Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Somebody's gotta say it......

Ok, let me first preface this by saying that the comments and points of view that are shared on this blog are just opinions and are not meant to offend anyone or upset them. With that being said, if it does offend you and/or upset you, that may mean that you should take a long look in the mirror and reevaluate your daily routines.

Now, I first want to start off by saying that I am not the most attractive person in the world and I have never claimed to  be. Knowing this, I will not put myself in a situation where it could make my personal appearance worse. This is why it boggles my mind that there are overweight people, (maybe the same people that have such a huge problem with the soda tax my brother was talking about) that insist on wearing tighter clothes than they should. I know in these hard economic times that it is cheaper to try to squeeze into those clothes you have had from 10 years ago, than to buy clothes that actually fit, I get it. I just ask that these people may do us all a favor, since we have to look at it too, and double check your appearance before leaving the house, that's all. Now I do not mean any disrespect by saying this, just stating my opinion.

This leads me to my next person, we all know who they are. Big Mac, Large Fry, apple pie and a .........DIET COKE!!! Really????? Now i know there are some people that can't stand regular soda because of the sugar and I get that, but for those that are drinking the diet coke in hopes of disguising the 3,000 other calories they are eating . All I can say to to you is ......... SHAME!!!!!!! Shame on you for holding up the line and embarrassing yourself with ordering the diet coke. It is not going to stop you from putting on 5lbs during one eating session. All it is going to do is make you feel less guilty for stuffing your face. C'mon, next time just order the Large Milkshake like we all know you want to. Again, I do not mean to disrespect or upset anyone, I'm just stating my opinion.

Last but not least, I want to talk about the "die-hard" sports fan, that can't name 5 players on their favorite team. Seriously??? You talk so much shit about how good your team is, "We're going to win this, We're going to do that" it makes me sick. Last time I checked, you're not on the team genius, so stop with all the "WE" shit. Also, if you were such a fan, you should be able to name at least the starters on the team and not just the 1 superstar. It makes me sick because I have been a Philadelphia Sports fan since I was a little kid. Now that the Phillies have had some extended success, there are millions of phillies fans. Do any of these fans remember the days that caused us to be the only sports franchise in sports with 10,000 losses??? The 67-95 1996 Phillies, or the much improved team the next year who went 68-94. I'm not knocking you for being fans, by all means, just as I'm writing this very passionate and  opinionated blog, you are entitled to the team you want to follow. All I ask is that you have a little knowledge of the team you call "My Favorite Team". No more "we did it" because remember, you're not on the team. There are a ton of knowledgeable fans out there and I respect them for what they bring to the table. There are just fans that embody this characteristic and it pisses me off.

There was just a few things that I had to get off my chest today. I appreciate you reading and as always, this is Kyle Montgomery, and this has been my two cents.

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