Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear FIFA & Frank McCourt,

This is a 2-part letter to 2 different entities that share a similar characteristic, being an idiot!!!!

This past weekend was the Gold Cup final between the USA and Mexico. I know that soccer is just a tiny blip on the sports radar here in the United States, but FIFA has done nothing to change that. Unless you have the Fox Soccer Channel included in your cable package, you were unable to watch the game in any other language besides Spanish on Univision. Now I understand that soccer is globally one of the most popular sports and it hasn't seen the same popularity here in the USA, but maybe showing the game on ESPN 2 would help?? After last year's world cup, soccer was very high in popularity in this country. If you were smart FIFA, you would capitalize on that since the USA is such a large commercial market. However, just like the NHL did after the winter olympics, you dropped the ball. Listen, I'm a sports fan in general and soccer is entertaining to watch as is hockey but if it's not available for viewing then it doesn't matter. FIFA, there is a good product here and a good market here in the USA, take advantage of it while you can. Just like the NHL, you're killing the sport in this country. With the NFL, and the NBA having lockouts in place and looming, this your chance to try and shine and you dropped the ball. With all the resources here in America, soccer could huge. I get why hockey is not as popular for kids because it is an expensive sport, however soccer can be played alone with a ball. FIFA, you're a disgrace and are responsible for soccer being the red-headed step child of American sports!!

Speaking of a disgrace, Mr. Frank McCourt, I'm looking your way! Remember that old saying, "Money and Blood don't mix"?? Guess not!! How can you let an organization as "storied" as the dodgers, go bankrupt???? You're a disgrace as an owner and apparently as a husband. I'm not saying your wife is innocent in this because god knows she isn't, but this falls on you my friend. My biggest problem with you and this whole situation is that the highest paid person on your payroll is..... Manny Ramirez!!! Why in the hell is this even possible?? Even though you agreed to pay him this ridiculous contract, this guy cheated and quit. I'm not a legal expert but is that not a violation of some terms within the contract?? Listen Frank, bottom line is, you're an asshole that is potential damaging one of the best sports franchises for years to come. My suggestion, sell the team to Mark Cuban. You hear a ton of weird shit about Cuban, but he always, always, makes payroll!!! Imagine being a player on the dodgers and supposed to get paid but your owner is an idiot and can't pay you!! Not only is your owner an asshole but the commissioner has done little to help you out either. How this has gone on so long is ridiculous.

In closing, Frank McCourt, FIFA, you're a bunch of assholes that not only do not know how to run your organizations, but you don't know how to relate to your fans and that's the bottom line.

This is Kyle Montgomery, and that's my two cents!


  1. Hey there friend - have to tell you that I'm torn on the McCourt issue. We've been Dodgers season ticket holders since the McCourt's took over and I probably have them to thank for being able to attend NLCS games two years in a row (and watch my team win...which is another story for another day). That's no small feat. Did he treat the franchise well? No. Are he & Jamie a disgrace for dragging everyone through this? Absolutely. But at the end of the day Bud isn't going to let Cuban buy the team (no seriously, we went through that with the Cubs & the Rangers) no matter how much we want it. There are so many crappy owners out there, I'm not sure I'm excited about what's behind door #2. Plus...have you heard all the legalese about how McCourt owns the Stadium and parking lots in seperate entities? We might never untangle this thing.

  2. Hey, it's good to hear from you. You know the situation out there better than I do but, I have to think that dragging the players, fans, and other team employees through this is definitely not the best way to handle things. You brought up the Rangers and I'm glad you did. They had a former player in Nolan Ryan bail them out and now they're very competitive. We've also seen this in hockey with Mario Lemeiux bailing out the penguins and again, they're very competitive and won a championship. So if Mark Cuban is not going to happen or is not the best fit, may I suggest Tommy Lasorda or Mike Piazza throwing their names in the ring to take over as owners?? Recent history has shown that it might turn out well for the franchise and it's fans.

  3. Hey, I'd love to have one of those guys throw their hat in the ring for ownership. There was even some talk of the citizens of Dogertown coming together to buy the club ala Green Bay (that's evidently not even remotely possible). I hope there is a new owner out there just waiting to rescue us from limbo, but I don't see it happening. I feel like this is going to be a very long and drawn out misery. What's crazy looking back is that Tommy Lasorda LOVED the McCourts. He was thrilled when they took over beceause the prior owners had really marginalized him. The McCourts included him at every turn. It certainly made us think they were good people. Oh well. My biggest concern is that Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp will both be out out of contract at year end. If we lose either of them I'll never forgive McCourt or MLB or whoever is running the ranch.

  4. From an e-mail I received from a devout following of Obstructed Views who was having technical difficulties posting. Thank you Mark Jakatt:

    As probably one of the few soccer fans following this blog right now, I must say BRAVO Kyle. I completely agree that FIFA is dropping the ball, not to mention Disney a.k.a. ESPN a.k.a. the evil empire (that I am addicted to). No offence to women, but you show the womens world cup on ESPN but not the Gold Cup finals??? Thats rediculous. Too long have I heard from so called "real sport" fans about how boring soccer is, or how much of a pussy sport it is. This is the arguement of nearsighted morons. Soccer or FOOTBALL as it is known to the rest of this figgin world is the most popular and followed game...PERIOD. Its been around longer than American Football, Basketball, Baseball...and I am not sure, but maybe even Hockey. Sure, I understand that anything new could be boring at first if you dont understand it, I recently started enjoying watching golf now that I am actually playing it...use to think it was boring but now that I understand it better I can watch someone else play 72 rounds with a smile on my face. As far as it being a pussy sport...try to play one competitive game and come back with that arguement. I've probably been to the emergency room and sent more people to the emergency room over my short soccer career than the majority of people who claim to call it a pussy sport...its a full contact sport that requires PHENOMENAL athletisicm. If you still disagree, I challenge you...just me and you...have someone throw us just 5 50/50 headballs and we'll see how you feel afterwards.
    But back to my original thought...:) FIFA needs to recognize the untapped market that is the US of A. I may be wrong, but peewee soccer in this country is huge and only growing larger and larger each year. There are people and kids out there that LOVE this beautiful game, but have to watch it in spanish, or italian, or irish...and yes, irish is another language. Flood the tv's over here with soccer and america will come around. I'm talking FIFA, Champions League, Premier, La Liga, EVERYTHING...and ESPN a.k.a. Disney...please please please cut your Lebron/Yankee/Brett Farve/Kobe/Tiger/etc/ coverage down just a little bit and give that time over to soccer. You start broadcasting even a quarter of the time with soccer highlights on Sportscenter and this country will DEMAND to see more soccer...I guarantee it Mickey.