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When it comes to figuring out just how deep your fandom runs, there are plenty of types that get thrown around. "Fair weather fans", "Bandwagon Jumpers" and then there are the "Die-Hard" Fans. Die hard fans feel they are far more superior than the other two while Fair Weather fans feel they hold a slight edge over the Bandwagon Jumpers. Bandwagon Jumpers are like grown men who secretly watch the bachelor but will deny it in front of all of their boys, unless something awesome happens or there is an extremely hot girl on there. This long debated topic always seems to spark an argument amongst the different fandoms without really getting anywhere. I'd like to dive into this argument and explain my issue with all of them!!!!

With the recent outburst of "Lin-sanity" it made me think about the topic of which types of fans these people are who attend Knicks games now. Are they fair-weather fans? Perhaps. Are they Bandwagon Jumpers? Perhaps. They may be die hard fans that didn't have a reason to go to a game live until now. The issue I have with all of this is simply, " who cares"????? Is it really worth arguing or getting all pissed off about?? So they may be fair weather fans. They're spending money on merchandise and tickets that goes to your favorite team's benefit, isn't that a good thing?? 

Listen, having been a lifelong, die hard Philadelphia sports fan, I've always been an advocate of being a die hard fan is the best way to go and if you're just a casual fan you're either stupid or lazy. Maybe it's me getting older or maybe it's having an uncle who is a die hard Seahawks, orioles, and Lakers fan who after last NHL season explained he's a die hard bruins fan as well but doesn't watch hockey, but I've grown tired of fighting the battle with people and have turned a new leaf. For example, I may have season tickets, buy only authentic jerseys, and can name every player from the 1987 team, and you don't own any merchandise except that hat you bought at Kmart to show how much of a fan you are, don't watch more than 5 games a year, and only know 2 players on the team and 1 of those hasn't played in 10 years, but we're both fans of the team. Die hard fans can't understand how the casual fan can't commit more of their time and energy into that team and the casual fan can't understand how the due hards can, but at the end of the day they're both fans of the team.

If you're a die hard fan and you can't stand casual, fair weather, or bandwagon fans, let me ask this question, are your significant others fans of that same team? If so do you honestly think its because of anything other then the fact that you are a fan and by them showing interest in your "activity" you'll take interest in one of hers? Would they then be considered fair weather fans or bandwagon jumpers, or do they get a pass because they are your significant other?? 

The point I'm trying to make is wether you are a 12 year season ticket holder or a fan that can't name anyone on the team, you're still a fan. So my hatred for the cowboys, mets, rangers, Knicks, and lakers runs deeper than yours, as long as you're rooting for the same team as me, I'll accept it. I can understand that those bandwagon jumpers irritate the die hard fans who were fans when the team sucked, but what can you do, not allow them to like the team????

Being that it's Black History Month, there was a famous speech that you may have heard of that started like this, "I have a dream"..... Well I too have a dream, that one day all of us fans, can be seen as just that, fans, no matter the color of your face paint, or the level of your
fandom, we can all coincide as fans of the same team(s). The main thing to remember is that you know the truth. Whether your a die hard fan or a bandwagon jumper, you know who you are and that's what matters. I'm sure there will still be some die hard fans who claim I'm not a real die hard fan for accepting bandwagon jumpers as fans but to them I say, challenge my fandom, c'mon, I     dare you!!!!!

This is Kyle Montgomery and this has been my two cents!!!!!



With the recent passing of Whitney Houston, I'd like to say a few things. First off, id like to give my condolences to her family because no death is ever easy to deal with. Secondly, I'd like to say Chris Christie (nice name by the way douchebag), flying the state flag at half staff???? Really? I guess I missed the report that said Whitney Houston was the member of "Seal Team Six" that shot Bin Laden and deserved this honor!!!!! Finally, that brings me to you, Bobby Brown. Way to go! You did an awesome job of tarnishing her legacy. Listen, I know it's your "perogative" to be "humpin around",but, the signs all told you "don't be cruel" to that "roni" of yours named Whitney. you didn't listen and arguably ruined the life and career of a great artist/performer. Hopefully after its all said and done you have recognized your horrible ways and and will start the "new edition" of your life!!! R.I.P. Whitney, I guess Bobby sucked as your "Bodyguard"........

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