Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weekly Annoyances

The weekly annoyances are back for the 2nd edition and without further ado, let's get right into it.....

Weekly Annoyance #1

This is something that effects us all no matter where we live and it's road construction. Now let me first say that I understand that road construction is a necessary job to do because the roads in most of the country and especially PA are shit, but why does it have to take so long??? I've seen these guys out there in the morning, afternoon, evening and even overnight and there is mo right time to do it. I can honestly say that it isn't the road work that pisses me off but it's the 5 guys that are on the crew that stand around and do NOTHING!!! The fact that these guys make pretty good money for doing nothing is amazing to me. You're the reason that millions of drivers like me get pissed off at road construction workers. You give the other guys a bad name. The other thing about this whole road construction is that when cars go by the knuckleheads with the "slow" & "stop" signs, the drivers wave. Why in the hell are you waving to these guys?? For letting you go by?? Give me a break!! This whole crew just cost all of us 20 minutes at least on our commute and you are going to wave to them as if to say "thanks"??? They don't give a shit about you or the other 20 cars in front of and in back of you so please stop waving. So to the lazy road construction workers that are just standing there doing nothing and the drivers that try to kiss their asses by waving to them... knock that shit off!!!!!!!

Weekly Annoyance # 2

For almost a month now this Casey Anthony trial has been on tv and the whole thing is shady to me. First off let me say that for any of you sick bastards out there that thinks she is hot I got 2 things to say.... 1st- she killed her child, not sexy!!! 2nd- if you look closely at her, she looks like yoda from Star Wars, sexy it's not!! Now, on to the trial itself. I'm annoyed that the public is rushing to get into the courtroom as if it was a concert with their favorite musician. Ridiculous. Are we that petty of a country and have nothing better to do than make this bitch seem like a damn celebrity?????? SHE KILLED A CHILD!!!!!!!! C'mon people, get a clue. The whole trial annoys me that this family is getting their 15 minutes of fame at the expense of this little girl, it's sickening. Now I will say there were 2 things that happened today during the trial that made sense. She waived her right to testify which is smart because she'd probably say something incriminating. The second thing is the incident with the spectator that flipped off the prosecution today. Awesome! Way to go buddy!! You got made an example by the judge by doing this and got 6 days in jail and a total fine of $662. Great job pal!! Listen, for the people who feel bad for Casey Anthony, think she's hot, stop it!!! Also for the spectator who works for TGI Friday's and anyone else thinking of acting like this in the courtroom where they shouldn't be anyway, in case you didn't hear the judge, knock that shit off!!!!

Weekly Annoyance #3

This will be short and to the point. Boston Red Sox fans, stop. The phillies took 2 out of 3 against you and made you look silly with a rookie. If I were you, I would not feel happy winning the 3rd game the way you did. The fans of red sox nation should worry about your pitching staff after Lester, because there is not much there besides papelbon. Also, I want to say this and I want to make sure you hear me. If you're going to talk shit, talk shit the whole time. When the phils won the first 2 games, I didn't hear shit from any of you. Now you won the 3rd game you start talking??? That's why nobody respects you as a fanbase. Just like nobody heard shit from you until the 3rd week of the season because of the dreadful start, here you go again. I will leave a of you red sox fans with this to think about until maybe October. Your great and powerful team who everyone thought would crush the phils lost 2 out of 3 and the hated Yankees who your sox are supposedly head and shoulders better than, overtook you for 1st place. So the next time you talk shit, don't hide when you lose and be pricks, there will be voice in your head that quietly will tell you, knock that shit off!!!!

So there you have this week's annoyances. I hope you enjoyed them and I'm sure many of you can relate to them. I'll be back next week with more annoyances and to remind everyone to.... KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF!!!!!

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