Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lebron James

First things first, he's not Jordan, never will be. Neither will Kobe be like MJ but that's another story. Lebron did not make his teammates better in the NBA finals and they got beat by a better "TEAM". They were not as talented as the Heat, but they played better as a "TEAM". Lebron's comments afterwards I have no problem with and here is why, he's right. I woke up yesterday with the same personal issues I had the day before, and he woke up in his mansion. SO WHAT!!!!! I Cant stand the media and the public caring what these athletes do or say 24/7. If its not effecting your life personally, stop crying!!!!!! I'm tired of everyone hating him for his decision to leave Cleveland. He handled it wrong yes, but get over it. We all still love Reggie White in Philly even though he went to Green Bay and won a title. It's sports, it happens. I could care less if Lebron gets 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or even 8 titles, he will never be better than Jordan, FACT!!!! Lebron has the athletic ability and talent to be in the conversation but he has to learn how to play the game. D Wade has the killer instinct that Bron Bron is lacking. I also understand that once the Stanley Cup finals are done and now that the NBA Finals are done, it's just baseball. That means ESPN will dedicate 20 minutes every sportscenter to Bron Bron. What he ate, when he shit, where he went, who he's with, who his mom is with (too soon?) and so on. ESPN needs to get off Bron Bron's nuts and face the fact that he will never be Jordan, EVER!!! Jordan would have never let his team squander 4th quarter, double digit leads in the finals, TWICE!!!! Jordan would have never said, " The man upstairs know when it's my time, and it's not my time" (Lebron's grammar, not mine). Jordan was so competitive and so dominant, he left the NBA to play baseball!! I don't know if you're listening Bron Bron, but the Marlins are slumping, maybe you could try your hand at baseball?!?!?! All I can say is get ready for another summer filled with What Will Bron Bron Do Next!! It will air each night on ESPN at 6pm Est.

This is Kyle Montgomery, and that's my two cents.

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