Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Airing of Grievances.....,

I'd like to take this time to talk about the MLB all star game. This is by far the best All Star game in professional sports but it has definitely lost a ton of luster over the past few years. The first problem I have is the fact that in order to add more meaning to the game, home field advantage in the world series is awarded to the winning league. This is ridiculous. The All Star game has always been an exhibition of the BEST players in the league. Notice what I said there?? An "EXHIBITION" of the "BEST" players in the league. This doesn't mean players that are popular and get voted in based on prior accomplishments, this means the best and most deserving players from the first half of the year. All due respect to Derek Jeter & Josh Hamilton, but they did not deserve to be all stars this year but because of their name they got voted in. There is no reason for that to happen and there is no reason that the all star game should decide home field advantage in the world series. You mean to tell me that a player that is in the all star game from the Kansas City Royals ( that's right every team has to be represented which is bullshit, it's the big leagues not little league!!!!!) gives a shit if the Yankees or Red Sox get home field advantage in the world series?!?!?! Conversely, Hunter Pence of the Astros made a great throw to the plate last night and saved a run, but I'm sure he didn't do it thinking, "this play is going to help the Phillies or Giants in the world series"!!!! Plus, the fate of home field advantage in the world series should not fall into the hands of the lone all star on a team that is 25 games under .500 by the all star break. The all star game in all the leagues is becoming irrelevant because it is not taken seriously by the players and there is little competition. Free agency has caused there to be no real "American league" or "National league" players anymore, plus half the players have similar agents as well so they become more friendly. It's horseshit!!! If the commissioner wants the all star game to be beneficial to the league and it's fans, have it after the year in a warm location, so that teams won't rest their players for fear of not having them down the stretch run of the season. There are players that still take the all star game seriously and want to compete, but the majority feel it's a waste of time. Bring the competition back. Even the home run derby should be changed. Pit the 4-man teams from both leagues against each other and go by total HR to see who is the dominant league. Instead of home field advantage, the winning team should all get $100,000 bonus and the losers get nothing!!! I bet these spoiled brats would care then and we'd have a better product out on the field. Listen I get the fact that baseball players play almost double the amount of games as any other sports and the all star break is well deserved. With that being said for now on if players get voted in to the all star game and decline to go unless injured, they should not get credit for being an all star, period!! This will cause the fans to vote for the right players and will cause the players to appreciate being voted an all star. This will help to fix the all star game and make it meaningful without punishing teams competing for a world series title!!

I'm Kyle Montgomery and this has been my two cents!


  1. Don't forget, after the airing of grievances comes the feats of strength.

  2. I heard someone on the radio this morning say they felt that it was odd that so many Yankees would choose not to play when they know that homefield is on the line. If players from the teams likely to make the series can't muster the energy...
    And don't you find this to be odd behavior given that the team with homefield has won 20 of the last 25 WS? Something is seriously off about how players view the game when that's not enticing. It's enough for me as a fan to muster the strength to cheer on Prince Fielder for one night. Why isn't it enough to make Derek Jeter show up?