Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh the Linsanity

With so much going on in the world, today is an appropriate time for a 4 pack.  This 4 pack covers a wide array of topics so without further ado, let’s get into it.

Control This
Part of the controversial “Obama Care” is the fact that employers must provide women access to birth control without having to pay co-pays.  This angered the Catholic Church leaders who are staunch opponents to birth control because it “goes against their beliefs”.  After a lot of whining and bitching, Obama was left with no other choice but to exempt the Catholic organizations from this and now the insurance companies have to pick up the tab for women working for Catholic organizations.  They claim it’s a “violation of their first amendment rights”.  I have so many issues with this. 

First of all why is it that only women can get free birth control?  Why can’t condoms be covered under this plan?  No offense ladies, but as so many of you have said, “It takes two to tango”. Last time I check there isn’t a male birth control pill so why can’t condoms be covered? 

Secondly, who does the Catholic Church think they are?  Violating your rights?  What if there is a non-Catholic working for a Catholic run organization?  You are claiming that the government (Obama) is forcing their beliefs are you and forcing you to do something that goes against your beliefs but aren’t you doing the same thing?  Just because you don’t believe in birth control doesn’t mean everyone doesn't, so by you “forcing” your beliefs on your employees you are basically doing the same thing.  Besides, what is this?  The 1300s?  Who still doesn’t believe in birth control?  Time to get with the times.   

Finally, really Obama?  Of all the drugs that you could have made co-pay free, you choose birth control?  

You are still gay

Am I the only one who thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous that gay marriage is even an issue in this country?  It’s really disturbing that there are some people in this country that get so worked up about it.  I’ve made it clear on this blog my feelings.  Recently the New Jersey State Congress passed a bill that legalized same sex marriages.  Governor Chris Christie (seriously?  What were his parents thinking?) Immediately said he would veto the bill.  His thoughts were that the people should decide the issue on a ballot.  Ridiculous.  I get that one of the foundations of our government is popular sovereignty but why is this even an issue?  I still think there are many more important issues that our government needs to address.  If there is anyone out there that can explain to me why people get there panties in a bunch over this or why our government wastes time dealing with it; please tell me.

Give me a high 5

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The Miami Marlins had retired the #5 in honor of Carl Barger, the team’s first president back in 1992.  Why am I bringing this up?  Logan Morrison plays leftfield for the Miami Marlins.  Morrison wanted to switch his number and wear the #5 to honor his father.   Easy solution.  “Sorry Logan.  The Marlins have retired the #5.”  Or at the very least “Sorry Logan.  The Marlins have retired the #5 but if you can get in permission from the Barger family you can have it.”  The Marlins claim “they couldn’t” get in touch with the Bargers and gave Morrison the number anyway.  It took a reporter from a Miami newspaper 5 minutes to get in touch with the family, who were completely clueless.  The Marlins are now going to place a plaque honoring Barger in their new stadium.  That’s it?  First of all, if wearing #5 meant that much to Morrison he should’ve been trying to get in touch with the family.  Second of all, the Marlins should’ve made it clear immediately that the number was unavailable.  Finally, in my opinion if you retire a number that’s it.  It’s not used under any circumstances.  Tough luck Logan.

Oh the Linsanity

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Unless you you’ve been living under a rock the past 2 weeks, you’ve heard about Jeremy Lin.  As a Sixers fan, I’m not really all that fond of someone from the Knicks doing well.  Maybe it’s the Haterade talking.  Maybe you have also heard that an editor was fired this week for running a headline that read “Chink in the Armor” after the Knicks lost a game.   I don’t think that it was meant as a racial slur towards Lin.  I do however feel that it was irresponsible that this editor didn’t put more thought into this headline.  He also claimed that he had used the headline before….also not very good editing if you are recycling headlines.  Just saying.  For now though I just hope that this whole Jeremy Lin thing goes away….I hate the Knicks.

There you have it.  This week’s 4 Pack covered a ton of ground.  Let me know your thoughts on Birth control, gay marriage, Logan Morrison, or Jeremy Lin.   Until next time this is Jimbo saying I have no problem auctioning off my retired number to the highest bidder. 


  1. I agree on everything you said. The Jeremy Lin story is killing me. I mean if this guy was on the Charlotte Bobcats he sportscenter still wouldn't know who he was. Is it a cool story? Yes. Is he playing well? Yes. But Michael Wilbon did a piece on ESPN the other day and said he has the "shooting skill of a Steve Nash" and "passing skills of John Stockton". How the hell do you compare a guy who's played (at that time) 7 games to 1 hall of famer and one soon to be HOF'er?

    It just kills me how a couple of weeks ago Magic Johnson and John Barry couldn't bring themselves to give the Sixers any respect but they're so fast to crown Lin the next coming of Mo Cheeks (yea I went there). I have nothing against Lin besides the fact he's a Knick but that's not his fault. Go Sixers!

  2. My goodness, I don't even like sports or politics but I discover that I agree with every single thing that you have said here. Shocking. Were we separated at birth?

    Birth control should be available to everyone, men and women. Overpopulation is the biggest problem on this planet.

    I don't know about you but personally, my marriage is not threatened by the fact that two guys named Bruce want to get monogrammed towels. Get over it!

    If the #5 is retired, it is retired. Period. How is that a complicated concept?

    And yes, the ESPN editor should be fired. Not for being racist but for being lazy and stupid. Knowing not to recycle racist headlines (no matter how funny they seem at the moment) is what separates the pros from the wannabes.

    Are you sure that we weren't separated at birth? Were you by any chance born in Pigeon, Michigan? (More importantly: if you were, would you admit it in public?)

    Kay in Honolulu, Hawaii
    (the home of absolutely no professional athletic teams of any kind whatsoever)
    (we do, however, make a mean mai tai)

  3. The Linsanity is fun, in my opinion. The best I've seen yet is Jimmy Fallon's impersonation of Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jame) with a version of "Jeremy" on this subject. Frankly, the Knicks haven't been this much fun since the Bill Bradley decided to go into politics...

  4. I think when it comes to this Chris Christy "the lady doth protest to much". Reminds me of Edgar Hoover.