.  It’s your lucky day because I’m giving you back to back posts.  The Philly sports landscape is gradually changing.  There is a lot in the news recently that needs to be discussed.  So without further ado, here’s your weekend bonus 4 pack.

Philly Sports Weekend Bonus 4 pack 
Golden Era

There were articles about a month or so ago in both the Daily News and Inquirer talking about how this is the golden era of Phillies baseball.  I don’t disagree but I’m going to take it one step further.  We are in the golden era of ALL Philadelphia sports.  Don’t think so?  Check out these stats:

Playoff appearances since 2000 (Flyers and Sixers start with 2000-2001 season):

Eagles – 9 out of 11 seasons (6 division titles, 3 wild card berths, 5 NFC Championship games, 1 NFC title, 1 Super Bowl appearance) 

Phillies – 4 out of 11 seasons (4 division titles, 2 NL titles, 1 Championship)

Flyers -   9 out of 10 seasons (2004-2005 season cancelled) (3 division titles, 3 conference finals, 1 Stanley cup appearance)

Sixers – 7 out of 11 seasons (1 division title, 1 NBA Finals appearance)

Obviously the one thing missing is multiple championships.  I challenge anyone to name me another era in history where the teams have had this kind of sustained success.  It can’t be done.  I know some of my old head readers may say the mid 70’s to mid 80’s simply because of the number of titles.  You could make a valid argument but sports are different now.  Also, not all 4 teams had this kind of success for this long the entire time.  So enjoy ladies and gentleman.  You are in the golden age of Philly sports and there is no guarantee how long it will last or if it will ever happen again.  I still would like to see few more championships.  Without them is the era really that golden?

Competitive year after year or title

Speaking of golden eras and titles, I actually could do without this golden age.  Out of 29 playoff appearances and 5 finals appearances Philly only has 1 title?  Come on.  You can do the math and the average is not that good.  I would trade all of this sustained success for a few more championships.  I know there are a lot of team’s fans out there who’d gladly trade places with me in a minute.  I’m greedy.  Especially since I got the taste of what a championship is I want more.  All those division titles and playoff appearances mean shit if you don’t win the title.   I may be in the minority but give me another title in 3 out of 4 of the sports and I’ll be satisfied for a few years.  Give me a Lombardi Trophy, a Stanley Cup, and an O’Brien trophy to go with the World Series Trophy and I’ll take a few years of being in last place.  Beats the hell out of being so close only to have it ripped away.

Chip on shoulder

As I mentioned yesterday, the Eagles are making crazy moves and spending a lot of money.  They are bringing in some big name players in an effort to make a run at that elusive Super Bowl title.  I do think that Joe Banner and Howie Roseman are feeling jealous of the Phillies and their recent success.  Whatever the reason is, I’ll take it.  I’m a regular follower of’s page 2 as well as (I really wish they’d give me a free plug since I just gave them one…..just saying).  I like to read the comments that people leave.  After each article or post that involves the Eagles without fail some asshole Cowboys or Giants fans will undoubtedly leave the “The Eagles fans are horrible.  They know nothing and have this huge chip on their shoulder”, or something to that extent.  Guess what?  Eagles fans do have chips on their shoulders.  I’ll be honest, a lot stems from jealously and frustration.  Jealous that all of the cities near Philadelphia have won Super Bowls and, with the exception of the Baltimore Ravens, multiple Super Bowls.  You can’t have an intelligent argument with a Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Steelers, or Patriots fan without them mentioning their Super Bowl titles.  It’s frustrating but hell, I don’t blame them.  It’s the ultimate trump card.  I can throw out all the knowledge I have but it doesn’t mean shit when one of them undoubtedly will ask, “How many rings do you have?”  I just want to be in the conversation.  You can boast all you want about how many at that point, I’d be happy with my one.  Unfortunately as it stands now, I haven’t even been invited to the party to be a part of the discussion.  That’s where the chip comes from.   

I was watching as the fog rolled into Soldier Field.  I had to deal with Bryce Paup snapping Randall’s knee like twig and then Jerome Brown dying.  God told me to go to Green Bay.  The musical quarterbacks in the mid to late 90’s.  (Does Brad Goebel ring a bell?)  For who? For What?  Rich Kotite.  Doug Pederson.  Tommy Hutton bobbling the snap.  Emmitt Smith running and running on Halloween night in the rain.  Did I mention Doug Pederson?  Ronde Barber.  Ricky Manning.  Asante Samuel (when he was with the Patriots).  You get the point.  So yes, as an Eagles fan I do have a chip on my shoulder.  The only thing that will knock it off is a Super Bowl Title.  I’ll work out the details of my party conversation when I get there.  For now, I just want to be invited to the party.  Maybe the invitation got lost in the mail?

Dream Team

If you ask most of the so called “experts”, this is the year my invitation comes in the mail.  The Eagles are making a lot of power moves and honestly I like it.  All that’s left is to extend Vick and Desean’s contracts and we could be set for a really long time.  What I don’t like is all the hype.  Maybe it’s the chip on my shoulder but I don’t like all the talk that is going on.  2 of the new players have made comments that have everyone up in arms.  Vince Young, in jest I might add, said the Eagles were a “dream team”.  First of all if you watch the interview he was obviously joking.  The media however took this and ran with it.  Vince, let this be a lesson to you, watch what you say.  Joking or not you’ve been in the league long enough to know better.  The media is also part to blame too.  This is a non-story.  Vince Young was laughing and the quote was taken out of context.  Maybe it’s the chip on my shoulder but the media seems against the Eagles too.  Just saying.  Jason Babin Tweeted that the Eagles were like the Miami Heat.  Seriously?  First of all expectations were already going to be high.  Secondly, you do know what happened to them right?  I hope you’re ready to step up Jason because teams are going to be coming at you extra hard. 

Rob Ryan

Here’s your Saturday bonus.  Rob Ryan said he can’t wait to kick the ass of the “all hype team”.  I’ll admit there is a lot of hype surrounding the Eagles.  But seriously Rob?  All your family does is talk.  Other than old man Buddy who won a title as a coordinator, your family has won nothing.  Your father choked (literally and figuratively) as the coach of the Eagles 3 straight years.  Rex has won nothing.  Your record as a coordinator is terrible.  How about you worry about getting your shit together before you talk any more shit?  

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