Monday, February 6, 2012


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The Super Bowl is over and with it the NFL season ends.  It won’t be long now before the Eagles send me the invoice for next year’s season tickets.  Spring training is right around the corner and that means the weather should be getting warmer.  I say should be because after these “spring” like temps this winter, perhaps spring will bring blustery cold temps and snow.  There are a few loose ends I’d like to tie up about this year’s Super Bowl.

Root, Root, Root for the……..

As much as it pains me to say and see, the Giants are champs for the second time in four years.  If this isn’t bad enough to deal with as an Eagles fan, I have to hear people telling me I should be happy for them.  Huh?  All week leading up to the game and today after the game, I have had to hear people tell me that I have to root for the Giants because they are “NFC East”.  First of all, that is the reason I’m not rooting for them.  They are one of the three NFL teams I hate the most because of the fact they play in my division.  Sorry, but as a self respecting fan I just can’t do it.
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  Secondly, since the Giants won I now have to deal with the Giants fans talking trash about their team’s victory.  That’s like rooting for a migraine.  Wouldn’t do that so why would I root to hear the Giants fans talk shit?  Finally, the truth is I’m a hater.  If my team can’t win I don’t want anybody to win.  Childish?  Sure, but since somebody has to win I’d rather it not be my enemy.  Rooting for the Giants is like helping an ex-girlfriend pick out lingerie for her new boyfriend.  Just doesn’t make much sense.

New York, Dallas, and Washington 12 – Philadelphia 0
Now that the Giants have won Super Bowl 46, the NFC East has now won 12 of 46 Super Bowls.  Of those 12 the Eagles have won a whopping 0.  Awesome.  Still think I should be rooting for the Giants?  Don’t even tell me that the Eagles have won “NFL” championships before there was a Super Bowl.  Who cares?  There should also be a statute of limitations on Super Bowl wins and bragging rights.  10 years is about right.  Listen, if you weren’t born when your team won you shouldn’t be bragging about it.  Perfect example was Steelers fans.  Of course now they have two more to brag about but you get the point.  

Speed Dating
Hands down the funniest commercial of the night was the E-Trade baby who was “speed dating” in the nursery.  Second funniest?  The Doritos one with the dog paying the man off to keep quiet about the missing cat.  The Matthew Broderick commercial would've been good if I hadn't already seen it 1000 times leading up to the Super Bowl.  What's up with that?

I must say that Madonna’s halftime show was pretty good.  The MIA “flip” off thing is being blown out of proportion.  I didn’t personally see it but it wouldn’t have offended me if I had.  Meanwhile, there’s nobody to blame but NBC anyway.  After the whole Janet Jackson “wardrobe” malfunction, NBC should’ve been on high alert.  Somebody dropped the ball.  You want to be mad at MIA?  Be mad at her for her music.

The NFL season is over.  I could say congrats to the Giants, but it wouldn’t be heartfelt.  Yes I drank plenty of Hatorade today, so what? Until next time this is Jimbo saying for all of my Phillies fans out there, here’s a little bit of silver lining; the last time the Giants won the Super Bowl, the Phillies won the World Series. 

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