Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear Derek Jeter,

Well, tonight is supposed to mark the end of an era in New York as Derek Jeter, "The Captain" "Mr. November", plays his final game in front of the Yankee faithful. Whether you are a Yankee fan or not, it's tough not to think highly of Jeter even if it is simply based on his accomplished. When professional athletes retire, it's usually not something people care about since they get paid a large sum to play a game, however with Jeter it is different. The face of the Yankees and MLB for 20 seasons, Jeter has been the epitome of class, a role model, and how to act as a "professional" athlete. 
I respect Derek Jeter for his accomplishments off the field. With all the bad behavior getting negative attention throughout the sports world, one constant for 2 decades has been that #2 would be a class act on and off the field. The following link will take you to Jeter's take 2 foundation website and show you the class act he is. 

With that being said, I'd like to reminisce over my post when Jeter collected his 3000th career hit.....

Thank you Derek Jeter!! RE2PECT!!

Now batting for the New York Yankees, #2, SS Derek Jeter!!!!! Hate it or Love it, but for the past 16 seasons Derek Jeter has been the foundation of the Yankees and their success over that time. In my lifetime, I have only seen 2 or 3 athletes in any sport more clutch than Jeter, (Jordan, Montana, maybe even Elway). In this age of free agency and players going to teams to get the most money, Jeter has been loyal to the team that drafted him and gave him a chance. I commend him for that because not only did he do it with the franchise and owner that helped make free agency what it is today, but he did it all while having the spotlight on him in the biggest stage there is. I'm not going to get into all the highlights that Derek Jeter has provided over the years, there are too many for me to mention, ( that infamous November HR, the diving into the stands to make the catch and coming out with a black eye, the running across the field and making what will always be known as "the flip" to get {Jeremy Giambi} out, remember that name it's a trivia answer), but I want to get some things out there and honor Derek Jeter. Jeter won't hit 50,40,30 maybe not even 20 HR and won't knock in 100 RBI, but I'll be damned if there is anyone that plays with more heart than Jeter. If you ask me, Derek Jeter plays the game how it's supposed to be played, with class, heart, and sportsmanship. That's right, sportsmanship. Most players can't even spell the damn word let alone use it, but Jeter exemplifies what class and sportsmanship is all about. Throughout his time in New York, he was always the good guy to Steinbrenner being the bad guy, the batman to the joker if you will. As much as you wanted to hate the Yankees because of Steinbrenner, it was hard to root against Derek Jeter. Achieving what he has done won't be what his legacy will be, his legacy will be in my eyes the greatest New York Yankee EVER!!!!! Never was Jeter involved in a scandal with women, drugs, racial slurs, etc. He has handled himself with class since 1996 and truly represents the old saying the Yankees live by, "the name on the front of the jersey, means more than the one on the back"!!! He has represented the Yankees with class and respect and whether you hate the Yankees or not, you have to respect Jeter. Getting to the 3,000 hit milestone and being the only Yankee to achieve it is an unbelievable thought when you think of all the great Yankees. Now I'm not saying he should be a role model by any means, but if you want to teach kids the right way to play the game of baseball, Derek Jeter has set an example to be used for years to come! 

I'm a die hard Phillies fan, but more than that, I'm a baseball fan. Derek Jeter, for being a sense of purity during the steroid era, and for being the greatest player in the history of the most "storied" franchise in sports, I want to tip my hat to you and simply say, THANKS!!! You've been a class act your whole career and I wish more athletes would act with 1/2 the class as you. I want to give you a big congratulations and commend you for achieving such a milestone!!! Thank you for not taking the game you play for granted as many athletes today do. You may not get all the credit you deserve, but in my mind you're the greatest Yankee ever and possibly the player amongst the steroid controversy that has kept baseball so relevant amongst all sports. Thank You!!!!

So in honor of you Derek Jeter, I am Kyle Montgomery, and this has been my "2" cents!!!

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