Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Plaxico Burress,

Oh, I think it's time to talk about the former Superbowl game winning touchdown receiver. Good for you, Plax, you're out of jail and things seem to be going good right now. You will soon have plenty of NFL teams begging for your services at wide receiver and you will attempt to gain back some of the credibility you had before you....... SHOT YOURSELF IN THE LEG!!!!! Let's not forget how stupid that was!!!! I know you went to jail for not having that handgun licensed, but no one would have known unless you shot yourself in the leg!! By the way, who goes to the club wearing sweatpants???? I'm glad you learned a lesson and I definitely do not condone what you did because it could have harmed someone innocent, however, I am going to stick up for you a little bit here. Although what you did was reckless and dangerous, there is no excuse for you getting more jail time than Dante Stallworth, who was charged, and pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter and killed a human!!!!!! Plaxico, I will tell you this as we all move forward. We all know that you will be looking to go to a contender in hopes of winning another super bowl. Do us all a favor along the way. Drop the act. If you truly cared about gun responsibility, you wouldn't have shot yourself in the leg my friend. Tony Dungy helped Mike Vick get on the right track and I see you followed the same procedure and have him as your "mentor" too. Why is it that you need a mentor now after you shot yourself in the leg and did jail time?? You're in your mid 30's bro, time to grow up. Remember that old saying, if you're scared, get a dog, don't walk around with a gun and accidentally shoot yourself.......IDIOT!!!! Best of luck to you as you attempt your comeback, but try not to do anything stupid.

My name is Kyle Montgomery and this has been my two cents.

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