Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony

Ok, given the recent verdict and public outcry of this case, I felt it was time to chime in and give my opinion about this case, the verdict, and everyone whining over the verdict.

First off let me start by saying the death of Caylee is tragic and what has happened since her death is just as tragic. Making this family a household name sickens me. They are not a household name because of a movie, or a sport, they are a household name because of the death of a child. Sick!!!! Now, do I think Casey murdered her child?? No, but i think there were a number of circumstances that point to it and think there were a ton of shady events that occured I think that Caylee may have accidentally drowned and Casey panicked as a mother and made a horrible decision. Now, I also believe she neglected her child and more or less was a horrible mother. The problem is that she did not report her daughter missing for 31 days.....31 DAYS!!! Think about that. If you're a parent or remember as a child yourself, if your child was missing for 31 seconds you scream their name and wonder where they are and as a child yourself your parents would have done the same. Now on to my next point. I'm tired of people saying the system did not work, bottom line whether we like the decision rendered or not, the system worked and here's why. The system in this case was designed to have a jury of Casey Anthony's peers render a verdict based on the evidence provided. In my opinion, this is what happened. Within a murder case there should be a cause of death and/or time of death. In this "murder" case there was neither. Now in my opinion if there is no cause of death, there can't be a murder. Whether or not the evidence points to a murder or not, without a cause of death it is damn near impossible to prove a murder successfully and this is the case here. Whether or not you agree with the decision made, it was the right one based on the guidelines of a trial by jury. Again, I don't like that she's free and I sure as hell don't like that a child is dead, but the issue is could be the system itself then. I agree that justice was not served but to argue that system did not work is ridiculous because it did. Why is her dad not being grilled harder? Why is the prosecution not being blamed for giving a weak case? The jury made their decision based on the evidence the prosecutors presented and the argument against that evidence that the defense presented. To me, that's the system working. I don't know how many more times I have to say it, whether you agree with the decision or not, THE SYSTEM WORKED based on the guidelines of a system working.

I want to shift gears to the most recent outcry and that is for the names of jurors being released. This is ridiculous. They have no choice but to serve jury duty unless they cop out and show bias or say they're racist. The jurors in this case did what was asked and based their decisions on the evidence and arguments provided by the defense and prosecution respectively. They knew that their decisions would not be popular to everyone, but they did the job they were supposed to do. So the public does not agree with their decision, does that mean we release the names of these jurors?? What will that prove?? That will only allow members of society that disagree with the decisions of these jurors to harass and threaten these people. Some of the people that disagree with verdict, may in fact be some of the people who claimed to be bias or racist in order to get out of jury duty. I give these jurors of this case credit. They took on the challenge of being a juror in a high profile case and being away from their families for a long period of time. To release the names of these jurors is an invasion of privacy and a threat to their personal safety. On top of that, watch what you ask for. If the names are released and let's say something unfortunate were to happen to one of these people, do you really think that moving forward people will be eager to be on a jury??? Hell no!! There goes the "system" everyone is so upset with, there will be no trials by a jury anymore because there will be no jury. As I said previously, this whole event is unfortunate and a tragedy and my heart goes out to Caylee because there is no way she deserved any of this, but to make the jurors suffer as a result of Casey being found not guilty is unfair to them, and it is unfair to their families. So before you claim the system does not work, or the jurors suck, or even say the system let another murderer free, I want you to look in the mirror and ask yourself if the person you see in that mirror is willing to be a juror in a high profile case, be away from your family for an extended period of time, and take on the pressure that these jurors did. I'd bet 1/2 of you wouldn't have the balls to do it and will claim it's an inconvenience to serve on jury duty. These jurors did a commendable job and based their decisions (as far as we know) on the evidence provided. They should not be named if they don't want to be named.

I'd like to close by saying this. Casey is a bad mother. She should never be allowed to have any more children. With that being said she was found not guilty of murder by a jury of her peers. That's the system and it worked how it was supposed to. It may not have been the popular decision or even the "right" decision, but it was based on the evidence provided, period. The jurors did not allow their emotions to get in the way of their job as jurors to base their decision on the evidence. Casey Anthony will get what's coming to her because I believe that's how things work. Just remember, after reading this, hug your child and tell them you love them because life is fragile. We don't always like decisions that are made but once they are made there is nothing we can do. It's easy from the outside to say that this should have been done or that should have been done but guess what, it wasn't. Caylee may never get the justice she deserves, but to make the jurors and defense attorneys suffer will not make that change. They were doing their job. The defense attorney's job is to defend those being accused of a crime. They cannot get emotionally attached to a case because it will jeopardize their decision making. It doesn't make these lawyers bad people because they're defending a possible murderer, they have a job to do like most of you out there. If you don't like Casey Anthony that's fine, I don't either, but I don't hold that against her lawyers and neither should anyone else. Bottom line is that a child is dead and there is nobody held accountable for that. It's not the system's fault, the defense attorney's or juror's or judge's fault either. So please don't pass judgement on these people for doing what was asked of them, direct your anger towards the proper people. Also if you want to honor Caylee, hug YOUR kids, love YOUR kids, cherish YOUR kids, those are the kid's lives that you can really impact. Nothing we can do can bring Caylee back, but loving our own kids can help to prevent it from happening in the future.

This is Kyle Montgomery, and this has been my two cents!!!!

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  1. This was the best blog entry I've read from you so far Kyle...BRAVO! Not necessarily because I agree or disagree with your entry, but because this was well thought out, insiteful and didn't posess the typical emotion behind your words where I picture you screaming at me while I read. Not saying your other entries are bad, just that this was a nice break from the norm...well done.