Monday, June 13, 2011

We'll do it and we'll do it live

My brother and I have been talking for some time about starting a blog.  It never really went past there....until now.  After talking with my lovely fiance I've decided to start writing more.  Its something I love and something I think I'm pretty good at.  I have quite the following when I write my fantasy football recaps.

I know what you're thinking, "what an arrogant prick.  Why would he think anyone would care about what he has to say?"  Well you're reading this right now aren't you?  So SHUT UP!  I'm sure at some point my brother will also be joining in the writing.  I'm not sure what format of this thing will be yet.  Just when I have something to say I'll post.  Maybe a few times a week, maybe a few times a month.  I'm not sure, I figure I'll take it as it goes.  Hopefully people will read it and enjoy it.  I'm sure I (we) will say things that you disagree with and that's fine.  There may even be a time or two that you agree.  I'm pretty sure you can comment on the blog and we can get discussions going.  If not then so be it.  You're still reading at this point though so that's a plus.

Monday Evening 4 pack

There's a few things going on right now that have been bothering me.  The Monday evening 4 pack will be brief discussion of what's on my mind.  Maybe it will be a regular feature, maybe this will be the last time you see it.  I don't know but we will go from there.

NBA Finals

The NBA Finals ended last night with the Mavericks defeating the Miami Heat.  Usually I'm not a real big NBA fan.  I'd much rather watch college basketball, but I found myself intrigued by this entire series.  Truthfully not because I had a rooting interest in either team but instead to see the Heat lose.  Usually I tend not to be a hater but I definitely smiled when I saw that the Mavs won (obviously this morning since I fell asleep at halftime.)  I'm not sure why I wanted Miami to lose so bad.  Honestly, when Boston signed their big 3 I wasn't that upset.  Maybe it was because Garnett, Pierce, and Allen aren't douchebags?  Listen, I'm fine with Lebron spurning Cleveland to go to Miami to play with Bosh and Wade, but do we really need the whole decision one hour special?  Seriously, how pompous.  (Not quite as pompous as assuming people want to read your blog)  Plus the mocking of Dirk after Game 5 was very childish.  Hell if you had won that game it would have been a dick move but you lost.  Lebron is a hell of player who may win a few titles down the road.  In the clutch during this series though he came up small.  Until he gets that monkey off his back, he will have his haters.  Jordan you are not my friend.

Anthony Weiner 

So the man texted a few "compromising" pictures.  I honestly don't see what the issue is.  Sure its creepy but honestly there are so many worse things that politicians have done.  I don't think he should have to resign.  He has to answer to his wife but what business is it of ours?  Besides, it shows that the man is human.  What the hell am I talking about you ask?  Well be real for a second.  Everyone has their own perverted fantasies or vices.  Everyone.  Some people cross dress, some jerk-off to Internet porn, some get off on sexting, and some do things way worse that I don't or even want to know about.  These people are your neighbors, co-workers and even are in your family.  Who are we to judge?  Sexting is only able to happen due to technology.  Back in the day in was phone sex, then cyber sex, now the technology allows for pictures/videos to be sent.  To me its an issue between he and his wife.  I definitely don't think he should have to resign his job.  Many politicians have done way worse and be able to continue to work.  Again, to me it shows be he is a human being just like me. (I've never sexted though)  Last time I checked our congressmen are supposed to represent real people.  There are real people who sext, where women's underwear, and troll the Internet for free porn.  I say kudos Mr. Weiner.  Keep on keeping on.  Let's just hope your wife is down with it.

Philadelphia's proposed sugar tax

Am I missing something here?  How can anyone oppose this tax?  The School District needs the money badly.  From my understanding the tax will equate to about 2 cents per soda.  Wah!  Seriously?  This is going to cost people jobs?  The "poor" people of Philadelphia should be outraged?  Well here's a thought, if you can't afford 2 cents for a soda or gatorade or whatever, there's a new invention out and every home has it.  Water.  If you go to your kitchen sink and turn on the faucet a refreshing, clear liquid comes out that will satisfy your thirst like no other.  I know the soda tax is racist.  The soda tax is the government trying to tell us how to live.  The soda tax is bad for the people in the city.  Well let me respond.  First, the soda tax will affect everyone the same white, black, or latino.  Poor is poor no matter what your race.  Second, I drink and smoke.  The government taxes the shit out of cigs and beer.  If I couldn't afford it I wouldn't buy them.  Its not the government trying to tell me how to live.  its just they know I'll buy.  Same here.  Bad for the city?  If the school district doesn't get money then we will have uneducated kids on the streets because teachers will be laid off.  So please, anyone, tell me how this is bad?


Last one will be short and sweet.  In case you haven't noticed the Phillies have the best record in baseball.  Listening to some fans and those in the media you'd think they were 7 games behind.  Sure it hasn't been pretty but they are doing what Championship teams do.....finding ways to win.  Here that Lebron?  Finding ways to win, not disappearing or playing scared.  Now that Chase is back the offense seems to picking up slightly and with the pitching staff having 2 early Cy Young candidates, it should be a fun summer.  Lebron, there still is a little room on the bandwagon if you want to hop on.  Just saying.

Well there you have it.  Not sure what's going to put on this page.  Sometimes it will be funny, sometimes political.  You may agree, you may not.  Feel free to comment.  If you were offended by anything I wrote, my bad.  Until next time this is Jimbo saying, if you're still reading this then you were interested.  See you next time.


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  1. so i finally found the time to sit down and read your blog - so far so good...maybe when i stop reading i'll start one? we'll see!