Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sense of Entitlement......

Why is it, that there are several people who seem to think they are entitled to certain rights or privileges when in actuality, they aren't. I want to discuss possible reasons for this sense of entitlement (it's kind of like a movie title that HAS to be referenced during the movie).

Let's say you make a six figure salary and subsequently drive a very nice vehicle, does this then mean that you are entitled to have people treat you any different? Does it mean that you can treat people with less respect? Does it mean that you can talk down to people and act as if you're better then them? The answer, in my opinion, to all of these questions is NO! So you make good money, and drive a nice car, hell everybody knows you, it's like you're a movie star, (old school rap reference) but why do you feel the need to disrespect people because of it?? Is it because in America, there is a notion that if you have money and drive a nice car, you reach a certain level of status within society?? My question is, why is there this notion?? So you work 45 hours a week and drive a Mercedes and I work 70 hours a week and drive a honda, that makes you better than me?? If you answered yes, explain to me how!! I've noticed that the less you work, the lazier you are. I'm not saying that you have no work ethic, but what I'm saying is that you feel "entitled" to have people do things for you. Again I ask, why??? Why do Americans have this sense of entitlement? Is it money, job, car, family and the way they were raised, or is it all of the above?? I say it's a combination of all of those and a great deal to do with technology. Remember before remote controls for a television and you had to physically get up to change the channel? It made you work for the channel you were going to watch. I think this is where the entitlement begins. Call me crazy, but just something as minute as relying on a remote to change channels on the television, gives a sense of entitlement to people that it's ok to rely on other people to do things that your lazy ass should be doing yourself.
This whole thought process came about because I work in the restaurant business and recently had a customer give me an order for 13 co-workers and himself and asked that they all be individually bagged and marked!! Am I your mother?? You want me to personalize your lunch like it's the first day of kindergarten??? Then he proceeds to say, "I want it delivered by 12 and I'm right across the street". Good for you, you just kept me on the phone 20 minutes because Bill in human resources wanted no onions, lite mayo, pickles, and numerous things on the side because he's allergic to tomatoes so your order will take 45 minutes. Again, "sense of entitlement". You work across the street so I'm supposed to stop what I'm doing and stop the orders for everyone else to make and deliver yours?? Here's a thought. Walk your fat ass the 1/10 of a mile across the street, get some exercise, and get your order yourself. Why do you feel that because you tell me where you work that I'm supposed to bend over backwards for you?? That's the problem with society today and you are seeing more and more people like this jackass in positions that they shouldn't be in (i.e. 1/2 of the politicians).
For our loyal readers, I've mentioned it in the past, the word is manners! Before you act like an entitled prick, think to yourself if you really deserve to be entitled to that. If you hire someone to cut your grass, is it because you work 70 hours a week and get home after dark, or is it because you feel entitled to have someone else do that for you?? I can't stand the people that feel they are above certain people or certain things because of their job, car, or financial status. Remember, it's a constant cycle. Without guys like me doing my job, you won't have yours!!!

This is Kyle Montgomery, this has been my two cents and remember, we all put our pants on one leg at a time!!!


  1. Nice Ghetto boys reference in there.

  2. My first visit to your blog; I love your writing "voice."

    "Entitlement" is one of those words that is now all marketing and very political. We've built a culture that has confused entitlement with "need" or "assistance," and then raised a generation that we're so afraid of scarring that we must somehow tell them they're good at everything. Much of the result comes out in the bad-mannered behavior you eloquently (snarkily ;-) describe. Good post.