Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekly Annoyance.....

This will be a weekly post to hopefully generate conversation because it will be about real life everyday occurrences that we all encounter. There will be no scheduled day, it will just be when the mood strikes. It is not intended to irritate or offend anyone who feels guilty if these annoyances pertain to you, it's more informational and to let you know to, knock that shit off!!!

Weekly Annoyance #1

We all have encountered co-workers who tend to bring their bad mood from home into work with them, hell I have been guilty of this in the past as well I'm sure. Here is the problem. When you come to work in a bad mood and it trickles over to your work relationships, it makes things uncomfortable. I was told by my father when I got my first job something that sticks with me still today, "leave home at home and leave work at work". This means, your co-workers have their own problems to worry about they don't need to be burdened with yours. Conversely, your family doesn't need to be burdened with your work problems. The art of "venting" is acceptable but that's where it should end. So when it comes to bringing your personal problems to work or your work problems home, knock that shit off!!!!!

Weekly Annoyance #2

This annoyance may be a reoccurring theme since it seems to happen everyday and this annoyance is , lack of manners. Manners are defined as the unenforced act of being polite or proper. I'll keep it simple, we've all heard these words and they are tied together like "salt and pepper", "peanut butter and jelly","yin and yang", these words are " PLEASE and THANK YOU". Usually when you ask for something you use the word please, and when receive something, you say... That's right you got it, thank you!!!! It's not hard people, these few words go a long way in the concept of having manners. So next time you ask for something or receive something without saying "please" or "thank you" someone will be there to say, knock that shit off!!!!!!

Weekly Annoyance #3

This third annoyance is an ongoing one and it bothers me every time I see it, jealous people. Why be jealous??? If you want what that other person has, work your ass off like they did and obtain it the same wY. Being bitter and angry towards someone because they've got it better than you won't get you to the same place. I'm sick and tired of people thinking that the deserve the same benefits as other people even though they don't hold the same credentials. Guess what, YOU DON'T!!!!!! All the time you spend being jealous, you could be busting your ass to not only get to the same place as those who you are jealous of, but maybe, just maybe, through hard work, you may better off. So remember, there is no need for jealousy, bust your ass to get there, earn what you get, and most importantly..... knock that shit off!!!!

This is Kyle Montgomery, i'll be back next week to keep reminding you to knock that shit off!!!


  1. I agree with all of your annoyances but number 2 sticks out the most. It seems to be people nowadays have completely forgot about manners. One thing that drives me nuts is when you hold the door for people and they say absolutely nothing to you.

    I need a beer.

  2. Because they act like you're supposed to hold if for them. Drives me insane. I too could use a beer.....